UN-GO Episode 9: Rinroku Kaishou’s Crime

I was half expecting an episode with Shinjurou still within the four walls of prison, but in fact he was out and about tracking down the whereabouts of Bettenou. The novelist is history, or so it appears to be. While Shinjurou was occupied with the hunt, an explosion at a TV station has left an injured Kaishou Rinroku unable to defend himself as he was accused of being the mastermind behind the said explosion.  Rie, Rinroku’s daughter, enlisted the help of Shinjurou to prove his innocence.

Rinroku seems innocent when I found out he hasn’t left the building during the explosion. Who on earth would want to hurt themselves when plotting to hurt others right? Okay, maybe that’s not exactly true. But when he mysteriously appeared in perfect health inside Kaishou’s residence at the same time, he doesn’t seem that innocent anymore. That all being said, this week’s episode is particularly interesting, in my opinion. At least, it is interesting the moment a second Rinroku appeared. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Bettenou might have something to do with this. After all, she is master of illusions. When one of the guys said he dropped Rinroku off at the TV station, it makes the whole thing even clearer. That very statement conflicted with what Rinroku said as he arrived at the station. He said he got there by train.

While I’m sure Bettenou plays a role in this mess, I’m completely clueless what’s the motive and reason behind it. To be honest, I’m not even sure if where Rinroku stands here. Is he innocent or is he not? The thing is I cannot find a good enough motive for him to actually plan this crime. It is becoming a kind of thing that UN-GO does. A case is usually set up in a way that it was so obvious but the motive remains a mystery. Even when the motive is revealed, I sometimes scratch my head wondering why would anyone do that. This is not necessarily a bad thing. All things are possible.

It’s rare to see Inga in a bad mood. He must be really troubled by the presence of Bettenou. He knows more than he’s letting on. I believe there is still a few missing pieces. Like what’s up with Bettenou and Rinroku. The producer is suspicious. Speaking of him, when the  producer was experimenting with the microwave Steins;Gate crossed my mind!  Suddenly I miss the show again. >.<

Right, back to UN-GO. I think I roughly know where this is going. There are possibly two paths this case can take – one with novelist still in play and one that doesn’t. Right now I just want to see it all unwrap. Do you want to take a guess on how this case will unfold?

P.S Inga watches anime!


10 thoughts on “UN-GO Episode 9: Rinroku Kaishou’s Crime

  1. This was a pretty interesting plot twister episode. Something big must be up Kaishou’s sleeves to use Bettenou and manipulate the truth about his presence in the TV show. You could say Kaishou was being selfish in using Bettenou to save himself and not the rest of the crews present. Even Shinjuurou felt pissed for trying to prove his innocence at one point. But I’m worried about Inga. Something not pleasant is going on with him and Bettenou. I wouldn’t be surprised if all of this would point back at saving Shinjuurou’s skin. Or something like that. All the microwave theory just had to remind me of Steins;Gate…

    • Something’s bugging me about Rinroku and Bettenou, but I don’t know what is it.

      I know right? I think nowadays if I see a microwave I’ll be reminded of Steins;Gate. Not sure if that’s a good thing at all…

  2. I already had the feeling that Kaishou is the one to outsmart on this series and it came true. However, on this episode I don’t think he’s the criminal. I think he’s certainly using Benettou to manipulate (some episodes already showed that he’s covering the truth) but I don’t think he is a bad person. Perhaps he just doesn’t want Benettou to be used by the evil ones. And I guess, there must another character involved on the crime scene that has yet been revealed.

    As for Inga being so troubled after seeing Benettou, that’s still also a complete mystery for me.

    • I have a hunch that Rinroku has no contract whatsoever with Benettou. There’s a good chance that I’m wrong but that is what bugs me. So far, all he did was create a beautiful lie. And yes, I think there’s another character or something else missing still.

      It’ll be nice to know what’s the history of Benettou and Inga huh? Otherwise, we’ll be left wondering why Inga doesn’t like her too much.

  3. Un-Go is proving itself as a good series. The start was a bit “uncertain”, but it certainly took focus after the first couple of episodes…
    Hoping for a sequel in the future…:)

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