Steins;Gate: Dangerous Fun

Doo du doooo.  Did I get it right – Mayuri’s trademark greeting? Picked up Steins;Gate right after it was completed. With all the hype that was going around it, how can I resist watching this? Lucky for me, I had one long weekend last week to marathon the series. With my knee injured during a badminton match, I can’t really do much but to stay at home.

At first, I thought I’ve signed up for some serious brain juice squeezing series. The kind that has very serious tone with no humor whatsoever. I’ve prepared for that actually, which is why I’m pleasantly surprised to see how much fun it was to watch Okabe’s going about with his insane operations. He is mad scientist in every manner possible; however, one cannot deny his peculiar behavior is somewhat captivating. I was instantly drawn in by Okabe’s eccentric character. Put it this way, if he happens to be a boss, his employees wouldn’t mind waking up on Monday mornings because he’ll come up with loads of unpredictable yet fun tasks at work. Besides, his weird, evil laugh is contagious.

I thought the series started well with quick humor thrown in here and there to lighten up the what I otherwise would call “information overloaded atmosphere”. I enjoyed watching Okabe and Kurisu coming up with different theories and performing experiments with other Future Gadget Lab members right up till the real problem materialized – Okabe’s experiments and carelessness got himself into some serious trouble with SERN. Steins;Gate almost lost all of its humor right after this.

After Mayuri first death, I felt the horror of watching a variant of Haruhi’s Endless Eight arc. Of course, the sequences or the episodes are not essentially the same but it has its repetitions. It’s a bit tiring to see Okabe keep going back to the past to prevent Mayuri’s death. Come to think of it, it’s inevitable since I’m watching a time traveling themed anime. Still, I was getting really bored. Luckily, the feeling quickly vanished when Okabe enlisted Kurisu’s help and together they perfect their understanding of time traveling theories and its effects on world lines. That is the most interesting part of the show.

I applaud Steins;Gate for being able to be complicated yet simple at the same time. Even with some of the more complicated time traveling theories, Steins;Gate managed to make it understandable effortlessly. I thought showing some graphical presentations to accompany the explanation of theories was good move. For example, how Suzuha used the ropes to explain world lines. That way, it’s easier to imagine what they were talking about. Besides that, when I thought all humor is lost when heaviness unexpectedly creep in the anime managed to retain some of its comedic nature from the earlier episodes. For example, I chuckled at the revelation of Daru as Suzuha’s father. =) What I like best about this show, however, is its ability to piece things together. I’ll just say this – whatever questions I have at the very beginning of the show will be explained and answered as the series progressed.

To sum up, Steins;Gate deserves a recommendable place in the myriads of anime or movies  focusing on the whole time travel concept. I personally think it was well executed despite some minor flaws which is mostly subjective. It should be a good show for anyone who is interested and fascinated by all the time traveling phenomenon.

P.S If anything, Steins;Gate taught an important lesson – be careful of the people you invite into your house.

16 thoughts on “Steins;Gate: Dangerous Fun

  1. Tutturu~ Great anime! Kinda mind blowing theme too. I really can’t predict how this anime gonna end, and it turns out to be all find and great. I think this is one of the best show in the last two season…

  2. tutturu!

    It really is impressive how the series was so complex but easy to understand. I’m amazed Kurisu was able to help Okabe in each world line even though she didn’t have the information from the previous ones.

    One thing I have been wondering lately is who Suzuha’s mother/Daru’s wife is.

  3. Lol, think your P.S was very good advice XD

    Anyway, yeah, my I like the series as well and think they did a awesome job with executing and directing it, unlike Chaos;Head. I absolutely have no idea what the movie will be like, since they pretty much finished the Visual Novel to the letter.

    • Haha, Okabe is being way too friendly >.<

      I haven't seen Chaos;Head for myself. Despite unfavorable comments from loads of other people, I thought I should give it a try. Oh right, the movie! I totally forgot to mention about it. I have no idea what they will show either, but one thing's for sure – I'm watching it!

  4. When I started Steins;Gate I really wasn’t sure what I was getting into. It took a few episodes for me to even start getting really interested in it. Luckily it picked up fast and I found myself watching it every week as it aired. The Mayuri stuff was pretty harsh and it did get pretty emotional at points, but it kept me watching wondering what would happen next, if Okabe would break out of it all or end up turning to jelly himself.. Steins became too interesting to not watch, and it was a lot better than I had expected in the end. So now there’s a movie coming out, I just wonder what that’ll have to do with.

    • I felt a bit different in the sense that I immediately like the series, right from the first episode and then not so much in the middle before things started picking up again with all the save Mayuri stuff. As for the movie, I seriously have no idea what it’s going to be like but I’m definitely looking forward to it. I hope it’ll be just as good, if not better.

  5. My name is John Titor and I came from the year 2036.

    In my time, Steins;Gate anime was already completed about 25 years ago.

    I came to this site to tell you,Tuturu~ is the right way to say it.

    • LOL!!

      Oh well, I got it wrong! Ugh! But don’t worry, John. When I meet you next time, I’ll be sure to say “Tuturu~” instead. I promise I’ll get it right!

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