Chaos;Head: It Messes With Your Mind

For some, the first episode was too creepy to consider continuing the series. But then again, for some, the first episode ignited interest with all the murders and delusions that they cannot stop watching it. I’m one of the latter.

I’ve read a lot of lukewarm reviews about Chaos;Head but I decided I have to see this for myself. The genre suited me just fine, it has only 12 episodes and I have some free time to spare when there aren’t any new Fall 2011 episodes to watch. So why not?

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

As I have mentioned earlier, the series started with a few horrid murders and unexplainable delusions of our lead male, Takumi, who appears to be a hikikomori. Takumi constantly having delusions at any hour of the day is very worrying. Half way through the series, I found myself busy guessing if a scene is merely one of Takumi’s delusions. As the series progressed, different theories were thrown in to explain Takumi’s situation. There were suggestions like precognitive abilities where he’s able to see the future, sleepwalking and Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). I have to say, these are all interesting stuff. Prior to watching this series, I’ve read about what people can do when they’re sleepwalking, and that includes committing murders which they can’t remember. DID theory, which Yua suggested, was also interesting – people with this personality disorder suffers from memory loss or vague memory when switching from one personality to another.

There were a few suspicious characters introduced to keep the mystery intact. I especially like the introduction of the music band Phantasm and its lead singer, Kishimoto Ayase a.k.a FES. Why? I like the idea of a music band being part of the dark side of the society. With cryptic lyrics seemingly suggesting the secret life they live and the ideology they celebrate, they set out to influence the minds of their fans. This is all good for a fictional story, but not in reality. Anyway, I like that Chaos;Head  had a range of characters to shake off attention on the actual murderer(s).

Having said that, I thought the first half of the series was built up nicely. However, the second half of the series saw a drastic change.

The second half of the series suddenly introduced the culprit behind all events – N.O.Z.O.M.I Technology. It also explained the condition which Takumi was suffering from and what he really is. I wish they have a better term for him and the others. Gigalomaniax sounds so weird. What if I mispronounce and say Takumi is a gigolo maniac? Anyway, the second half of Chaos;Head was no doubt duller, slower without much suspense although it did the job in providing answers to some of the major questions like who was the actual criminal of the whole eerie murders and what the heck is going on with Takumi and his delusions.

On another thought. “その目誰の目”. It’s a bit awkward to see people on the streets sort of celebrating the murders by chanting those words as if it’s a cool thing to do. I find it disturbing. If it’s me, I think I’ll cringe every time I hear those words as I will inevitably picture the gruesome scene where the words were written. Besides, such behaviors seem to imply that the murders were some form of an entertainment. Speaking of gruesome murders, Chaos;Head presented some of the most imaginative murder scenes ever. If you have a faint heart, you may want to stay away from this series.

At the end of the day, I cannot say that I like the series, and at the same time I cannot say I dislike the series. After all, the series started really well. It’s just that when it reaches towards the end, it felt a bit underdeveloped. Nonetheless, it caused me to question if things I sense are really there or if they are just mirages, reflections of my deepest desires. But that’s only for a second.

P.S At some point, I began trying to figure out why Takumi’s school uniform’s color is different from his classmates. Washed-out?

P.P.S I’m off to my vacation starting tomorrow so see you guys in a week.


17 thoughts on “Chaos;Head: It Messes With Your Mind

    • In my opinion, let’s just say you won’t miss out much if you decided not to watch. But if you’re a fan of suspense story and all, then you could probably give it a try.

  1. Despite a number of faults I just can’t say that I didn’t like this show. It’s not great at anything it does. The thriller elements of the plot fall a bit flat and the action scenes really aren’t that interesting either. My interest in the main character and a decent storyline made this an enjoyable experience for me. I would recommend it

    Shame they failed in the adaptation, The visual novel was sure amazing!

    • The story is quite different from the anime I usually see and for that I really appreciate. I even enjoyed the first half of the series, but things didn’t turn out too well at the later half.

      Heard that the visual novel was good. Perhaps I should take a look at it.

  2. I became interested in this show, as it appeared in the description of Steins;Gate
    “Steins;Gate is set in the summer of 2010, approximately one year after the events that took place in Chaos;Head, in Akihabara” but I never found the time to watch it.

    If you say that there are gruesome murders I should better not watch it 😀

    have a nice vacation.

    • Actually, that’s one of the reasons I picked the series up. I’m curious what Chaos;Head has after I’ve enjoyed Steins;Gate a lot but it wasn’t as good.

      Thanks, and I’m back! =)

  3. I loved the first part of Chaos Head with all the mystery surrounding the murders and Takumi’s delusions. The ending was what ruined the series for me, it was rushed and not even what I consider to be a real ending.

  4. People had been saying how much the visual novels are better then the anime but that’s actually a pretty common thing. I, myself, completely ignored the anime and played the visual novel straightaway so I can’t make a distinctive comparison between the anime and visual novel, other then the visual novel > anime of cause ;D

    • It’s a common thing to compare an anime with its original works I guess. The same goes with how fans keep comparing manga and anime of the same title.

      That’s another vote for Chaos;Head visual novel =)

  5. It’s been a while since I watched Chaos;Head, but I do recall enjoying it. It definitely would have benefited from being a bit longer, more fleshed out. The end was a bit rushed and could have used more explanation, but the delusions and murders were quite clever and unique.

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