One Piece: Straw Hat Pirates Are Back With New Looks!

If you’re the manga reader or also the manga reader of One Piece, then you probably won’t feel the excitement as much as the anime only fans. Unless, of course, you’re like me! A year ago around this time, Straw Hat Pirates were already reunited in the manga and heading towards to their next adventure. Now that this is getting animated, I’m so, so excited.

I’ve already written a post about the change in the Straw Hat Pirates about a year ago but what I didn’t do was to show you the change. Having said that, I’ll leave you some screenshots I’ve captured from episode 517 and 518. This is the new Straw Hat Pirates, baby!

Luffy – he’s the only guy who would ever reject a marriage proposal from the most beautiful woman in One Piece world.

Zoro – is he really half blind?

Nami – is she the magician or the witch now? She looks smoking hot here.

Usopp – I wonder if what he said is true. Is he still the scaredy cat?

Sanji – so the mysterious surrounding the eye is solved.

Chopper – still cute!

Robin – gorgeous and mysterious as always. Still don’t know who she’s escaping from.

Franky – This is best shot I can get but I gotta say, he looks really cool. *.*

Brook – I still can’t believe he’s a rock star! I almost fainted when I heard the song.

There you go. We’re still looking at how strong these guys have become. From what I’ve gathered so far, they’re doing pretty well after two years apart and training. Go, go, Straw Hat Pirates!

6 thoughts on “One Piece: Straw Hat Pirates Are Back With New Looks!

  1. I still maintain my claim that Nami is the magician and Robin is the witch.

    The new designs were well done, especially for Zoro and Brook. I wasn’t too crazy about Franky’s new design, but I’ve read the manga and seen the kind of stuff he can do with that new body. Can’t wait to see it animated.

    • I know what you mean, because when I saw One Piece the first time I was put off by the art. But I like the story. It’s interesting and hilarious which is why I kept following till this day. It’s never boring with One Piece.

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