Usagi Drop Episode 7: Secretly Leaving Home

Wow, this week’s episode was really great. It touches on little family problems such as cohabitation with in-laws, workaholic husbands and so on. These are issues I’m rather familiar with since I witnessed some of those in real life but it’s amazing how Usagi Drop managed to look into them in a lighthearted manner.

It’s interesting to see Haruko and Reina made an appearance here. That’s a welcoming break from the usual Rin and Daikichi centric episode. They should have the focus on side characters from time to time. Even though I said the focus isn’t on our favorite duo but from my point of view this episode also served to show us Daikichi’s reliability as a friend, as a family and most importantly, a firm shoulder to cry on. Otherwise, why would Haruko chose to stay with him and not Kazumi?

On the other hand, I suppose we can view this week’s episode as little kids’ perspectives on adulthood. As Reina and Rin so accurately put it – adults are really weird. It’s so true that I laughed when they said it. I think I laughed even harder when I saw Haruko and Daikichi’s expressions. Just think, how many times do we wish for something we don’t have and then when we have them, we wish that we don’t? I think it’s common feeling that most of us are experiencing. Not just adults, even some teenagers feel that.

Rin and Reina are two little children going through difficulties in each of their family life. I was surprise how Reina remained so calm in the midst of all the troubles that are going on. I don’t really know for sure but I don’t think it’s easy to bring a child out of the comfort of her home and into the unknown. I’d imagine Reina throwing tantrums and whatnot. What’s even more surprising is how she shrug off her parents constant argument like it’s just another day’s agenda.

I’ll say this, at the beginning of this series I thought Reina and Rin would never be good friends. Reina has that mean girl attitude and I honestly thought she spells trouble for Rin. Besides, she took credit for the cat’s cradle Rin made way back in the first episode so that sort of gave me a bad impression on Reina. But anyways as we all know, I was wrong. And I find her less annoying in recent episodes >.<

Back to the adults, would there ever be a romantic development between Daikichi and Kōki’s mother? At this point, I seriously don’t know. However, I find Daikichi’s reaction really adorable when he was trying to explain to her who Haruko is. Once again, he proved to us that he’s a worthy candidate running for Best Male Character 2011 by being understanding of their (Daikichi and Kōki’s mother) current situation. Usually, anime are led by male characters who are either inconsiderate, indifferent or egoistic. So having Daikichi as male lead is a rare treatment.

I’ve been thinking. Since Masako made her appearance, Usagi Drop lost that mysterious air around it. Meaning to say, I no longer gasped or screamed (not literally) or anticipating anxiously what may come next so the feeling is a little different compared to earlier episodes. It’s not necessarily a bad thing as I’m enjoying myself without it.

Ahhh…Usagi Drop is really a lovely family series.


9 thoughts on “Usagi Drop Episode 7: Secretly Leaving Home

  1. I honestly felt bad for Reina for a bit, when she said that she just pretends to sleep when her parents argue. And for a girl her age to realize how often her parents fight, well, it must be rough.

    I loved the scene where they talked about being married and being single, along with the facial reactions of Daikichi and Haruko. They know it’s something awkward to talk about being adults, but seeing the kids talk about it so freely, well, it made me smile.

    The last scene was something too. They all looked liked one happy family that went out for shopping.

    Usagi Drop is really something, and although there’s no more mystery, it remains to be an awesome series.

    • Yeaps, it’s rough for her and I think she’s starting to get used to it which explains why she hardly looks sad when she mentioned to point to Rin.

      I know right? That’s so funny. It’s the perfect picture of different the adults and kids see things. I love it. And yeah, I like the last bit too. A happy family of four shopping. They seem to be getting along very well.

      Very true indeed. That’s why I love Usagi Drop – it’s easily one of the best anime out there.

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  3. Reina is really less annoying now. Although she can be a total brat with tantrums, I felt sorry for her when she pretended to be asleep. I also saw maturity in her when she understood and noticed that her parents were always fighting but didn’t make fuss about it.

    As for Masako, I didn’t really mind whether she’s there or not. I’m anticipating and enjoying more the progress of Daikichi’s relationship with Keiko’s Mom.

    • My impression on Reina has certainly changed after this episode. It’s amazing how it took only one scene to change my opinion of her.

      I myself am looking forward to see the progress of their relationship but I wouldn’t expect too much out of it.

  4. Yea, this episode was great. It really touches on some of the more serious issues adults face. Problems in marriage, and the desire to return to a simpler time… Adults are complicated.

    Anyway, Daikichi is definitely easily the best male lead I have seen this season, and perhaps ever.

    • Sometimes when we finally have that something we always wanted, then we suddenly decide we don’t want it anymore so yeah it’s complicated but I think it’s normal too.

      Definitely. It’ll be great to see more male characters like him though. That’ll be nice.

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