Musings on the Technology in Mardock Scramble

I watched Mardock Scramble: The First Compression a couple weeks ago and was amazed by some of the technology it has. Some of the technology used possibly already exists or at least in the process of becoming a reality. I no longer think anything is impossible after seeing how advanced technology has become these few years. Given that I’m very much interested in what’s going on in the IT world, I thought listing down the technology that caught my attention in Mardock Scramble would be fun. I was going to write about the movie itself but changed my mind. The story isn’t over yet so I keep that piece on hold.

Back to the technology. Some of what Mardock Scramble has is no doubt scary. Let’s start with the memory preservation technology that Shell uses. It is good for those who wanted to erase some of their unhappy memories. It’s also a good technology to keep memories of deceased victims or witnesses in frail condition who aren’t able to speak for themselves. But it is not without its disadvantages. This point has already been proven in the movie with someone like Shell who misuse the technology for own benefit. Or maybe someone would steal your memories. Personally, my memories are precious and not necessarily want to share it with just about anyone.

Having memories extracted and kept for future use is still acceptable, but killing someone because they have fetishes for certain body parts and then transplant onto themselves is unacceptable. Gross, in fact. I find the whole scene very disturbing. Nevertheless, if organ transplant is as easy as they make it look like I suppose medicine has advanced to the point that most lives can be saved. Or maybe in the world of Mardock Scramble, all lives can be saved. Like how Balot can be restored to her original self after engulfed in that ball of flames. I thought it’s amazing if similar medical technology is applicable in our world.

The idea of having a mouse as my companion is a bit unsettling. Mind you, mouse isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite pet. However, the little golden mouse – Oeufcocque – can be really handy. I know it’s far-fetched but I don’t mind having a portable object that can transform itself to anything I want at any given moment of time. Just so long the original form isn’t a golden mouse.

Now, now, wouldn’t it be nice if a wholly automated car is the essential car to have? Ten years ago, I would hate the very idea of not being able to maneuver our own cars or shift the gears. I used to think what is the point of driving if I don’t get to pretend that I’m in The Fast and The Furious movie. So I loathed the conceptual creations of self-maneuvering cars. Fast forward to today, I absolutely adore them. Why? There were too many times when I got myself injured and yet still have to drive to work and that many times this thought crossed my mind – wouldn’t it be great if this car has the option to just drive me to work!

Despite all the advance technology albeit a little scary for some, believe it or not, the one I like best is the toilet door. Haha. It would be a great idea to let everyone know the loo is occupied by displaying some flowery or any other images on the entire door. That way, no one will ever miss it. You have no idea how many times people try to open my toilet door! Can’t I pee in peace?


16 thoughts on “Musings on the Technology in Mardock Scramble

  1. I would never have thought “Can I pee in peace?” would be the last line in a blog post.

    I’m always intrigues by technological advancements, even though I rarely buy them when they’re new. They’re neat ideas, but I always preferred what was functional and cost-effective.

    • Well, here it is. Probably the only blog post ever which will end with that.

      Ahhh…I love reading about technology related articles and watching cool technology related stuff but I rarely buy them. I’ll burn a hole in my pocket if I do that. Technology changes too quickly for me to keep buying them anyway.

  2. This is just my first to hear about this anime. Based on your description, the use of technology is pretty interesting. The use of good technology to produce bad results is always a deep-seated inquiry when it comes to invention and machines. I guess it’s not that technology is bad nor good, it’s the people’s actions actually define it.

    • The movie is loaded with high tech goodies, something which I enjoy watching. You’re right about that – it’s the user of technology that defines the advantage and disadvantage of it.

  3. Ah, Mardock Scramble, looks like this is going on my watch list this weekend. I had seen it around being advertised and such but it does look quite interesting. I really love futuristic gadgets and technology and do believe we’re not hardly as advanced as we should be in this day and age. I also like the idea of automated cars because wouldn’t that reduce the amount of accidents if they could read off each other and know where other cars are as well? Also totally down with the toilet one XD Thanks for bringing this show to my attention again ^^

    • If done right, of course the automated cars would reduce a huge amount of accidents. But I’d like if they have the manual mode so at least we get to drive them once in a while. As for the toilet door, sometimes the toilets locks aren’t working as they should or people just missed the small print on the lock so yeah I’ll like to have the whole door lit up when it’s occupied. >.<

      Hope you enjoy the movie! =)

  4. My favourite technology in the movie are the automated cars. I prefer to be driven around rather than driving myself, so a car that drives itself would be great. There are already cars that can park themselves, and I know people are now working on ones that drive themselves, so they should be out in a decade or so.

    • I have seen cars that parked themselves on TV and online a few years ago but they aren’t that reliable as far as I can tell. Maybe things have changed since then. I am certain that any technology in this movie is quite possible to accomplish in real life. It is only a matter of time so hang out to your thought. A self-driven car may very well be the next biggest thing.

  5. It’s been a while since I watched something sci-fi related, and this looks incredible!! The idea of preserving memory is really interesting, and even more so the ideas of manipulating memories. I’ve often wondered what exactly makes someone someone. Is it their current personalities? Or their past experiences (memories)? What are they preserving or killing with the memory technologies? It’s interesting to think about I guess.

    • It’s a mixture of both experiences and current personalities I suppose. I would say this technology is in the gray zone so that’s something to think about. It all depends on how the user make use of this incredible technology.

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