Bleach Movie 4: The Hell Chapter

I haven’t been following Bleach anime for a few months already, and it was only fairly recent that I’ve picked up the manga series again after dropping it months back. When it comes to Bleach, the things I like most are the character style and overall vibe of the series – the modern feel, the coolness of some of the major characters. The story not so much. Anyway, I decided to watch the movie a few weeks ago. That should be fun.

Instead of writing about the movie, I’ll list down the thoughts I’ve jotted down as I was watching it. A different way of telling what I think about the series! By the way, it’s spoiler-ish.

My Thoughts

  • Ichigo can be really stuck up sometimes. Scratch that, all the time.

  • of Rukia’s lovely pictures.
  • I’ve always like Bleach’s soundtrack. I forgot that.
  • One of the best things about Bleach is Rukia and Ichigo relationship. They understand and complement each other very well.
  • “Alright, let’s get going to hell” – that sound so wrong.
  • “Welcome to hell” – that sound even more wrong.
  • Bleach’s interpretation of hell is just as scary as others.
  • (got mindlessly absorbed by all the fights)
  • Kokuto has to be a fraud! He’s too nice, too fake.
  • I really, really like Bleach’s soundtrack.
  • (got mindlessly absorbed by all the fights)
  • I was right! Kokuto is the main villain. It’s so predictable.
  • (got mindlessly absorbed by all the fights)
  • I like seeing Ichigo suffer actually. Sometimes he’s just too arrogant.
  • Oh look, another transformation
  • Huh? Now Ichigo has the power of hell?
  • Oh well, looks like they have fun anyways.

In short, the movie is action-packed as expected from a shōnen series. If you’re expecting some kind of extraordinary story, you won’t get it here. It’s that simple.

22 thoughts on “Bleach Movie 4: The Hell Chapter

  1. Ichigo transforms AGAIN? I still haven’t gotten used to the last one. On the plus side, I’m pretty sure it’s non-canon.

    I actually read the preview chapter for this a while ago, and I really didn’t find it that interesting. I’m all for action, of course, but I’ve got enough good shonen right now.

  2. What I don’t like about Bleach is that only Ichigo can obtain new powers/transformation and etc.
    What about the other characters? Ermmmm.. Never gonna happen I suppose…

    I only read the manga. Used to watch the anime but meh, dropped it since there was too many fillers. Bleach vs Naruto? Naruto is way better in my opinion.

    • Same here – he was made a way bit too powerful.

      I’m currently only following the manga, and that’s only because I’m curious how the shinigamis are doing after the whole Aizen thing. Well, both manga have their pros and cons although I must say, recently Naruto has grabbed my attention due to the certain revelations (not sure if you’re reading the manga or watching the anime so I’m gonna stop right here).

  3. When it comes to the big shounens, I prefer the movies. Even if it’s just filler, it is still good in most cases. The One Piece movies are awesome, at least judging by the ones I’ve watched.

    • I personally enjoy One Piece the most when it comes to popular shounen series. It has good blend of humor and action. And I would say that One Piece has better movies (especially Strong World) among the shounen titles I follow.

  4. It’s actually my husband who’s into Bleach. I haven’t seen any movies and I’ve only seen the first few episodes of the series and I have a lot of catching up to do if ever I decide to continue watching it. Perhaps the hubby will be interested to pick up this movie. ^^

    • If I’m not wrong, Bleach anime now has over 300 episodes. That’s a lot of catching up to do if you ever wanna continue watching it. >.<

      I hope your hubby enjoys the movie if he watches it. Especially the fights! =)

      • was due to fillers. I see what you mean there haha i watch movies solely for the thrills too. My favorite Bleach movie was the first one coz Sena-chan is just too lovely. What about you?

  5. I haven’t watched any of the Bleach movies in a long time, because after having read the manga, it just seems like such fillers. The deviations from the manga are also a minor annoyance.

    “Oh look, another transformation
    Huh? Now Ichigo has the power of hell?”

    That kind of sums up my feelings for the movies.

    Well, I guess they do indeed have fun~

    • True, Bleach’s (besides Naruto) anime series has a lot of fillers – very annoying, really. But I usually treat movies separately. It’s something I watch then forget, which is why I only watch them when I have absolutely nothing else to watch.

  6. One of my fav movie of Bleach!

    I like action (or should I say, cool action) so the last part of this movie is the one I like the most. How can anime team made Ichigo is so cool and powerful like that? :3

    • In Bleach, Ichigo is always the cool and powerful one. He’s also always involved in all the major wars/fights/disputes.

      I also like action which is why I was mindlessly absorbed in the action scenes, lol!

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