Usagi Drop Episode 6: My Tree

Hmm..Usagi Drop is already on its sixth episode. We’re halfway there, my friends. So far, everything’s going very well. Nicely executed, leaving me eagerly waiting for the next episode.

The idea of planting a tree to commemorate the birth or an event is really fascinating to me. I’ve never heard of this before as usually events over here commemorate with a sound of a gong. So when I look at the trees of each individual of different generations in Usagi Drop, I’m blown away. Not only do the trees present something significant in each person’s life, they are also their eternal companions and a reminder of their earthly presence.

Albeit slow paced this week, the cute and dynamic interaction between Rin and Daikichi made up for it. It never fails to make me smile whenever Rin starts acting more of a guardian and Daikichi more of a child. She’s such a smart girl and I have no worries about Kōki’s possible influence on her. Kōki’s such a brat.

That’s not to say Daikichi is the one being looked after. We all know that he’s doing a great job being a parental figure even if it has only been six months. Apart from knowing how to respect a young girl’s opinion as seen in previous episode, the other thing I like about Daikichi is how he’s always sensitive to other’s feelings. He felt bad for accidentally reminding Rin of some sad memories. How sweet. I wonder now that Rin’s walking to school on her own, will Daikichi consider to focus on his career? He doesn’t have to rush back and forth anymore. And if he does consider that, what will happen between him and Rin?

Oh before I end this week’s very short afterthoughts on Usagi Drop, I thought it’ll be interesting to let you know that the seiyū is really a kid! That surprised me. Matsuura Ayu is a ten year old girl. I thought it’s one of those talented adult seiyū who specializes in young characters. I’m impressed.

So then I shall stop writing here since there’s really nothing much going on this week except well, the trees. =)


12 thoughts on “Usagi Drop Episode 6: My Tree

  1. Oh how I loved the last bits of this episode (the stare down between Daikichi and Kouki)

    Halfway through the series I’d say it’s doing exceptionally well. I commend it for its consistence in delivering, unlike some shows in the current season.

    The concept of planting a tree to commemorate birth really got to me. I don’t think there’s such a thing similar in my country’s culture, so yeah, it was nice ^_^

    • Yeaps, yeaps. I’m really impressed with Usagi Drop. I hope they keep up the effort and deliver one of the most memorable shows of all time. =)

      The tree planting concept is really nice. Maybe I should try it too, although not for myself. Otherwise, I’ll need to find a rather huge tree >.<

    • I don’t follow the manga so I don’t really know how much has already been covered or how much hasn’t. My only hope is that they don’t rush to adapt the whole series in the last few episodes. I’ll be crushed. So far, I enjoy the pacing of the show.

  2. I never thought that Daikichi will be consulting Rin’s mother again. Maybe this will happen frequently from now on. A tree signified the growth and a life of a person really fascinates me as well. I wish I have that kind of tree as well. Well, I just hope that Rin’s tree will keep on living along the series.

    • Yeah, me too. I was kind of surprised to see her again. But if Daikichi really wants to know if grandpa planted a tree for Rin, she’s the only one he could ask. After all, none of his family including himself knows Rin’s existence prior to grandpa’s death.

  3. I loved this episode! …er, well, I love every episode of Usagi Drop. 😀

    Isn’t it touching how both Daikichi, Rin, Daikichi’s mom and Grandpa all had the same trees? I think that was thoughtful. The fact that Grandpa planted the same kind of tree for Rin shows how much he loves and cares for her, what with her being ‘illegitimate’ and all that jazz. It’s cute.

    And yeah, it’s cute when Rin ‘scolds’ Daikichi. Like ‘your elbow’s on the table!’ or when Daikichi told Kouki off on scraping neighbor’s walls with a stick. That was really funny. 😀

    • Me too, me too! Gosh, all the episodes of Usagi Drop are lovely. =)

      I know right? It’s a really cool tradition to adopt. And yeaps, I agree with you on how grandpa really cares for Rin. Such a thoughtful person.

      Yeah, I loled on that one. She’s so funny. Her face was sooo cute there >.<

  4. Yea, I thought the tree thing is just such a thoughtful tradition. I kind of wish I have own tree too!

    Anyway, another heartwarming episode. Not much happened, yet so much has happened. Love it.

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