UN-GO Episode 7: Daydream

Right, how do I start this? It’s a very interesting episode I would say. It’s like a total 180 degree change from our usual normal episodes. Okay, let’s begin by how this week’s episode started off where last week’s episode left off. That way, we’ll get a complete look at where we’re going with this. If you’re a follower of Un-Go, then you’ll know about the novelist and the mysterious girl from last episode. Apparently, they did something to Shinjurou and as the episode title suggested, he’s probably trapped inside a delusional world or something.

Given how Shinjurou suddenly became an assistant in a film set with no Inga tagging along and had no recollection of who Rie (funny to see her “new” role) is, it’s safe to say he’s not the usual Yuuki Shinjurou we know and possibly love. I was actually surprised and confused for a moment, but then I realize it must have something to do with the novelist and the mysterious girl. I’m gonna bet that the little girl’s power requires no direct contact in order for it to work. Also, there were a few moments indicating he was struggling to break free from this delusion such as brief appearance of Inga and the mysterious pair.

Let’s get on with the mystery, shall we? The whole episode did well in keeping the suspense intact. I kept wondering what will the mystery be. It’s a bit weird actually. Because we’re looking at a movie set, so we don’t know when those girls are acting and when it’s part of the real thing in a delusional world. At some point, I’m convinced the director is going to die only because I find him irritating and unlikable. Sure enough, he was the victim and died in perhaps the gruesomest death in all of Un-Go cases so far. But because we’re talking about delusions here, I don’t know if we should be paying attention in finding who the actual murderer is. I don’t think is Shinjurou and I seriously can’t think of anyone else. Maybe it’s one of the actresses. I decided I wanted to know how Shinjurou is going to escape this and why novelist wanted to write such a reality. I decided not to care who the murderer is.

As always, Un-Go prompted me something to look at or think of this week. Shinjurou was supposedly filming a war scene, wasn’t he? I find the actresses’ perspectives of war particularly interesting. Each of them have different views and there’s no saying who is right and who is wrong. I know it’s human nature to fight for survival and want changes, but is war really the answer?

Anyway, I’m glad to see Inga is waiting outside the prison and I’m sure he’ll be saving Shinjurou and get him out of this misery in no time. Oh, he smelled her too. So, what’s the story between Inga and the mysterious girl? Anybody wants to know?


7 thoughts on “UN-GO Episode 7: Daydream

  1. Definitely a particular episode, and a series that is confirming itself as a positive one.
    I’m eager to know more about that mysterious girl…but no I don’t love Yuuki Shinjurou. XD

  2. i thoutht this episode was the best one yet (ive studied communication for a few years and think it really helped understanding this ep)

    First of all, i believe the ‘Daydream’ is a kind of lucid dream, with many symbols and references to Shinjukous subconscious. The first inclination i had was when the actresses discussed the view on war with 3 very different interperatations, this links back with the previous ep, when he was asked about the nature of truth, like he is beginning to question if the truth he brings out is always the best one, how he could see each differently etc. then the train, he stated ‘the car doesnt even run’ but his struggle with the director, leaving him on the tracks, its almost as if he protected his own mind by forgetting the event, but can control the events which happen (leading me to the lucid dream theory) the last point ill make is when the daughter of the other detective (im not good with english names, let alone japanese :P) shows up as a detective, this leads me to believe that he doesnt trust her as much as we are all led to belive, and that he thinks she may betray him if she is too close to her father.

    Of course, all of this hinders on my lucid dream theory, also i believe that the girls power may be that she can place people into their own id so to speak, so they get to view their subconsios. theyre insecurities, fears, desires, etc. this would support the lucid dream theory as much as in the previous episode, prehaps she showed the man his own hatred for his wife, on top of that , it could very well be the girls power because Shinjukou looked into her eyes before he stumbled at the end of a code to simple…

    any thoughts 😛 (sry for writing so much… but like said, communication and symbolism freak :P).

    • There’s no need to apologize =). As the matter of fact, I thank you for sharing your thoughts on this episode. I really appreciate it

      I must say, I like your suggestion here. The linkage of what has happened in here and Shinjurou’s real life, whether it’s perspectives or relationships. However, while he knows something isn’t quite right, there wasn’t any indication that he’s aware that he’s dreaming. But before I go on any further, I need to ask you this – is lucid dream and dreaming the same thing? I understand that dreaming is related to human subconscious but whether is it with or without the person aware of that it is indeed a dream, I’m not too sure about it. So I’ll still stick with it being a delusion created by that mysterious girl, leading Shinjurou to believe he is who he is at the moment.

      I’m more curious about the novelist right now. I think we all agreed that it is the mysterious girl’s power that caused this whole mess Shinjurou’s in now. But why? Why Shinjurou? What is the novelist trying to do by making him dream all these? What can he achieve by letting Shinjurou discover nature of truth?

  3. The hell? This was confusing than ever! So I’m guessing that prison dude and his helper hypnotised and sent Shinjuurou to a delusional world. Like he said, he writes novels not on paper but in reality. This must be one of the “realities” where he mysteriously sends people to a different world and witness them commit crimes. Later he becomes the “Great Detective” who solves his own planned crime. This might not be his first time either. Like Yajima, for example. He probably wrote Yajima’s story in such manner, which is why he keeps saying “Yajima should have killed his wife”. Or so I’m guessing. Kazamori even appeared for a brief moment with Inga to wake Shinjuurou up but he wasn’t triggered by it even a bit.

    Also, nice to see 3 out of 4 Sphere girls in this episode 😛

    • But it’s twice (or more) as interesting as ever! That’s what I’m thinking too. Come to think of it, Yajima doesn’t look like he’s living in a delusional world so maybe there’s another way to interpret Shinjurou’s situation right now. It is delusion, but perhaps something more complicated.

      I hope Inga gets him out of the prison real quick >.<

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