Usagi Drop Episode 4: Letter

What a beautiful encounter. Rin meets her boyfriend, Kōki. He stood up for Rin and protected her when their peers began to tease her for being weird. Soon after, Daikichi meets his girlfriend – Kōki’s mother. Oh, such a lovely beginning for Usagi Drop’s fourth episode. But this beautiful picture kinda ended abruptly for me like maybe a few minutes into the episode. The focus of Usagi Drop will always be Rin and Dakichi. I’ll make sure I remember that >.<

So it has already been three months since Daikichi became the legal guardian of Rin. Loads of changes had happened – Daikichi’s lifestyle and career particularly. It’s all good cuz Daikichi isn’t complaining and appeared to be somewhat grateful to have Rin as part of his life now. I always thought that Daikichi might have second thoughts especially after seeing how hard is it to raise a kid. I know I would, which is why I applaud him for his great dedication.

It’s funny that during all these months, Daikichi never thought of Rin as a family. He looked surprise, pleasantly surprised I should say, when Kōki’s mother compliment his close relationship with Rin. Technically speaking, Rin is family. He knows that, but perhaps it slipped. After all, he’s still searching for the mysterious Masako whom he thinks is Rin’s biological mother and hence, suggesting Daikichi never really thought of Rin as someone more than a person he’s merely looking after for a while. That’s until Kōki’s mother likened their relationship as a family, of course.

Speaking of Masako, gosh I’m speechless. At first, I associated the name with Rin’s mother. And when Rin mentioned that the maid she feared was Masako, I thought maybe Masako isn’t Rin’s mother but for convenience sake, her name was written in Rin’s health book. Now with confirmation from the grave, she is indeed Rin’s mother. If you’re confused with all the gibberish I’ve just written, let me spell it out for ya – Masako the maid is Rin’s mother. I shouldn’t be surprised but I don’t really know why I am. I’ve got another curious thought creeping into my head right now. Just how old is this Masako? Grandpa must be a smooth talker.

All these mysteries aside, Rin is enrolling into an elementary school. Aww..she’s afraid of exams. Who isn’t? She’s a smart girl who is wise beyond her age, I bet she’ll also be fine on her studies. Since they lightly touched on the subject of high school student, I wonder just how far the anime will go. Will we see a teenager Rin? I kinda wanna see that but at the same time, it’ll feel rushed and I don’t want that. Guess we’ll wait and see how the execution goes.

The purpose of this episode is to reveal confirm that Masako is Rin’s mother and prepares the audience of any possible changes should Masako come into the picture. Will she? I want to know the reason she abandoned Rin. How will Rin react? She doesn’t realize that the maid she feared is her mother. Will Daikichi let Rin go? He has grown really fond of her.

I suppose we have to wait (again) till next episode to find out how the story goes….

P.S I’m with Daikichi here, Rin’s much cuter than Reina. She doesn’t need the pigtail.


6 thoughts on “Usagi Drop Episode 4: Letter

  1. Nice epsiode. Daikichi is really turning into quite the Father figure with a few mishaps here and there that are funny to watch. The ending of the epsiode with the phone call however is giving me bad feeling about future episodes of Daikichi maybe letting Rin go. If that happens, think I might actually cry, since they seem like a genuine father and daughter pair. Must be interesting to bring up around the dinner table that she is actually his aunt, lol.

    Question: That was lipstick Rin was holding near the end of epsiode, right? Trying to figure out what on Earth it was….

    • If Daikichi lets Rin go, that’s the end of Usagi Drop for me.Really.

      LOL! I know! I always smile when I thought of that – Rin being Daikichi’s aunt and everything. I still remember how Daikichi merrily pointed that out to his mom in the first episode.

      Answer: Yes. It’s a lipstick. =)

  2. I’m not really concerned by the phone call, while it may add some drama it won’t divide the two. That’s something I’m really sure of it. (or well, the whole series won’t have a point otherwise. :P)

    • Yeaps, I agree. I don’t think they will be separated. But there’s a possibility that they’re separated and then reunited. Highly unlikely, but not impossible.

  3. Masako surprised me too. I think I went through the same thought process. She’s Rin’s mother. Maybe not; maybe just a maid. She is actually Rin’s mother. She’s a super interesting character though, and it’s surely going to be very fascinating and emotional to hear her side of things.

    • Yeah, I thought it was going to be interesting to see what she has to say about abandoning Rin. And then the time came, boy I was left speechless.

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