Do You Know Who She Is?

I’m a tiny bit curious here. Does anyone of you recognize her? She’s from a popular anime, but I don’t know if she is popular herself. Her die-hard fan and hater are super famous among anime fans – that I know for sure. I’m thinking she might be equally famous, which is why I’m asking you just to check if I’m correct.

Honestly, I wouldn’t recognize her…She happens to be with me here because I was playing with my luck. You see, I went to Singapore a few weeks ago and I wanted to visit The Anime House but I had trouble finding it. I asked a few people on the street where PoMo is and to my surprise a lot of them didn’t know. I eventually found it and decided to award myself with a random picking. She’s cheaper than a Nendoroid or a Figma or a T-Shirt or a mug or a….(the list goes on). The only problem? Because it’s in a sealed box, I won’t know which character I’ll get.

I think my luck is pretty bad that entire day so I ended up with a character I know the least of. I’ll never buy a sealed box figure again!

27 thoughts on “Do You Know Who She Is?

      • Of course. All the figures are targeted for the fans.
        I myself couldn’t resist when I know that Saber Fate/Zero is going to have her figma.
        I’m also waiting to get the Fate/Zero Saber PVC with the Bike. Though i’m not sure if I can afford it.

  1. hahaha random figure box buys are great though, cause you don’t know what you get XD! If you get someone you like = never again! but if you get someone you like XD different story!

    Excuse that I haven’t been following your blog as of late, seemed to forget and lack of time><

  2. I guess it’s been a while since I saw Oremo. I was thinking it was a Precure girl at first but then I saw the comments and it hit me XD I prefer blind boxes in packs like you can buy online, so at least you know you’ll get one or two you want. It can’t hurt to do once in a while but I’d much rather know what I’m spending on too.

    • It’s like the K-ON Nendoroid Petite right? All 12 came in small boxes in a bigger box kinda thing. I don’t mind buying like this once in a while if the price is cheap but not too often.

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