The Most Interesting Character This Summer!

She cracked me up. She’s mysterious. She’s a saddist. She’s a genius. She’s mean. She’s kind. She’s like everything packaged in one character. She’s Mayo Chiki’s ojousama Suzutsuki Kanade!

I rarely come across such an interesting character as her. There’s never once I could guess what’s going through her mind. At times, I feel like she’s supporting Jirou and Subaru’s developing relationship. But then again there are times I feel like she’s not. And then there are times I feel like she has feelings for Jirou, but then again there are times I feel like she’s just teasing him.

Every time when there are any little suspicious situations or little evil plans, she’s part of it. She NEVER fails to surprise me with her dirty little tricks. She’s also a great actress, by the way. Very capable to put up an act when the situation calls for it. She’s so smart that she figures out how to handle a difficult task within seconds. Plus, she’s always plan ahead further suggesting her good observation skills.

She’s such a tease that it’s so much fun watching what’s she up to. She’s daring to the point it makes everything looks plausible. She’s also manipulative that she gets what she wants always! Thank goodness she’s on the right team (most of the time)! Phew.

Even though she’s fooling around all the time, she had showed her loyalty to Subaru at all times. Her loyalty as best friend, that is. She always has Subaru’s best interest in mind. So much so that she’s willing to stay behind during summer vacation in order for Subaru to pay her visit to her mother’s grave.

I daresay that Mayo Chiki can be so interesting and so hilarious all thanks to Suzutsuki Kanade. She’s the driver of the show. The key character that stitches every little scenes together. I never intended to watch Mayo Chiki in the first place and with such an amusing character in it, how can I ever push it aside? She’s such a devil (in a good way) 😉

P.S I should probably say this – Suzutsuki Kanade is the most interesting character among the anime I’m following this summer. Check out my MAL to know what are they.


14 thoughts on “The Most Interesting Character This Summer!

  1. She’s evil, she’s scary! >_<

    No no, I prefer my Usami/Subaru combo honestly. 😀

    P.S. In the manga Kanade is drawn a lot cuter than in the anime. 😛

    • Hahaha..she might be evil and scary but you can’t deny that she’s a very interesting and love-able character!

      Really? I’ll check the manga then. Pretty curious here >.< Thanks!

  2. I love Kanade’s evil schemes too, they make the series so much more enjoyable. I wish her character design was a bit more attractive, but I guess that would’ve taken the focus away from Subaru.

  3. Kanade belongs to me ^^

    Well, she is adding variety to show, so that is something. Still hard to say if she has any real feelings for Jirou or not. I can not tell through her playfulness, but that is the best thing about her for me.

    • Haha, so that’s your type of girl. Well, she adds flavor to the series I guess that combination really works well for her. And yeah, I like that about her actually.

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