UN-GO Episode 5: The Phantom Statue

Trojan horse style, two former members of the Rising Sun Party planned to sneak into Shimada Hakurou’s place for a night to find the location of the rumored gold bricks exchanged from donations collected from Hakurou’s petty, heroic story of the death of three young men. Unfortunately, the mission was never accomplished. They were found dead. Hakurou, leader of the Rising Sun Party and the man accused of lining his own pockets, was the main suspect.

Honestly, I had trying to determine what was going on. Everything was happening so fast. I feel no connection, as if something amiss throughout the whole episode. Very quickly, Shinjurou and Rinroku deduced that Hakurou was the murderer. For once, they seem to be agreeing with each other, something which I find rather odd. Before I know it, Inga has transformed and seek to force the truth out of Jirou, Hakurou’s son. This time around, Inga didn’t choose her victim, instead she followed Shinjurou’s instruction. The shock look on Shinjurou’s face after learning that Hakurou had a legitimate alibi for his whereabouts that night proved to me that this case is going to be a bit different from the last three cases.

After failing to solve the case, Shinjurou became depressed, threw some tantrum, and even managed to piss off Rie. It was after an interesting small talk with Kazamori that he realize who is the actual murderer. Despite her claims of how she doesn’t believe the heroic story (so what? who does anyways in the story), I strongly believe her main reason for murdering those two men was to get the gold for herself. Otherwise, why murder those two innocent men right?

It took me quite some time to digest what I have seen and try to figure out what this episode was all about. In my perspective, putting the murder aside which is pretty well done I’d say, this episode gave me a better insight to Shinjurou as a detective. Even though he is backed by the mysterious, super cool Inga, he is still a human after all. He makes mistakes. He was blinded by his own ideas/wishes/ideals. He was led by his own prejudice against Hakurou when he accused the latter of murder.

This episode also showed the dark side of politics. It is not uncommon to see politicians painting beautiful images for faithful followers, giving them hope but only to disappoint later, cover up their mistakes and make false promises. Did it cause you to at least question the authenticity of historical facts we were educated?

Besides that, this episode revealed minor details of Inga and Shinjurou’s relationship. Apparently, he is preventing Inga from murdering people by feeding her souls appeared when a person tells the truth. How did this agreement came about? I don’t know. How and where they met? I don’t know. What happened to Shinjurou and the lady way back in the first episode? I don’t know. There are so many things about their relationships that I really want to know.

Oh, and for the first time the truth was let known to all. Huh.


10 thoughts on “UN-GO Episode 5: The Phantom Statue

  1. The scenes with Shinjurou in the second half were the better scenes in this episode for me. I had trouble understanding why those people were murdered, and I’m still not 100% sure.

    • It wasn’t clearly stated, but I still think she wants the gold because it makes more sense. Killing those two men as a way of rebelling against the story the old man fabricated wouldn’t help in gaining anything for anyone unless I missed something.

  2. The series is proceeding quite well! But still something isn’t right, it’s like something is missing to each story! 😐
    But well, at least is better than Kami-sama no memo chou!:P

    • I hope the missing pieces will reveal itself sooner or later.

      Well, one thing I can say for sure – for me, Un-Go isn’t a disappointment. At least, not at the moment and I hope it won’t be. =)

  3. It’s nice that they’re bringing up humanity on this show, unlike its predecessor (and almost all anime), they’re leaping way way beyond reality and how it is to become a human.

  4. This episode is particularly nice since we got to see some emotion from Shinjurou and the fact that he is human, he makes mistakes, just like the rest of us XD.

    Robo-loli invading cameras and Inga with popeye arms were pretty surprising too.

    • Yes, that’s exactly what I like about this episode. It’s good to see that side of him cuz I think that helps us to relate to him better. =)

      Oh, I was surprised by Inga’s popeye arms too! Totally unexpected. That was good. Haha.

  5. Surely killing each other’s self would have been too absurd. I wonder if this is the first time Shinjurou got fooled by a beauty. Nice twist at the end when Shimada’s intentions of hiding the gold bricks got busted. Inga is super strong, isn’t she? xD Oh yea, nice to see Kazamori and her/his ero clothing

    • I don’t know why that is even considered as cause of death. Haha, I’m sure this isn’t the first time Shinjurou was blinded by a beauty. Oh, I really like that part. It’s a nice idea actually to hide your gold…

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