Usagi Drop Episode 5: Daikichi Should Stay Daikichi

Another lovely episode this week. With each passing week, Daikichi and Rin’s bond becomes stronger and stronger. The interaction between Rin and Daikcihi’s family has also improved greatly. Rin no longer shuts herself from them and knows how to express her needs, wants and feelings better. She’s so cute when she’s embarrassed >.<

Following the call last week, Daikichi met up with Masako, Rin’s estranged mother. The meeting was surprising, actually. It’s not what happened that was surprising; it was how Masako look and her overall image. It doesn’t fit the image of what I have in mind. First of all, she’s a brunette and not a blonde like Rin. I had the impression Masako will be very much like Rin since I don’t think Daikichi’s grandpa is blonde. There are a few ways to explain this situation. First being grandpa was old with grey hair so he could be blonde and I didn’t know it. Secondly, Masako could’ve colored her hair. And the last possibility I could think of is Rin isn’t grandpa’s. She’s not related to Daikichi in any ways. I only pointed out the last reason cuz Masako kept her formality when addressing Daikichi’s grandpa. Something felt a bit odd when she explained how she tried to keep Rin at arm’s length. It almost sounded like she was already pregnant before she worked for Daikichi’s grandpa. And she was with a much younger man, assuming he’s her current boyfriend. Apart from outward appearance, I’ve pictured Masako as someone with fiercer attitude, similar to a delinquent but instead she’s soft spoken, insecure and at times, random.

I’m glad Rin isn’t like her weird mom. I’ve mentioned this a gazillion time’s before, and I’m gonna say this again – Rin is wise beyond her years. She wanted to play a role in doing house chores. In this case, it’s cooking. Can you believe a six year old girl wants to cook curry for a 30 year old man and she actually cook it? That’s amazing. Of course, Daikichi chipped in to help a little with some chopping and maybe heating up the pan and stuff but still, it’s Rin’s curry. From now on, she can do the cooking then. Besides, she’s already making onigiri for breakfast.

I suppose it’s cuz Rin displayed such great maturity that Daikichi learned to respect her. I like it when Daikichi said he’ll discuss the surname issue with Rin before making his final decision. It’s rare to see such things happen. Although I must say, having a surname different from her guardian may pose some social problems in the future but we can only wait and see how Rin will handle that situation.

That all said, I’m happy that Daikichi and Rin remained a happy family despite the brief appearance of Masako. Now he’s more determined than ever to raise Rin up on his own. Good for him! Since Masako is an odd case, I don’t think she’ll come back for Rin. She has decided not to raise Rin since day one! Anyways, in order for the story to proceed I think Masako needs to make an appearance and explain her situation before Daikichi can fully assume his role as Rin’s parental figure so I’m glad this has come to pass. All’s good now and we shall see what happens next!

P.S. I’d like to keep my surname and bring it with me to six feet under.


18 thoughts on “Usagi Drop Episode 5: Daikichi Should Stay Daikichi

  1. I have a feeling that Masako is going to come back to cause problems later. Maybe not, but it just feels like there’s more to her than just being a complete idiot and pathetic excuse for a parent. I love how Daikichi handled things and it was almost heart breaking to see how Rin reacted to changing her name considering the situation. This show really hits home for me frequently though and I love how it’s going.

    • Hmm…at this moment, I can’t imagine Masako going back for Rin. She sounded like she had completely given up on Rin.

      Yeah, agreed. Daikichi’s awesome! Haha. I like Rin’s reaction to name change issue. She chose her words wisely.

  2. What I specifically enjoyed about this episode is how Daikichi didn’t jump into the conclusion of changing Rin’s name. I liked how he consulted her because it turned out that Rin didn’t want to do so. I was also surprised that Rin’s mom doesn’t look weird and evil-looking. However her naiveness is so apparent, especially how she demanded Daikichi to change Rin’s name.

    • That’s what I like about Daikichi. He is perhaps the most matured and considerate male character I’ve seen so far.

      Rin’s mom gave me the impression that she doesn’t know what she wants or what she’s doing.

  3. Somehow Daikichi looks very composed in making decision. He thinks rationally and he thinks whats best for both party. Rin on the other hand, somehow giving some matured aura although she is 6 years old. And I was shocked that Rin’s mother is still young. I was shocked as well that there’s a young man in her house… Such drama, I love it. I can’t wait to see what happen next. XD

  4. I love this episode! *squee~* (God, Rin’s more mature than me. Haha.) Especially when Rin graduated from school! That was so cute. :3

    And yeah, I was also surprised at how young Rin’s mother looked. The first thing that popped into my head was ‘Did she really get pregnant? She’s so…slim.’ XD But then the resemblance between the two of them when she turned around and the ‘my heart went out to her’ part was kind of misleading or something. It’s confusing. Hahaha.

    Anyways, let’s just see and find out what happens next. 🙂

    • LOL! Oh really? But it’s cool to stay young at heart always. =)

      Each episode of Usagi Drop is loaded with Rin’s cuteness. All the time!! It’s so much fun watching how Rin interact with those around her. Such a cutie.

      Both Masako and Rin definitely look alike on the outside but so different on the inside. I kinda doubt anime will take note on how pregnancy may change a woman’s body. >.<

      Yeaps, agreed. Let's just wait till next episode and see what happens.

  5. As a girl I’m determined to take my surname to the grave with me, just like Rin, I was really surprised by the emphasis on that part, it’s something no one really ever cares about but it’s very important. Daikichi’s reaction made me happy too.

    As for Rin’s determination of doing the chores, I think it all comes down to how she was raised, there was no girl where she lives to take care of things so her father, a man, hired one to do them.
    So I think she now believes it’s her role to take care of the old man Daikichi who’s all alone.
    Well at least that’s how I see it.

    • Same here too. It’s my name and the name I grew up with. I don’t see a reason to change it. Ahhh…that’s why I like Daikichi so much right now. I’m happy that he chose to discuss this with Rin. Such a sensitive man.

      “Old man Daikichi”? Oh boy, Daikichi’s going to cry later. But it could be one of the reasons why Rin so early wanted to cook for him. It’s not impossible.

      • You’re a man, obviously you don’t see a reason to change it, it’s totally different when you’re a girl, though it starts changing over there I think it’s still rare for a wife to keep her name in Japan.

        Hey, Rin called him like that once XD
        That reason makes a lot of sense to me, but it’s probably not going to be clearly explained in the anime so we’re left with only possibilities

        • Hmm…I’m actually a girl so I see the significance of our names. >.<

          Yeah, Rin called him once to which Daikichi reacted sadly. After all, Rin is his aunt.

  6. Looks aside, Masako was actually what I expected her to be; a bit aloof yet shows some care for Rin albeit only a tiny amount.

    What I like about this episode is how Daikichi treats Rin as someone who knows what’s best for herself. He does not think of Rin as clueless about what’s on around her.

    This show delivers the most compared to other shows. I can’t wait for the next episode ^_^

    • I know right? I find it really rare, at least in my culture, that grown ups would seek little one’s opinion before making any decisions. So yeah, I also like how Daikichi treated Rin with respect and believed in her.

      So far, Usagi Drop is doing great. I’m loving it much. Same here, always looking forward to the next episode =)

  7. I’m loving Rin so much too for her maturity. And I love that you noted how different she is from her mother. The contrast is so interesting, not to mention ironic… The six year old seems to be the more mature one. Cooking curry versus eating pudding… etc. etc.

    Anyway that last scene with Daikichi made me tear up… ^ ^

    • Cooking curry vs eating pudding, that’s a really interesting way to put it and it’s so true. It’s like their characters have been switched.

      Awww..I like the last scene too. It’s one of the best moments on the show.

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