Usagi Drop Episode 8: Grandpa’s Precious Thing

First of all, Happy Birthday Rin!. I think that makes her seven years old now? Our favourite anime kid is growing up, y’all. And she’s growing up to be a fine lady.

If last week’s focus was on Haruko’s struggles as a wife and a daughter-in-law, this week’s focus was on Masako’s personal struggle – to be the best mangaka or possibly giving up her career for Rin. That’s how I see it. I know I was a bit harsh on her the first time I saw her but after taking a deeper look into her character this week, I must say I feel for her.

More often than not, we tend to bury ourselves in work or simply to keep our minds occupied in order to push unhappy memories aside. Since abandoning Rin shortly after grandpa’s death, Masako must’ve been working really hard to keep her miseries buried. I couldn’t tell that from her first meeting with Daikichi. During that time, my impression of her was that she’s kind of childish for an adult and pretty indecisive. I regarded her as someone inconsiderate and indifferent about what’s happening around her.

Much of those opinions of Masako remains unchanged but after watching this episode, I think she does care about people around her. For one, I see that she actually cares A LOT about Rin. She remembers her birthday and that’s something. Plus, she definitely has grandpa close to her heart. As I’ve mentioned before, Masako is deeply bothered by certain things from the past but what is it I can’t say for sure. Is it cuz she was affected deeply by grandpa’s passing or she wasn’t sure how to place her feelings for Rin appropriately. I guess it’s a mixture of both. She thought by accepting more projects, she’d be doing exactly what she hoped for when she made the decision of leaving Rin behind. The only thing is, she’s lying to herself and she knows that but doesn’t want to admit. That’s really a painful situation if you ask me. And if I may say so, she’s more human than any of the characters in Usagi Drop.

While Masako’s personal struggles took up most of airtime this episode, the series never forgets about Daikichi and Rin. Did I ever mention how it’s always a pleasure to see how Daikichi get all worked up over Kōki’s mother? Haha. It’s even more enjoyable to see his interaction with Kōki. They’re already like a closely knitted family despite not even being one.

Also, I chuckled a bit when Masako mindlessly mentioned how Daikichi would be a better boyfriend candidate half a century later. She really does have a thing for old men huh? Besides that, I laughed a bit when Kōki warned Daikichi of passing cars.  I think it’s little moments like these that made Usagi Drop special. A little bit on the drama, a little bit on usual daily stuff, and a little bit of funny scenes. It’s so well balance that it makes an entire episode flew by so quickly and keeping the audience (like me) wanting to see more actions coming from the main characters. Not an easy feat.

There you go guys, another heartwarming episode this week. Three more episodes to go…just what exactly will happen?


12 thoughts on “Usagi Drop Episode 8: Grandpa’s Precious Thing

  1. The closer it gets to the end I just wish it was longer.. I still don’t like Masako but it’s good to see she is actually human and feels overwhelming guilt. I don’t want to see Rin end up with her though, as Daikichi does a great job with her and they function like a father/daughter already. Seeing how grandpa’s house changed reminded me of my own grandparent’s house too.

    • Daikichi will never let Rin walk away just like that. He said so himself. He has done a great job being Rin’s father, I don’t want to see them separated.

      I haven’t visit my grandparents house a lot, maybe I should drop by and visit them =)

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  3. Yeah, they’re sure taking their time on this series. There is still plenty of material to be adapted, but I doubt they can do it in a decent way in only 3 episodes…:|

    • Do you think there’s going to be a second season? The one that will finally put the full stop to this series. I refuse to believe that Usagi Drop will have a rush, lousy ending. It has been doing great so far, it cannot end badly. >.<

  4. Rin changed a lot. Indeed there was a hint of sadness when she saw that Grandpa’s bell flowers were removed, but I’m so glad to see how optimistically she approached the situation by saying that at least they’re growing some flowers at Daikichi’s backyard.

    As for Masako, I’m not going to be surprised if she has family issues too. She’s immature that’s why she seeking for a mature partner, I guess. But at least she’s smart enough to give Rin to somebody who can support her.

    • Rin has always proven that she’s mature and more capable of handling tough situations as compared to her mom, who’s the exact opposite. I guess this episode is a good way to observe just how different the pair of mother and daughter is.

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  6. Happy birthday to Rin!

    “As I’ve mentioned before, Masako is deeply bothered by certain things from the past but what is it I can’t say for sure. Is it cuz she was affected deeply by grandpa’s passing or she wasn’t sure how to place her feelings for Rin appropriately. I guess it’s a mixture of both.”

    Yea, I think this episode really sheds a light on just how much Masako is still affected by her past. As much as she tries to put up a front in the earlier episode by detaching herself from Rin, she just can’t quite do it.

    I felt the episode ends on a very sad note. Masako still seems to not have found her comfortable place with her emotions. It’d be interesting to see more of her.

    • I think we will be seeing more of her. At first, I thought her first appearance would be the last but after seeing her inner struggle especially when it comes to Rin, I think she’ll pop in every now and then as the series continues.

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