Kawaii Attack!!! My Favorite Mascots

Over the years of my own anime fandom, I’ve seen countless of what I call as mascots in anime of various genres. These mascots usually have no significant roles in an anime as their major role is to exhibit cuteness to the audience. Of course, as always, there are exceptions and I can think of one special character right now.

This post shall include a list of mascots I find oh-so-adorable and they are not rank in any particular order. Let’s get drown in high level of cuteness, shall we?

1) Mawaru Penguindrum’s penguins (as pictured above) – How can I not adore these cute little penguins. I don’t care if they’re perverts, stalker or bug-sprayer. They’re adorable.

2) Mashiro Iro Symphony’s Pannya – I haven’t keep up with this show since episode 2 but Pannya certainly left a good impression on me.

3) Persona 4’s Kuma – I didn’t like Kuma at first but it grew on me quickly after a few episodes. It’s not cute because of how it looks but it’s how it talks I find cute.

4) Clannad’s Botan – Puhi. Puhi. I like little Botan. Actually, I like Botan even before I saw Clannad. I shouldn’t have watched Clannad: After Story. I don’t like big Botan. >.<

5) Lucky Star’s Cat (It’s a cat right?) – Maybe the most useless mascot ever since it never made any appearance within the anime itself but still, can’t deny that is instantly recognizable as Lucky Star’s mascot and it’s very, very cute.

6) One Piece’s Tony Tony Chopper – This is the most intelligent mascot that I’ve ever known and is one that plays an important role in a series. C’mon, without Chopper the Straw Hat Pirates will have to sail without a doctor!!

7) Tamayura’s Momoneko – It’s so fluffy and cute and adorable. I wanna hug it.

Any on the list tickle your fancy too? Or is there any mascot I missed?

28 thoughts on “Kawaii Attack!!! My Favorite Mascots

  1. KYUBEY! The cutest is Kyubey! Always. Forever!

    And there was Fukubucho in Star Driver and Nyanko sensei in Natsume Yuujinchou.
    Ah, the robot in Guilty Crown is also kind of cute, in a weird way.

    I haven’t watched everything you mentionned but I definitely agree with Momoneko and the Penguins.
    But Kuma, and especially his way of talking, is still pissing me off.

  2. I only like Himari’s well behaved penguin ^-^
    Kuma is cool when you get used to it, I like how he nearly mixes every word with “bear” ;o
    I also like pannya and Momoneko, so chibi, deformed and fluffy.

    I would add Mieu from Tales of the Abyss, it was such a cute creature, Sumomo from Chobits, Ioryogi from Kobato and Shamisen from the Haruhi anime.

    • Ahhh..except for Haruhi I haven’t watched any of the shows you’ve mentioned there but from the pictures I just googled, I think I’ll like Ioryogi too!

  3. Ah, I don’t like any of those mascots posted here, ha ha. I guess I’m not easily impressed with these sorts of characters. Just the whole if you try that hard to be cute, it ends up not very cute. (I guess.) Or trying too hard to be funny with a (banal) running gag… Just doesn’t work for me most of the time.

    Kyubey and Nyanko-sensei are certainly great characters–I don’t think I’d call them “mascots” though. They’re quite central to the plot of their respective series, and neither of them are quite what I’d call cute. (I remember Nyanko-sensei’s voice really surprising me the first time I heard it. I was expecting an annoying cutesy voice, but it ended up being this funny old man voice.)

  4. So cute… I don’t really know that much mascots so I think I will also include Momonekon, Botan, and the Penguins. I noticed that you didn’t include Kyubey so I assume you haven’t seen Madoka. Another on my list are Kereberos (Cardcapture Sakura), and Luna, Artemis, and Diana (Sailor Moon).

    • Yeaps, that is correct – I have not seen Madoka. I guess it’s just not the kinda genre I like. I haven’t seen Cardcapture Sakura either, but a quick search on google showed two different pictures of Keroberos. One looks really cool, one looks really cute!

  5. Good choices though I noticed most of them are from newer anime. There are a lot of great ones from older anime I’ve seen like Kero (Cardcaptor Sakura), Ryo-Ohki (Tenchi Muyo!), Kuroneko (Trigun), Kirara (Inuyasha), and of course, Pikachu from Pokemon =) I’m not sure what the distinction would be between mascot character versus cute animal companion. They probably overlap.

    But anyway, I love that you have one of my most favorite anime characters of all, Chopper, on your list =)

    • Yeah, that’s because I haven’t been watching anime for too long. So, most of the anime I watch are newer ones. In fact, I have yet to watch any one the titles you’ve mentioned but I recognize Pikachu! He’s such a cutie.

      Yay, Chopper all the way. =)

  6. I like the mascots from Clannad, Tamayura, Lucky Star, and Mawaru Penguindrum.

    I also like Kero-chan from Card Captor Sakura, Menchi from Excel Saga, Mesousa from Pani Poni Dash!, Ryo-Ohki from Tenchi Muyo!, Yamamaya from Azumanga Daioh!, and Mughi from Dirty Pair

    But my favorite mascot is Japoro from Shamanic Princess.

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  8. I think Lucky Star’s cat has to be one of the cutest things ever! Other really lovely mascot for me include Azumanga’s orange cat thingy. I love that thing!

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