Is Yours A Secret?

I was watching Midori no Hibi the other day and there was this one episode in which Seiji and Midori bumped into Seiji’s classmate in a figure shop. Seiji had to buy doll size apparels for Midori so to a figure shop he went. I take that he’s very uncomfortable around those avid collectors.

What happened was Seiji and his classmate decided to keep their meeting a secret since according to them, it’s generally embarrassing and socially unacceptable that they were in a figure shop. Huh.

I can’t say for other cultures and what are the views of societies from other parts of the world regarding one’s love for figure collection or similar hobbies such as watching anime, but in my circle of friends, family and acquaintances, it’s just another normal hobby.

I’ve been talking about anime around non-anime fans all the time. Of course, not excessively to the point it’s overwhelming. Even though they didn’t show the enthusiasm I hoped for, at least they’re willing to hear me rant or gush about certain titles. Some of my friends (non-anime fans) are even willing to watch a few episodes just to have an idea of what I was talking about. I won’t force them into watching anime with me though, but I managed to convince some of my friends to watch Nodame Cantabile and more recently, Mawaru Penguindrum. Also, I finally managed to convince my sister to watch Gosick last season, and she’d always bluntly refused to watch anime for as long as I can remember. Sure, they’re still nowhere near being called an anime fan but at least, they know some anime can be very good.

I also talked about figures occasionally and even brought my friends to figure shops with me. I remember showing a friend the Nendoroid series just cuz I was bored one afternoon, and guess what? Now he even collects figures too!

What I’m trying to say is, is it really necessarily to hide our own hobbies? Something that we like, and that we enjoy?

P.S I have Midori no Hibi with me for almost a year and never got around to watch it until recently. It’s surprisingly a fun show. Do have a look at it if you’re up for some light story.


19 thoughts on “Is Yours A Secret?

  1. I didn’t hide it nor showing off.

    It’s just normal as breathing the air in and out of my lungs and people around me did not condemn my hobby as well. They of course amazed for the first time but then, that’s it.

  2. Midori Days! That’s such a cute show. Wakin’ up and havin’ a girl for a right hand? Who would’ve thought of that? 😀

    Oh, if my information’s correct, being an otaku in Japan is sort of…well, if you’re an otaku, you’re looked down upon. Which is why they don’t say flat-out that ‘Hey, I’m an otaku!’. Remember in Oreimo? If you’ve watched the show, you’ll get my drift. Hehe. 😀

    • I’d never thought of that! Haha. Yeah, it’s a cute show. It was really good (by my standards). =)

      Yeah, I’m aware of that. But I find myself occasionally wondering if it’s really true, is this really how the society in Japan perceives otaku/anime fans/etc.

    • Well, people tend to look down on otaku(s) because they relate us to the group of “hikikomori” who don’t contribute to the society especially in Japan. Ironic, the culture also start from there.

  3. Yep, like fanaddict22 said, this kind of scenario also happened in Oreimo, and yeah, that scene was funny

    On a personal note, well, it’s not that I’m hiding the fact that I watch anime, and I do use it as an ice-breaker sometimes, but, only sometimes, not always. So yeah ^_^

  4. I wouldn’t say I hide it coz I don’t collect anything to begin with. But from what I witnessed, some might give you a weird stare which explains why i hardly open up.

    Even so, I do talk about animes stuff with my friends occasionally and we do over-react sometimes when there’s a heated discussion haha. However they are mostly fans of Big Three so none of them follow any current shows like me XD

    • Really? They do? It’s a bit rude.

      Yeah, the friends I discuss anime with are mostly fans of the Big Three so I usually discuss current shows with friends like you =)

  5. I remember this anime. It’s a fun little series.

    I used to really care about hiding my anime watching back in high school, but then I realized that it’s really not that big of a deal in either directions. By that I mean it’s not something so embarrassing one has to hide nor is it something I need to flaunt and talk non-stop about. I have yet to take anyone figure shopping with me (except my poor brother whom I dragged once), but I don’t think it’d be that bad if someone saw my measly collection.

    On another note, things are usually only embarrassing if one makes it embarrassing. Be cool about it and all is cool.

    Sounds like you’ve found your balance too! (And your nendo-loving friend is awesome!)

  6. Hmm. Technically, I didn’t hide it but I didn’t outwardly express my love for anime in the beginning when I first got into anime. But its different now, I’m more open about my hobbies and occasionally spazz about anime moments with my buddies.

  7. I would not say hide, but rather do not go onto display other than on the net, since I do not have to worry as much. I tend to be partially a private individual, but I will occasionally reach out from time to time with my hobbies. However, 90% of the time I just do not go there, since in most situations I do not have any real reason to bring it up.

    • It depends on situations I suppose. In my case, when I’m with my close friends I’ll talk more so things that I do bound to be one of the conversation topics and when we go shopping, sometimes we’ll drop by video stores and I’ll visit the anime section or something like that.

  8. Unfortunately for me, the society in which I live doesn’t think highly of anime, often regarding it as some kind of fetish for perverts and child molesters. I therefore don’t talk about my hobbies with people I’ve just met. While my friends know I watch anime, some of them disapprove, and none of them know I collect figures or magazines.

    Sigh, woe is me.

    • That’s bad – how the society in which you live in view anime. =(

      Hey, don’t feel so bad. At least, you get to share your hobbies with people around the Internet. The wonders of technology =)

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