UN-GO Episode 8: The King of Paradise

Kazamori to the rescue! Okay, maybe she didn’t exactly solve the case or anything but she’s been a huge help in bringing Shinjurou back to reality. Now that he’s back to his senses, it’s show time baby. It turns out there is a real murder to solve. It wasn’t some kind of fantasy I thought it was. The victim was the same person, except that he is not a movie director but a prison guard.

As you might’ve already guessed after learning the real identity of the movie director, the three actresses we saw last week were actually criminals. So what happened last week in Shinjurou’s supposed dream in fact happened in real life. Just in a different setting. The novelist had brought Shinjurou into the prison to study him closely. He “created” the murder for Shinjurou to solve. It’s a bit unbelievable. Even though the terrorist actress admitted to her crime, I can’t help but wonder did she really kill the “director” because she felt betrayed or it’s another one of the “reality” the novelist “wrote”. If the latter is true, don’t you at least feel for her? I mean, she is technically innocent after all. She has been poisoned to kill, so to speak.

Besides shedding light on our great detective’s situation, we were finally introduced to that mystery girl I talk so much about for the last couple of weeks. She is a deity (I’m not sure if Inga is considered one) called Bettenou, who paints delusions. How she became attached to the novelist, we’ve yet to know. But I’m pretty sure we’ll know soon. I don’t know how many more episodes left that will include the wicked two. For some reason, I don’t feel like seeing them until the very last episode.

Personally, I like how this episode made clear connections with what was shown in last week’s episode. It created a complete picture for understanding what exactly happened to Shinjurou and how the people in his so-called dream appeared and disappeared. That was great. Although I do feel this episode was more like an information dump instead of properly set up.

Oh, and apparently, Rie isn’t so smart. How can she not differentiate between an assistant and a maid? How can she not push Shinjurou’s hands away when he was trying to electrocute her? It’s a bit weird, and it’s only me wondering, not complaining >.< Speaking of Rie, anyone of you were surprised by what happened at the very last bit? Now why on earth would Rinroku take Bettenou away?! Huh.


6 thoughts on “UN-GO Episode 8: The King of Paradise

  1. I’m not sure exactly why you’d make a prison like that, but it was an interesting episode for sure. There are only three episodes left, and I hope they’re up to par as well.

  2. Yay everything is back to normal! So it was a delusional world created by Novelist after all. All it took was a few electric shocks by Kazamori’s panda handcuffs to awaken Shinjuurou from the dream. The whole movie set was fake and it was taking place in the prison. The 3 actresses were prisoners and the director’s killer was a terrorist. Shinjuurou completed the final lines of the script based on the realities of their life to awaken them as well. But Shinjuurou decided to stay back at the prison to “discover” himself further. Inga must have enjoyed pulling the truth out of Novelist xD Looks like matters aren’t playful anymore

    • Poor Inga. He has to fend off customers when Shinjurou locks himself up in the prison. He’s very cute when he did that. Haha.

      The novelist’s soul must be very delicious >.<

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