Usagi Drop Episode 11: The First Step

What a way to end this beautiful series – a quick capture on how Daikichi met Rin and the things that had happened during that one year. The start at grandpa’s funeral and the end at a gathering for grandpa’s one year death anniversary.

Rin and her friends were participating in a rope competition and were practicing rope jumping at the park. It’s great to see Daikichi mingling with other parents and learning from them their experience and thoughts at the same time. Even if it’s just a short while, he must’ve learned something valuable about life being a parent or a guardian. As for Rin, she looks super cute when she lose AND won the rope competition. Can you jump rope backwards?

It’s even better to see Rin so attached to Daikichi’s family already. I know her relationship with them has greatly improved but she’s getting really cozy with them and Kazumi noticed that. She’s getting married soon and worried about her capabilities of being a mother. And I’m thinking her expression (besides being surprised at how much Rin has grown) when she met Rin again was the expression of “Can I do this?”. Although I’m not a parent or anything and I’ve never raise a kid, but I think it should be a fulfilling experience based on the stories I listen to from my friends and colleagues as well as the perspectives of the parents in Usagi Drop. So don’t worry too much, Kazumi. You may think you cannot give up your wonderful I-can-do-whatever-I-want-life, but if Daikichi can do it, you can too.

Also, how can I not mention anything about all the teeth drama?! I know I was laughing at Kōki’s reaction when his tooth came out at the supermarket. Funny boy. And then I was laughing even harder at Daikichi’s family reaction when Rin’s tooth came out. I kinda expect that sort of reaction would come from adults. It’s another one of those situations whereby adults and kids would react differently. By the way, do any of you have your baby teeth as keepsake? You know, every now and then I learn something by watching Usagi Drop. Like the tree way back in episode six and now this – baby teeth as keepsake.

I know I wanted a second season cuz I know the story hasn’t end. But I thought the ending here was wonderfully done. I can always see Usagi Drop as an anime that follows Daikichi’s decision of raising Rin instead of their lives together over the years. With that, this series has certainly shown whether Daikcihi has found the closure he needed from the decision he made at the very beginning of this anime series. He knew he made the right choice. He no longer dwells on whether or not his sacrifice is worth it cuz he knows it is. It is the right decision to become Rin’s legal guardian and raise her as if she’s his own child. So, this could very well be the end of Usagi Drop. Anime version.


26 thoughts on “Usagi Drop Episode 11: The First Step

  1. I have my baby teeth as keepsake.
    I was surprised to learn some people throw them on the roof though.
    The whole teeth problem was even better in the manga, with the addition of Reina-chan’s version of the problem and Daikichi telling Nitori he threw them on the roof too.
    And it was even more adorable.

    I’m a bit disappointed they didn’t show at least a bit of the second part of the manga, even if it was just a little scene at the end to show how they grew up together.
    It was still a really enjoyable anime, heart warming and definitely one of my favorite of the season.
    It even made me consider having kids one day ^^

    • All my baby teeth go right into the bin. Haha. I wish I keep some of them though. But it’s way too late now =( There’s a Reina’s version too? I want to see that. Should I be reading the manga too? Hmmm…

      With only 11 episodes announced, I’m actually glad they didn’t show the second part of the manga. I’d think it’s too packed, too rushed and wouldn’t be as nice as it is.

      Usagi Drop did make it look like having kids is the most wonderful thing, isn’t it? =)

  2. I think it’s probably for the best that they stopped now. It makes the story feel complete and, frankly, I don’t think they want to go near some of the stuff that happens at the end of the manga.

    • Exactly. I’ve read about the mixed feelings of manga readers regarding the actual ending so I don’t really mind now that Usagi Drop ends here. I’m satisfied.

    • It ended very well here so I’m okay if there’s no second season. But if there is, it’s great too and I’ll prepare myself of the things that will happen then. =) Yeah, it is indeed a heartwarming series.

  3. I guess they wrapped it up the same way they started it, a nice, heart-warming episode. I loved how we see Rin slowly being ‘herself’ around Daikichi and their relatives. Daikichi getting the realization that the end of his bachelor life won’t mean the end of his happiness, was really something to watch. Also, Nitani~

    With that, we bid adieu to this series. (that is, whether or not we get a second season) ^^

  4. Very nice and sweet end to a sweet series. I still wish I never read the manga though, since the ending was real letdown >_<

  5. I like the ending as well. I’m okay if there’s no second season but I’ll definitely miss Rin and the rest of the characters.

    I’m a mom, it’s not being easy being one but every moment with my baby makes it all worth the effort and hardwork. I’m not always the sunshiny mom, I have days when I feel so tired and frustrated and I just want to scream to keep my sanity. Lol. But I think I’m doing okay, I have a beautiful, healthy and happy child. I guess I’ll just look for ways to improve my parenting skills as I go along. ^^

    I really like Usagi Drop because it’s easy to relate to it, definitely a delight to watch.

    • Same here, I’ll miss Rin and the rest of the characters too.

      At the end of the day, I bet seeing your baby happy and healthy is the happiest thing you’ll find. I’m not a mom, I haven’t been through the ups and downs but I’ve seen my friends going through that and they always remind me that being a parent is the greatest gift. I’m sure you’ll be fine as you go along. Thanks for sharing =)

    • Agreed! Definitely one of the best, if not the best!

      After seeing how it ends here, I like it the way it is. But if there’s going to be a second season, I’m just as happy!

  6. Oh my. So it’s really over?! I thought it was gonna run for 12 episodes. OTL
    Okay, I’m gonna cry now. T_T

    On a different note, though. I loved this episode, as I have loved all the others. LOL. It’s as touching as always. This episode simply overflows with Daikichi’s love for Rin, it’s sweet. And all that teeth business was just hilarious. Rin’s so cute without her front teeth! 😀

    I don’t really keep my baby teeth as keepsakes, ALTHOUGH it’s prolly around the house since in the Philippines, there’s this custom where you place your baby teeth in corners of your house — like window corners, or door corners. Wherever, as long as its a corner. LOL. You can also throw it onto the roof (yeah, we do that, too); I guess it’s a matter of choice since they both have the same ‘result’. Which is to have your tooth grow straight. 😀

    • Yeaps, it’s really over. Awww..don’t cry, you can always re-watch it again. =)

      Absolutely, I love all Usagi Drop episodes too. They’re all filled with family love, one way of another. A delightful series to watch.

      Oh really? That’s interesting. I never know there’s a custom such as this. In my case, our teeth all go right into the rubbish bin >.<. I'm curious though, have you ever thought of finding them?

      • Er, no. Haha. Although I see them in the most unexpected places sometimes, then I’d go ‘Oh, I didn’t know I had a tooth here’. XD I don’t see ’em nowadays, though. Maybe they’ve been carried off by…natural elements? Hahaha.

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