UN-GO Episode 10: Rinroku Kaishou’s Funeral

As the episode’s title had it, Kaishou Rinroku died. They said it’s a suicide as his involvement in illegal software usage was exposed during an investigation on the explosion last week. But I think most of us (Shinjurou included), if not all, believe that he is still very much alive. It’s simply too easy for Rinroku to go like that. Too easy…

What I’m interested the most in this episode isn’t about whether or not Bettenou indeed has some fishy business with Rinroku. It is the business Bettenou has with Inga I’m curious about. As far as I can tell, Inga doesn’t like the deity and might even hate her so why is he working with her? Is it simply to feast on more souls? He didn’t look like he was enjoying the feast, that’s for sure. Whatever secrets these two supernatural beings have, one thing I’m sure of is that Inga has warned Shinjurou many times to stay out of this case. Why? It’s almost as if Inga is in trouble or something. I worry for him.

There’s this shadowy figure that appears whenever Bettenou is around. Who is that person?! Can anyone tell me? At first, I thought it was Hayami, the brown hair guy who works for the police. But he appeared at the interview with Koyama. I thought it was him because he as looking for Bettenou at the prison and had fought with Rinroku about her. I was wrong. So who is he? Based on the silhouette, I think it’s a he.

As I suspected, the girl from Diet group thingy isn’t as innocent as she seems. Perhaps she has some agreement with Bettenou or Inga. Maybe it has something to do with Mizuno, maybe not. I find it weird how she’s able to walk into the funeral as if nothing had happened. To put it on a different perspective, she is partially responsible for Rinroku’s supposed death. And to an extension, Shinjurou’s too. Rie’s gracious attitude towards both of them were something I didn’t expect. If I were in her shoe, I’ll be very mad at them. Okay, it sounds  irrational, but given the situation I thought anger would be the more appropriate emotion to express.

I think that’s basically what went through my mind after watching this episode. You know, Un-Go didn’t start very strongly, but I’m positive it’ll end in hight note. The last few cases had been really fascinating. =)


8 thoughts on “UN-GO Episode 10: Rinroku Kaishou’s Funeral

  1. Yep. There’s no way Rinroku died in there. Can’t think of any explanation as to how though, since he doesn’t seem to be with Bettenou based on what he said to Rie.

    I too think that that mysterious shadow figure is Hayami. He seems to know a lot, and he even confronted Rinroku once.

    I do hope they wrap this up nicely. I’ve been very pessimistic about this series lately >.<

    • I sure hope the last episode will reveal some juicy stuff regarding this whole Rinroku mystery. If it does, then I’ll be totally satisfied with this series. It hasn’t been really popular among anime fans, but personally, I thought it is pretty good.

  2. I haven’t seen this episode yet, but I was tempted to read your article.

    Considering that Bettenou is involved on this episode there might be a possibility that Rinroku’s death is just a lie.

    Anyway, I guess I better check this out and see if I can give some insights on who’s the shadowy figure with Bettenou, that sounds really intriguing.

      • Hayami is my number one suspect as the shadowy figure because of the silhouette. As for the diet girl, she smells something fishy but she’s too obvious to become the suspect. Perhaps, she’s one of the illusions of the novelist but that’s just my guess.

        • Those two characters are definitely suspicious. I almost ruled out those two since they kind of have “alibi” and stuff, but then again it’s Bettenou we’re talking about here…the power of illusions.

          Hmm..I’m almost afraid that the case will end with Shinjurou still in prison, stuck in an illusion although I know that’s unlikely. Still the fear is there.

  3. The tangled theories behind Kaishou Rinroku… Now we know he’s real image and how he managed to spread his influence in the post-war era. It seems like Inga is not bound by the contract he has with Shinjuurou anymore because Bettenou has some kind of control over Shinjuurou. So now it becomes a battle between Personal Truth and the One Truth.

    • Hmmm…I never really considered Bettenou had control over Shinjurou. I don’t even know what Bettenou wants actually. To whose benefit to create such a huge commotion.

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