UN-GO Episode 4: House, Unmasked

Pardon me for my untimely post on UN-GO’s fourth episode. After almost a week since the episode aired, finally here are my thoughts on the concluding episode for Kazamori’s case. The case ended with a surprise announcement (on my part) when the first part was aired two weeks ago so I was eager to find out just what in the world is happening.  Last week’s episode revealed yet another unexpected factor, or rather player, in Kazamori’s case.

I’m not sure about other viewers, but I never thought Komamori would be the culprit. I figured he probably programmed some sort of instructions into Kazamori and all; however, to think he’s actually alive? Nope, never once crossed my mind. Although I am happy for Mitsuko that while she lost a brother she found her dad, I have to agree with Inga. I am utterly disgusted with his ideals and what he thought was right. I don’t blame him for falsifying his death in order to prevent his inventions from falling into wrong hands. But to think that he is also doing exactly what he say he is preventing, I think anyone would be sick of him. It doesn’t make it right for him to misuse his creation like trying to put the blame on poor Kazamori on the death of a person he murdered. For once, I’m happy that actions were taken against him for his wrongdoings even though I would have preferred the world the truth.

In the end, Mitsuko’s mother and uncle (oh, another one who knows!) decided to hide the fact that they already know Kazamori is a RAI for their own selfish reasons. More often than not, rich family’s problems lies within money, money and money. The Sasa family just proved to us to what length a person can go to just to have a taste of power and big cash. Uncle wished for more decision making power in the company as seen in the third episode and no doubt money too. Mother wished for her son to be the rightful heir to a huge fortune and his achievements are the only things she ever brag about. Oh, and can you believe that the mother actually called them fools for not realizing the truth earlier? Unbelievable! And to think I thought she lied to protect something very precious and important. Shame on me.

After watching this episode, I realized something. While I still dislike Rinroku, I starting to find him a bit interesting. He seems to know a lot more than he’s letting others know. Most of the time his deductions were way off, but could this be done on purpose? It’s like he knows the truth, but in order to preserve honor or help leave good impressions on which ever parties that counts, he chose to hide the truth and tell the world what they want to hear. Doesn’t this sound awfully familiar?

Also, we learned something fairly important here too. Inga can only force living human to spit out the truth. Robots are immune to her superpowers. Hmmm…I think I saw Kazamori at the preview. She/he/it will be a recurring cast from now on I suppose. Anyway, I personally enjoyed watching the development of this case very much. There was suspense, but what I like most were the people around the case.

Till next time, see ya.


4 thoughts on “UN-GO Episode 4: House, Unmasked

  1. Despite the overly long dialogue at the end, I thought this was a good episode, and probably my favorite so far. Thinking about it, this dystopia kind of intrigues me. Usually when we read about these things, we start from the bottom, the common people. We do see those people in some scenes, but each of the cases involves the upper crust instead.

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