UN-GO Episode 6: The Code Too Simple

Yajima, a victim of New Information Privacy and Protection Act I would say, enlisted the help of our great detective Shinjurou to find out why his personal manuscript ended up in between pages of one of Kaishou Rinroku’s book. I don’t know about you, but the fact that Rinroku’s name was mentioned amidst all the mystery is good enough to win my full attention. And it was well invested.

There is no murder case this week, although one nearly happened. So instead of actively trying to guess who the culprit is, this week I sat back and enjoy as the mystery unfold itself. The evidence of Yajima’s wife, Takako’s fingerprint on the manuscript must have implanted the thought of infidelity among viewers or at least ignited curiosity in regards to the wife and Rinroku’s relationship. I must say, I’m one of them. At least, I thought of that before learning about the disappearance of Yajima’s children.

Rinroku proved himself to be no ordinary person. As I have always suspected, he knows more than he’s telling others. As it turns out, Rinroku helped his dear old friend’s family to weather tough times. Takako had difficulties dealing with Yajima being in the prison and neglected her children.  He had to step in to ensure the safety of both the mother and the children. For the first time, I think Rinroku had the ultimate victory and Shinjurou utterly defeated. But at the end of the day, he only confirmed to us one thing – his remarkable ability to cover up truths.

This brings us to another question. Or rather, the question Rinroku asked Shinjurou when the two rivals met for the first time. Is there always one truth? I like that the whole case ended with that question. We all know that there’s always truth, but is it only just one truth? It’s hard to say, really. Say if we view a matter from different perspectives, there’s a possibility that there is more than one truth. Or is that delusion? It’s complicated.

The core story aside, Kazamori and Inga seem to be getting along really well. Their playful nature made Un-Go so much more fun to watch. I know Inga is a little scary and he is actually very scary throughout this week’s episode but one can’t deny he has a cute side right? My guess is now that he has Kazamori to play with, his cuteness just came oozing out. Besides that, I want to hire Rie’s maid as my own. Gosh, that is one super maid man. If I remember correctly, the same maid had already made quite the impression way back in the first episode as a different sort of maid. Anyway, personally all these extra little treats made this episode a little more fun to watch than usual.

Hmm…I wanted to say something about the novelist but I’ll hold that thought for the time being. So I’ll end this post with a question – who is this girl? Looks like Shijurou is afraid of her…


12 thoughts on “UN-GO Episode 6: The Code Too Simple

  1. Kazamori is so fun to watch, lol ^^

    I think this is where we see the contrast of ideas between Rinroku and Shinjurou. Rinroku can settle with a beautiful lie. An outcome that would be more pleasing to the public, and to himself. Shinjurou on the other hand wants to expose the filthy lies, and reveal the real truth, no matter how ugly it is.

  2. Too bad, Shinjuurou’s plans to foil Kaishou didn’t work out and worse, Kaishou once again succeeded in revealing the truth. No soul for Inga today. Kaishou must be one big troll in Shinjuurou’s books. It was rather amusing to hear Ali Al-Sacheez (Yajima), Lockon (Kaishou), and Marina (Takako)’s voice in one episode. Counting Descartes (Shinjuurou) too. Would have much better if Saji (Hayami) spoke.

    New Inga spotted. Seems like Shinjuurou is not the only one who owns a being like Inga.

    • More like Kaishou once again succeeded in concealing the truth. But to be fair, he has done his friend a good favor this time around.

      Ah, that mysterious little girl. I’m curious about the novelist and she. I wonder if she’s like Inga. If yes, does that mean she’ll transform into a full grown man to eat soul? Just kidding.

    • Haha, finally eh? Ah, I wonder that as well and more importantly, who is that novelist and why he said he can do the things he does and what sort of relationship he has with that girl. Un-Go just got really exciting, isn’t it?

  3. i enjoyed the first few ep quite a lot, but finding out about Shinjorous war past in ep 5 and just his reactions telling so much about his character now, im really intrigued…

    also, even if the girl is another inga… i dont think she’ll get truths, but possibly make people lie? i cant imagine it being anything apart from things which concern the truth or nature of the truth though… truth to this series is what ‘Thesius’ ship’ was to ghost in the shell

    GLHF in life

    • I’ve always enjoyed UN-GO and even more so now that things are getting really, really interesting. Having that said, I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying too. =)

      Hmm..there’s a possibility. Now I don’t know what she’s capable of, but seeing how the novelist sort of planned everything out and almost succeeded in making Yajima killing his wife, I’m suspecting her power (if she has any) is to instill false belief.

      • true, but she was also on the other side of the window while they were talking, she was inside the prison?…

        therefore i find it hard to believe that she could affect Yajima because she would need to lave and i assume she would need eye contact aswell, in preperation for if Shinjouro and her meet, so he has a way of not being affected,

        however, they could easily put in an anime style plot twist which seems possible but just slipped in at the last secnd to make actions possible. (for example the prison is made of gingerbread so she escaped, used her powers and snuck back in^^ )

        • Correct, but the mysterious girl’s power can also work in different way. She may not need eye contact with her victims and she directs the novelist to do all the work. That would be my rough idea although I must say, I really like the gingerbread idea =)

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