Usagi Drop Episode 9: A Typhoon Came

Kōki has got to be the naughtiest kid I ever saw. Can you imagine a kid telling you to fetch a ruler just so he can measure the length of his poo? LOL! I find it amusing that he misunderstood the “pooping” and “operating” thing. “Unkou” and “Unko” hmm….interesting.

I really enjoyed this episode, with Kōki’s mischief and all. I like how he listens to Rin and shocked everyone else. That scene was certainly priceless. I’m smiling right now as I think of that. I also like how he’s attached to Daikichi. He seems to adore Daikichi very much and begins to fit into the family as if he’s one of them. Seeing Kōki, Kōki’s mother (whose name is Nitani. It finally sunk in), Rin and Daikichi preparing dinner and then dine together was so much fun. I suppose me wanting those four to be a family is a contributing factor as to why I love this episode a lot.

The part that shows Rin and Kōki at their school was absolutely adorable too. I never thought watching kids blindly following instructions and taking in all things literally can be so cute. Also, I expected Kōki to ignore or talk back to the lady teacher for being so controlling and naggy; however, he obediently did as told. It was surprising but it only goes to show that Kōki’s just a normal mischievous boy. Harmless. I find myself rather enjoy him being the centre of this week’s episode. Such a playful character.

Hmm..I think Usagi Drop has been actively trying to change my mind about the characters for these past weeks. First it was Reina. Then, Masako. Now, Kōki. I shouldn’t say “change my mind”, but instead I should say the series is taking time to explore each character, allowing us to understand them a little better. However, time’s almost up. I really doubt that the anime will adapt to the extent of the entire manga but that’s alright. It only means there’s a possible second season. Who’s with me here – a second season?

Moving away from Kōki and all the character development in supporting casts, Daikichi once again found himself face yet another aspect of being a parent. Insurance. The story really did well in bringing all the elements of real life parenting. My colleagues or even my friends with kids are busy buying education and life insurances for their kids. So when that scene appeared, I can only nod in understanding and agreement cuz it’s just so real, so true. I shouldn’t be surprise if Rin’s education and life insurances are well covered when Daikcihi’s in-charge. I most certainly find it interesting that Daikichi no longer attempt to correct others when they refer him as Rin’s father.

So anyway. This is a lovely episode. I really enjoyed every minute of it. How about you?

P.S I like this scene. Haha.

P.P.S Kōki rocks in this outfit!!!


16 thoughts on “Usagi Drop Episode 9: A Typhoon Came

  1. I’m in for a second season, since I’d hate to see them rush this ^_^

    I totally agree, the four of ’em looks like a total family now. Add to the cute umbrella-to-the-taxi scene near the end.

    I think Daikichi sees a younger version of himself in Koki, while Koki admires Daikichi, so yeah, they’re similarity might be why Koki is attached to Daikichi.

    • Yay! Agreed. I can’t wait for the announcement, if there’s any. >.<

      Yeah, I love that scene too. It's like there's this short, intimate moment between Daikicihi and Nitani. Lovely!

      Definitely, although Daikichi thinks Kōki's naughtier. I like how Kōki look up to Daikichi. It's like he's his father figure or something.

  2. I don’t know if I want a second season, While i loved the manga i think this one could have a different ending where Daikichi marries Nitani and they all live like a happy family.

    of course that would mean no more Usagi Drop so im on board the second season train too.

    • I haven’t read the manga but I’ve read something about it. I guess I’m the kind of person that hopes the anime will follow the manga as closely as possible. It doesn’t have to be 100% the same but at least not too far away?

      Glad you’re on board =)

  3. After seeing this episode, I wonder how Rin and Kouki’s relationship is going to develop in the future. They’re already childhood friends, and when you have two childhood friends in high school, one of them almost always has a crush on the other.

    • i don’t want to give spoilers so if you don’t like them skip this comment :

      Kouki actually develops a crush for Rin but Rin has someone else in mind ( wich she does not realize until waaay later ) so Kouki becomes just a close friend of Rin.

      —————————END OF SPOILERS————————————–

      anyway its sad that there’s only 2 episodes left.

    • I was actually hoping for Rin and Kōki to be together when they grow up though. But even if they do, I don’t think we’ll be seeing that happen in the next two episodes. It’s simply too rushed.

  4. Kouki is so hilarious on this episode. I think he really needs a father figure to contain his naughtiness. It’s so funny when he asked Daikichi for a ruler. I also liked the scene where he wore Rin’s clothes. Rin was wearing something so plain and then Kouki has so much pattern–so cute!

    I’m really hoping for Daikichi x Nitani and Rin x Kouki ending. But I read that the manga has some controversial ending.

    • Yeah, the boy is sure naughty but funny. I think that’s a good combination. those scenes. Still smiling here as I’m recalling them now. I like how Kōki wanted to wear Daikichi’s clothes instead.

      I read about that too. =( But I’m still hoping. Haha

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  6. Rin and Kouki are too cute! ^^ I hope there will be a 2nd season since it will appear really rushed if they squeezed it in the last two (?) episodes. I still like the characters in this series even though I read about the ending.

    • Yeah, I agree. In my opinion, if they rush to complete the story, that would spoil the whole show. It has been doing great so far.

      I’m taking my sweet time getting to know the characters. They’re all wonderful in their own unique way, which is something really good.

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