UN-GO Episode 3: Masked Mansion

I am very much excited about this week’s episode. I don’t know about you, but I was immediately drawn in by the unusual, how should I put it, the unusual customs of Sasa family. I’ve never seen anything quite like it before. As you might have already guessed, the new case involves the Sasa family. Apparently, the family is struck by a curse which resulted in the death of a member, Sasa Kazamori. Yes, you read correct. Curse. Because exactly seven years ago, Sasa Komamori was also burnt to death in similar fashion.

Komamori. Kazamori. Komamori. Kazamori. Komamori. Kazamori. The name sound so similar that I was actually confused for a bit. But anyway, just to clear things up, the actual victim of the case is Sasa Kazamori. Kazamori was an adopted son of Komamori and was selected as an heir. Because he was always seen donning a mask like his late father, no one knew how he looked like. Not even his step sister, Mitsuko. Nevertheless, he seems to be growing up well as a fine man, following his father’s footsteps. To add on to that, Sasa Komamori was no ordinary person. He was a fine artificial intelligence researcher, dubbed as a genius, but unfortunately due to establishment of certain new legislation (again!) his inventions are considered illegal.

Now, how is our star detective Shinjuro related to all this mess? Kaishou Rie, riding on a white horse very much like a Prince Charming, seek for his help in proving that the whole incident isn’t a curse as requested by Mitsuko. Rie must’ve lost confidence in her father’s power of deduction after what happened the last time. I don’t think Shinjuro did anything much this time. Nevertheless, the mystery unfolded itself. Little by little. The biggest revelation was that Kazamori was never a human. He was a supercomputer, a creation of Komamori I daresay.

And I tell ya, I like how things were done here in this episode. It’s very engrossing in my opinion. The last bit came as a huge surprise. What I yet to know is why. Why the need for a Kazamori? What is Sasa family’s hidden secret? Why did the mother never say a word about it? Was she asked to keep it as a secret? Perhaps the whole chaotic condition the city is in at the moment has some sort of connection to it. And we will find out the answers to all of that next week.

I gotta say, my imaginations ran a little wild when I saw the masks. I kept thinking what’s with the mask. Disfigurement? I totally don’t buy the blushing thing because everyone is given a choice not to make public appearances. In addition, I like that Mitsuko actually made the effort in trying to discover the truth and not considering the death of her beloved brother is a result of a curse. You go girl!

Also, the thing I don’t understand is how anyone could carrying on living a lie for seven years or so. Sasa Itoji knew that Kazamori wasn’t a human and yet she let others believe that he was. Isn’t that really hard? I mean I can’t imagine the effort needed to put on a straight face every single time someone else refers Kazamori as a brother, a nephew, a colleague, a friend…a human. I’ll be extremely tired that’s for sure.

So, there you have it. Some quick recap and my thoughts on UN-GO’s third episode. Anyone enjoyed it as much as I did?

P.S I really thought Shinjuro was aiming for Rie when he picked up the stone. >.<


16 thoughts on “UN-GO Episode 3: Masked Mansion

  1. But in the end, who “killed” Kazamori? I wanted to knooow!

    I don’t particulary find it hard to cover such a truth, it would have been if Kazamori really acted like a machine but he didn’t. That mother seems like the type who would do anything for the sake of her family so I guess it wasn’t so hard on her.

    • I sure hope we will know that next week. Wanna take a wild guess?

      I guess I’m the kinda person who doesn’t know how to lie with a straight face on. People will know so I find it hard which is why I don’t understand how the mother managed to do that for so long.

      • I was thinking about the mother but now I’m tending more on someone who didn’t know the secret. The sister seemed so unlikely that I’m almost convinced it’s her.

        Well, that’s a good thing I think. Lying can be useful but tricky

        • If it’s really the sister, then it’ll be two cases in a row in which the culprits actually invited detectives to investigate their own crimes. I’m thinking maybe it’s just some program that set Kazamori on fire. >.<

  2. Great exposition in this episode, but still the stories don’t really sound clear to me…:P

    I don’t know how to explain it, but they look incomplete…:P

  3. The masks reminded me of the manga 20th Century Boys more than anything.

    This episode got me more interested than the others, and I think extending the plot two two episodes worked well here. With one episode mysteries, it’s hard to get as attached, and it runs the risk of being repetitive.

    • I find the whole masks wearing thing a bit unusual, especially during the praying ceremony. I never read 20th Century Boys though.

      It is the better episode for this series. I hope the entire case will end nicely.

  4. I think Komamori already had his plan in motion when he donned a mask. It would give him an excuse to make his “adopted son” and close companion wear a mask as well, thus concealing the truth.

    What makes me wonder is, why didn’t Kazamori do anything to stop the explosion. Was it something Komamori planned? or was Kazamori the true culprit behind everything? and why the need to self-immolate his Kazamori appearance?

    lol, so many questions. Which is a good thing, since, this is a mystery and all ^_^

    • Questions are good. I too have many questions and the one I really wanna know is why is there a need for Kazamori. I believe once I have an answer to that, the mystery can be solved.

      I wonder if Kazamori can do anything that isn’t programmed…

  5. I had a strong gut feeling Kazamori was a robot. Revelation of secrets and murder intentions are only coming up in the next episode. Why, oh why ;w; Inga’s adorableness gets a promotion for this episode so it saves the day for me 😀

    • Whoa, that’s amazing. I can’t tell that Kazamori is a robot until it was revealed. Well, I think it’s a good choice for this case to span over two episodes. That way, the suspense can be build up nicely at a proper pace.

      I find Inga incredibly adorable. >.<

  6. Never really came into my mind that Kazamori is a robot. I was so suspicious with the mom and the uncle. But just like you, I’m still wondering why do they need Kazamori to act like their heir and what exactly is the reason behind the mask Also, I curious about the burning curse of Kamaori.

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    I wonder why Shinjuurou threw a rock at that dog? That scene just came out of nowhere…

    I liked this episode more than last week’s one. Glad it’s two parts, the preview got me really excited. I really don’t like the police lady (Izumi) though.

    • I think the dog was going to attack Rie or something. It was following her soon after she entered the area.

      Me too, I really like this episode and I’m excited to know how this will turn out. Ahh..that lady. I don’t like her one bit!

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