A Short, Sweet Trip With Hidamari Sketch

It’s good to see the girls of Hidamari Sketch again, and this time it’s in Hidamari Sketch x SP. As always, it shows how the tenants of Hidamari Apartments go about with their everyday lives. It’s slice-of-life, baby. I believe these two episodes are special episodes and I read that the fourth season has been announced. Oh, the joy.

The first of these two special episodes focused on how the girls spent their school holidays. Six of them decided that they should visit the open-air museum. Scratch that, five of them decided. Poor Nazuna. She was dragged along without even knowing where they are going. I thought that’s the first thing to ask. I mean, you would just go along with your friends without knowing where’s the destination?

The other interesting part is about Yuno wanting to learn how to swim. I almost forgot she couldn’t swim! She’s a saw*. But now she’s a mallet, or so Miyako said. Later on the day, Hiro suggested a pajama party which apparently is something Yuno has always wanted to do. Too bad she fell asleep just when the party started. And as all lovely friends who happen to love to draw, they sketched her sleeping. Now that’s something I don’t want happening to me!

As for the second episode, it opens with Yuno and Miyako trying to figure out a mysterious, moving lump in the back yard. The mystery was quickly resolved as we learned that it was Hiro and her curtains. Here I thought she was sleepwalking but as it turns out, she was planning to wash her curtains. Needless to say, a dreading chore became a fun event when the six gather together. Before you know it, the girls were blowing bubbles, eating Yuno’s gross-looking sunny side up among other things. Unfortunately, just when Hiro was about to dry her curtains, it rains. Ah, I hate that when it happens.

The specials ended with the landlady treating the girls a all-you-can-eat buffet. There were yakiniku, cakes, sushi and the likes. One thing I ought to ask, is that really cow tongue? I have no idea if they were just kidding so please enlighten me if you know what’s really going on.

As my post title has suggested, it was an overall pleasant two episodes. I had fun watching new materials from Hidamari Sketch and I always will. Right now, I’ll be patiently waiting for the fourth season whenever it may be, but hopefully real soon.

Note: Yuno refers herself as a saw because she couldn’t swim. The correct word should be hammer (kanazuchi).


20 thoughts on “A Short, Sweet Trip With Hidamari Sketch

    • Haha! Your favorite eh? I like Miyako better I think. She’s hilarious.

      Aww, me too..if I watch it again I’ll do it in chronological order and not by episode. >.<

    • As someone who enjoys this series very much, I hope you’ll give it a try and enjoy it as much as I do. Ah, that’s true – Hidamari Sketch has been around for quite some time now. I was lucky to borrow the first two seasons from a friend early this year.

  1. Miyako Miyako Miyako.

    I haven’t watched these specials yet, but I love the rest of the franchise! (couldn’t find the x365 specials though). While I believe the third season was a bit boring in the beginning, it got better in the end. Can’t wait till the fourth season <333

    • Oh, the lovely Miyako. Such a fun girl to watch.

      Yes, yes! I love the entire franchise too. Awesome anime, really. I know right? I want to see the fourth seaosn now!!

  2. They almost certainly do mean cow tongue. (matches manga, etc.) I’ve had it before. It’s pretty good. The joke is that an actual coke tongue (including the back part) is enormous, like the size of a human neck, but Yuno thinks it’s the tiny tiny slice that she’s eating. That might be the source of the confusion with the joke?

  3. Hidamari will always be one of my all time favorite Slice of Life shows and it’s great to hear an actual 4th season is in the works. I miss my beloved Yoshinoya-sensei and major yuri subtext so much. I want more darn it!

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