UN-GO Episode 2: Pitiless Song

UN-GO unveiled its second case this week, which revolved around the murder of Osada Hisako. The victim was found dead in a suitcase by a greedy taxi driver. Rinroku and the legal authorities believed that Hisako’s lover, a cross-dresser Aramaki, was the culprit but the victim’s daughter, Osada An, believed otherwise. She enlisted the help of Shinjurou to get to the bottom of the case. Once again, we get to see how Shinjurou and his mysterious assistant, Inga, worked together to solve the crime.

I personally find this case was nicely done. It shifted the suspicion from one person to another, throwing it back and forth between An and the idol group Yonagahime. However, once every information required is gathered it’s easy to see who is the actual villain. Compared to last week’s case, the motive is more understandable. Koyama said the crime shall be labeled as crime of passion, and I totally agree. But in different context – passion for singing.

We know nothing more than we already knew about the characters this week. And I don’t know if we’ll ever know more about the characters. Okay, maybe that’s not entirely true. I found out that Inga was exceptionally strong as a woman. Was that red bruise or blood on Shinjuro’s cheeks? He looked like he cried in pain. But seriously, the cases so far were done in a simple manner. Give a case, grab the two detectives, put on a show and that’s it. There weren’t even enough to develop a connection to the characters, not even Shinjurou and Inga.

By now, I think there are three things that will stay. First of all, the name and roles of the characters – which I still think it’s a good thing because it reminds me of who is who and what. Secondly, the transformation of Inga. And lastly, the awful deductions of Rinroku. You know, Rinroku should be locked in prison for causing mental distress to Aramaki, which eventually led to his death. Or maybe Koyama really sent someone to kill him. Who knows.

I find the fact that An gets to roam about freely after murdering her mother AND confessing the crime rather disturbing. As long as Rinroku made the deduction, however wrong it is, the supposed villain is pronounced guilty. It’s so wrong! Since when not be able to sing publicly is a punishment given in the name of justice?


14 thoughts on “UN-GO Episode 2: Pitiless Song

    • The names are always displayed alongside the characters everytime they make their first appearance in an episode so that should help a little I guess. Oh, I certainly hope the coming episodes would be as good as this one, if not better.

  1. This episode was easier to understand for me, but it did get confusing near the end.

    Also, not sure how I should be feeling about Inga. It almost feels like she doesn’t fit in with the rest of the cast properly.

    • She’s the only one with supernatural powers at the moment and the cases aren’t exactly X-Files like so yeah, she does seem a little out of place. For now, I’m only curious how she ends up with the transformation ability and is there any kind of agreement between her and Shinjurou.

  2. Despite the negative buzz Un-Go has had recently, I think it’s pretty solid

    I like the idea they present in the series; like, lies are necessary to create peace, that even the ‘good’side aren’t always that good to begin with. Which is the same reason why I hate Rinroku.

    • Yeaps, I agree. I’m enjoying this series so far.

      UN-GO did show us that what we see or read in the news aren’t always exactly what they seem. Ugh. I’ll never understand why Rinroku and Koyama do the things they do.

  3. I believe this is a much better episode than the first one. At least the reason for the killing is more mystifying. What I still don’t understand though is Inga’s transformation and Shinjirou’s terrified look each time the transformed Inga kisses him. But I guess that contains the bulk of the mystery of this show that’s why they’re teasing the viewers.

  4. Better than the initial episode I can say for sure. Still needs a little more time though, before it presents anything interesting in my opinion. Wish they aired the film version first..

  5. Moral of the story: Never 100% believe any sappy stories idol bands bring about. Especially if it’s something about tragically losing a member just moments before their debut. Kaishou went all out to make Aramaki as the proxy killer just to spare the real killer. Pretty interesting of him.

    While I can comprehend Aki’s voice as shota Inga, the adult form is rather unbelievable *___* For those trying to ship Inga and Shinjuuro, just remember that Mizushima isn’t a fan of romance.

    • LOL!!! I couldn’t agree more. I knew it was all a lie from the beginning. Ahhh..Kaishou – I don’t like how he and his associates deal with these cases, framing innocents and all. But I have to face it, these things do happen in real life.

      Haha, I think she’s doing pretty well for her role here. Hmmm…I don’t want to see a IngaXShinjuro so I’ll be fine. >.<

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