Usagi Drop: Final Round of Thoughts

Whether or not the series will continue adapting what the manga has no longer feels important to me. The anime started with Daikichi as a carefree salary man with nothing much to worry about and slowly he turned into someone who was constantly feeling inadequate and unconfident about his parenting skills and worrying about the welfare of a total stranger, Rin, to someone who knows he had made the right choice. As we all know, he turned out great. Likewise, Rin has morphed into a cheerful, beautiful butterfly from her shelled cocoon at the start of the series. Two complete strangers at the start of the episode had become family by the end of the series.

Usagi Drop has a very simple story, without frills so to speak. We, or at least I, tuned into this series weekly with only the expectation of seeing how Daikichi and Rin will get through another day’s challenge. It’s really that straightforward. No big drama, no heartbreaks. Just something light and heartwarming to enjoy at the end of the week. Even so, Usagi Drop managed to become one of the best anime I’ve seen so far this year, if not the best.

It constantly delivered, week after week. It’s hard to find fault with this series. It constantly captured the hearts of the audience, hitting the right spots all the time as they go along. Daikichi’s dedication and being sensitive are two contributing factors, and so are Rin’s pure determination and intelligence. Let’s not forget we were also allowed to take a peek into the side characters’ lives. This is yet another thing I like about Usagi Drop. It doesn’t get boring because it cleverly shifted its focus among the many important people in Daikcihi and Rin’s lives and yet still have them as part of the show.

If I may, I’d say that Usagi Drop captured well the essence of family. It is a great family-oriented anime series. There many family moments that I like. For example, it’s good to see everyone came home to pay respect for their late grandfather. It’s great to know Daikichi’s mother respected her son’s decision to look after Rin and eventually helped him even though she didn’t like the idea at first. It’s especially heartwarming to see Daikichi’s family and Rin finally getting along.

It is a rather short series, but perhaps it’s better that way. The length of the show has somewhat prevented it to become dry or fall into the wrong pacing. I can’t say much about the artwork and OST because I didn’t pay much attention to these. Let’s just say that the artwork and character designs aren’t exactly my thing and the OP and ED are just ordinary. But it has the most important thing – it has a wonderful story to tell.


14 thoughts on “Usagi Drop: Final Round of Thoughts

  1. I agree with your review. This is one of those anime that has so much depth but at the same time it still remained grounded to reality. It’s very heartwarming because the drama and emotions are real, but it doesn’t have too much angst on it. And most importantly, I liked how it uniquely showed the coming-of-age vibe not just on a young character but also on a mature one.

    • There are very few anime that can be like Usagi Drop – drawing out real, sincere emotions and showing transitions that took place in adult and in children so yeah those are good points of the show.

  2. While I agree with your impressions on Usagi Drop, I still want to watch the “real” ending of the story as it was thought from the writer. So please producers, we need another season. 😛

    • LOL, I understand why you would want a “real” ending. It’s only appropriate if the anime adapts exactly as how the manga is written. It’s just that I don’t mind if they don’t.

  3. This series really stood out from the other shows. Not because of mind-screwing twists, awesome animation, loli’s, fan service, or all other things. The most important trait this series had was simplicity, and that’s something that I’d hate to see not utilized in the future. The realistic and heart-warming simplicity of a story of family is what I loved about Usagi Drop, and yeah, I’m okay with it if they don’t decide to continue it anymore.

  4. The focus on family was a refreshing aspect which made me enjoy the series more. I think the length was about right for a laid-back slice-of-life story, but I was wishing for more closure on the relationship between Rin and her mother, and the relationship between Daikichi and Kouki’s mother.

    • It’s true that there is lack of development in those areas but considering the length of the series I guess they don’t have much of a choice. At least, we’re given insight into Rin’s mother’s life and see from her perspectives.

  5. I miss Usagi Drop already :s I did enjoy the series more than most that ran this last season though. If a second season gets made I’ll joyfully embrace it, if not, I’ll cherish the fuzzy moments again with a re-watch in the near future I’m sure.

  6. Another season of Usagi Drop would be a dream come true!
    I didn’t regret one bit watching this anime. It’s unique, relaxing and cute 🙂
    I want MORE!!!!

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