My Oh-So-Short List For Winter

Compared to what’s on my must-watch list for Fall anime season this year, my list for Winter anime season 2012 is short. That’s because the summary of the various titles are not very appealing. Or rather, the titles coming next season might not be my cup of tea. Nevertheless, as always I’ll still watch the first episodes of selective titles just to be sure I don’t miss out anything worth watching. Selective, because there are a few I know I won’t watch anyway such as second season of certain titles. And as always, I’ll keep tab on the variety of anime blogs I follow to read their impressions. >.<

Now, I shall reveal my must-watch list (if it’s not obvious enough)…


Sounded a bit spooky the summary is. The trailer definitely spooky. Apparently, a popular, all round good student Misaki had died 26 years ago but her classmates decided to pretend she’s still alive. Now I wonder why…What’s even more interesting is 26 years later (I think?), there’s another girl with the same name appears to be lurking around…


Oh, did I ever mention how much I like Bakemonogatari? Nisemonogatari happens to be the sequel! But I think you know that already. Given the generally positive reviews for Bakemonogatari, I think this sequel is a must-watch for a lot of anime fans. Same applies to me.

Oh boy, did I just pick two spooky anime to watch?


34 thoughts on “My Oh-So-Short List For Winter

  1. I’m pretty much the same way. So far, the only shows I’m for sure watching are Nisemonogatari and the new season of Natsume. Another sounds kind of interesting, but I’m not the biggest fan of horror, so I don’t know yet. As of now, it looks like I’ll be spending the winter watching all the shows I didn’t watch from this year (Mirai Nikki, Usagi Drop, etc.).

    • Yeah, me too. I thought of catching with anime like Naruto, Bakuman 2 or maybe watch some old, completed anime during the Winter season. That should keep me entertained.

  2. I’m watching Another as well. Thanks for sharing the trailer.
    I didn’t know about that anime coming this Winter.

    You might want to watch Kizumonogatari as well 😀

  3. I didn’t really take a look into the stuff from the upcoming season, but at least I’ve heard of the titles you’ve mentioned here. Another sounds cool haha maybe it will be too scary for me, I hope the characters won’t be too emo ;D
    I also loved Bakemonogatari, Im really looking forward to the sequel, where I can see all my beloved characters again.

    I will probably end up watching more than just two shows ^^

    • LOL!! The trailer does make it look a little scary. I don’t mind it being too scary just as long as it doesn’t give me nightmares. >.<

      Yes, it'll be great to see the characters again. Maybe GSC will make even more beautiful figures out of this series. They had very beautiful line up for Bakemonogatari scale figures.

  4. Nisemonogatari is definitely on my must-see list too. ^^ Another looks interesting based on the trailer, I just hope it’s not too scary. ^^;

    Somewhat curious about Carnival Phantasm. Have you seen the first 2 seasons?

    • Haha, Another looks pretty scary isn’t it? It should be interesting.

      Oh yes I have! Carnival Phantasm is such a fun show. You’ll see characters from Fate/Stay Night, Tsukihime and such. They all do crazy, super funny things. It’s light stuff basically. But you probably need to be familiar with the original series’ story to understand some of the parodies and jokes.

  5. Nisemonogatari and Another are already for my list, too. Amagami SS+ also catch my interest, but as for everything else, I am not too sure.

  6. I’m definitely watching Another too, I had taken a great liking to all these spooky mysterious thrills ;D I’m also watching Amagami SS+, Kyousogiga (the art looks interesting), Black Rock Shooter and Zero no Tsukaima F ;D The others would need further reconsideration first, though if Gokujyo turned out to be a full yuri series (which I think it probably will), I’ll watch that too ;p

    • Yay! Let’s get spooked together…>.<

      Hmmm…I'm undecided if I wanna watch Black Rock Shooter. I saw the OVA and didn't like it but I do enjoy the art and all so it's kind of like half-half.

      • xDD

        I actually don’t have such high hopes with the anime since I think they are going to follow the same story as the OVA. It would be cool if they follow the story from the PSP game. Either way, I’m still going to be watching to see some sexy bikini wearing.. uhh wait no.. art.. yes art, I’m watching for the art ;D

  7. Getting ready for the winter… I guess I should start checking out as well.

    I would like to add Nisemonogatari on my list, but the thing is, I have yet to see Bakemonogatari. I knew it’s a Shaft anime and saw that it’s one of those which topped the viewers’ list. As for Another, it looks too spooky, but I will give it a shot and see.

    • You can always watch it later =) I highly recommend Bakemonogatari.

      Not too much of a fan of spooky movies eh? Well, if it gets way too scary for me to handle, I’ll stop watching too. Haha.

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    • Haha, there isn’t anything too exciting based on the summary on the list. These two titles are something I’ll definitely watch. As for other titles (including those two you mentioned), I’ll still watch the first episode or maybe more to decide if I’ll pick the series later.

  9. Mine is really full at the moment. I guess anime is one of the main factors of my sanity in college right now. That and my family, video games and wrestling. I suppose I’m a bad boy for doing this but whatever.

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