Oh, Ohana!

It’s been a while since my last Hanasaku Iroha post. I think I have already explained myself but just in case I actually didn’t or you’ve missed it I’ll explain once again. I didn’t drop Hanasaku Iroha. I wouldn’t, in a million years, do that. It’s just that I thought this series is best watched at one go so I wouldn’t feel like throwing rotten tomatoes at Ohana or Ohana’s mother or anyone else who happens to get on my nerve.

Kidding. Seriously, I want to like this series and the drama occasionally feels painfully slow. In order to avoid that, a Hanasaku Iroha marathon is the next best thing.

Alright then. My last post was about how Ohana’s uncle tried to introduce changes into Kissuisō. I’m glad he didn’t give up and still work hard to keep the inn going by introducing all kinds of new ideas. The sad thing is none of his ideas made an impact. In fact, one of his ideas got the inn into trouble. But the guy’s still learning. He lacks the confident that two and the half women of his family has. I hope to see great things coming from him (although I doubt I get to see it animated) simply cuz he has been persevering till this day.

Right. When I started to write this post I never thought of writing about Ohana’s uncle, whose name I still can’t remember, and there it was a short paragraph dedicated to him. If there’s any significant character development over the last 11 or 12 weeks, it’s his.

I thought 12 weeks is long enough to see some smooth, continuous development in Hanasaku Iroha. After consecutively watching all the trailing episodes, I’m not sure if I’ve seen any development in Ohana herself. There are times when I thought I saw she matured a little, and then the very next thing she did was to  fall back into the person she was before arriving at Kissuisō. Ohana always act on her instinct. Cuz of that, she always lands herself in unnecessary troubles. Unfortunately, that also means she’s adding more to her worries and her heartbreak each time she sets out on a “mission”. For example, she instinctively headed out to the city to find the writer responsible for giving Kissuisō bad ratings. That action itself caused her more pain than good, I’d say. Pain cuz her relationship with both her mother and Ko took a bad turn and the only good thing that came out of it is that she realized that she likes her current life better than anything else.

Nevertheless, I’m happy that Ohana’s relationship with the staff at Kissuisō Inn is getting better and better each episode. The last time I saw Hanasaku Iroha, Ohana was still trying to get on Minko’s good side. As of now, the three of them – Ohana, Minko and Nako – are becoming really close friends. In my opinion, things will only get better for them even if there’s a love triangle lurking somewhere. Ohana’s relationship with her grandmother has also improved. Grandma is still strict as always but Ohana realized that she’s learned a lot from the old lady and I think she’s starting to like her.

In short, after 18 episodes, Ohana’s a little more confident about who she is. At least, she knows what she wants. Other than that, she’s pretty much still the same Ohana we all know back in episode 1. Is this good or bad?

P.S Ohana’s a very bad singer. It’s either that or she simply chose the wrong song to sing.

P.P.S Oh, and she gets drunk over a few bottles of soda. Amazing!


14 thoughts on “Oh, Ohana!

  1. Your right, me too i feel that its worth watching as a marathon, for me i love this series simply because it is well simple, gentle, slow paced. just what i need when im on my only day off on sunday from work and uni. The series is definitely my fav, i might consider getting the dvd too!

    Im hoping theres going to be more of a development with the romance side, this i think is way too slow”!

    • Oh yeah, definitely agree with you. The development on the romance side is very slow indeed. I’m beginning to worry that we might never know how things will work out for any of the possible pairings.

  2. Ohana can’t change otherwise the whole point of this series would disappear.
    Try to think of a mature, smart Ohana that does things after thinking hard about them…:P

    • Hmmm…I’ve always viewed HanaIro as an anime that focuses on Ohana’s personal growth, especially since she’s abandoned by her mother, sent to live with her grandmother and then all things just went really wrong for her. But you have a point. HanaIro wouldn’t be as good if Ohana starts calculating consequences of her actions. =)

  3. The hallmark of the show is about “coming-of-age”, so I would say change and the life of the youthful is the whole focus. And of course, everything that comes with the territory.

    BTW: Your website change sort of scared me for a moment, lol.

    • Oh noooo! My website is scary?! T.T Haha. The old theme was initially giving me some issues when replying comments but I think the problem was solved. Don’t know what actually happened. Since I’ve already changed to this new theme, I decided to keep it. =)

      Back to HanaIro. From what I’ve seen so far (episode 18) – life of the youthful, yes but change, not so much?

      • Lol. It is fine. I just meant it took me by surprise was all. Been also having similar issues in the way of spam and navigation aspects.

        I will agree that most of the “changing” aspects have been watered down or purely non-existence, but their are emerging. Just way to sloppy though.

  4. Ohana’s uncle is Einshi. ^^

    I guess for me, I’m enjoying Hanasaku Iroha by watching it on a weekly basis because it give me sometime to miss the characters. But just like you, I enjoyed it for its simplicity and slow but relaxed pacing.

  5. It’s been a way-too-long while since I watched Hansaku Iroha, but it always makes me smile to see an Ohana-centric episode.

    And I don’t think it’s a bad thing Ohana is the same character, as long as that same character continually gets more and more fleshed out. I’m far from caught up, but I look forward to how Ohana’s character develops (or not develop).

    • That’s cuz Ohana is such a fun character to watch. She has so much energy, so much so that is contagious.

      I haven’t watch any HanaIro episodes since the 18th episode so yeah will see how things pick up from there for Ohana’s character. It’s always something to look forward to.

  6. I agree about the lack of character development with Ohana. It’s like after the first two episodes, the series just forgot about her until somewhere around episode 10, then forgot about her again. Personally, I think she needs a lot more development to make the story better. I still like her though, she has a cheery personality and is so funny sometimes.

    • I’ve been looking forward to how Ohana will grow since the first episode so yeah, I’m a little disappointed that she hasn’t changed much since then. But like yourself, I still like her simply cuz she’s this energetic, lively girl who brings laughter to the show.

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