Usagi Drop Episode 10: Stomach Flu

The title said it all. This episode shall focus on one of the characters getting ill, which in this case is Rin. That didn’t come as surprise though. I think everyone expected that. How else could the episode be made if she wasn’t the one fallen ill. Thank goodness it wasn’t with the feared influenza.

If this episode doesn’t exist, I would’ve completely overlooked the fact Rin has always been healthy. But anyways, that’s not an important point. Let’s take a look at how the two single parents handled this situation differently. Honestly, I was expecting Daickihi’s mother to lend a helping hand here, and not Nitani. He did call her after all so I thought she might visit them or something. But as it turns out, Nitani was the one helping Daikichi this time.

I won’t say anything about either Daikichi or Nitani’s parenting skill cuz as far as I’m concerned they’re wonderful parents. But we cannot deny that Nitani managed the situation perfectly. One of the reasons I could think of is cuz Kōki has fallen sick before and she must’ve been there quite a number of times. We would never know how she felt or how she managed the situation when Kōki was sick for the first time. We do know, however, that she has perfected this skill and isn’t stingy about sharing it with Daikichi when he’s going through his first experience. She has been really helpful in time of Daikichi’s need. What a marvelous character she is. I still wish for them to be together though.

I like Nitani’s calm demeanor throughout this episode. Wait. Okay, maybe after when she found out Rin had stomach flu. She was always smiling, putting up a strong front just so she could convince Rin that everything’s going to be okay. Nitani knew what sort of food to feed Rin and also the method to feed Rin. It’s remarkable. I’m very sure Daikichi has learned the art of nursing from her and will put it in good use in the future. Having seen her skillfully nurse Rin back to health, I understand why she had to send Kōki back to school as soon as he recovers. It wasn’t an easy process and it takes time. She had to take couple days off and I’m sure that doesn’t look really good on her performance appraisal if Kōki fell ill often during the cold season. So really, don’t feel so bad k, Nitani?

On other note, I find Usagi Drop knows how to find ways to make an episode emotional and yet humorous. What I’m trying to say is like for example, Daikichi was having waves of anxiety and hopelessness when Rin fell ill but at the same time, we have Kōki doing or saying all those cute, clueless, straightforward actions or words. It’s like I’m worried for Rin and Daikichi but at the same time, couldn’t help but laugh at the way Kōki behaves. Viewers won’t be too overwhelmed by one feeling/emotion – it’s really interesting, in that sense.

Now, as we all know, Nitani caught the bug at the end. Wanna bet if Daikichi make use of his newfound skill and nurse her back to health? I have a feeling we will never know…


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