UN-GO Episode 11: I’m Just Searching

Following the invitation card Shinjurou received supposedly from Kaishou Rinroku, he attended the party along with other invited guests. Some of the suspects were also present. So this is it, the final showdown. Once again, the case is not in any way challenging and the direction the mystery was taking was quite obvious from the beginning. Just as long you keep in mind Bettenou’s power is at play, it’s really easy to figure out who’s the actual culprit.

Now that I’ve said that, let’s get done to the gist. To no one’s surprise, Hayami and the Diet girl along with Mizuno were behind the explosion and a series of other little events. The revelation of truth happened so quick that there’s little room left for viewers to start deducing or anything like that. The facts were just pouring out. Until the real Rinroku revealed himself. Didn’t I tell ya? He ain’t dead. Now will the real Rinroku please stand up?

Again, true to its tradition the reason behind Hayami’s actions is that he wanted Koyama to look up to him like she looks up to Rinroku. Excuse me?! What was that? But I know I wasn’t surprised at his confession. Un-Go has done this before.

We did learn one new thing about Inga. Her powers has no effect on Shinjurou because he had already told her the truth. So there’s a limitation to her powers. Interesting. You know, I’m dying to watch that Un-Go movie right now. If I watch it, then this scene between Inga and Shinjurou would make a lot more sense. And also the story Shinjurou was telling Rie about at the end.

There’s one thing that managed to surprise me. I never thought I get to see some huge monster chasing another monster, fighting in the air thing will happen in Un-Go. Yes, the series has supernatural element from the very beginning but this? This kind of action? No, never thought of it. I’m not sure how I like it. It’s doesn’t quite fit it.

So with that, Un-Go has come to an end. 11 episodes of not-too-mysterious mystery cases.


6 thoughts on “UN-GO Episode 11: I’m Just Searching

  1. I liked this episode and this series, but it was still a lot more confusing than I think it should have been. Sometimes the answers sound just as convoluted as the mysteries.

  2. Man, who’d ever suspect Hayami to be the core of Kaishou’s case. Bettenou is no God as what many presumed her to be and has limitations within her power, which ultimately foiled Hayami’s plans. Still, Kaishou isn’t as clean as he seems to be. And Shinjuurou will never get along with him despite helping Kaishou out this time. Yay, no more emo Inga 😀 Inga’s body belongs to a woman who saved Shinjuurou sometime ago heh… Nice closure to this mystery series and totally not disappointed with Mizushima 🙂 This probably accounts to one of the most intriguing anime for this year.

    • Yay, no emo Inga. Love the way he teased Hayami. If we get to watch the movie, then we’ll know the whole story about this Inga-Shinjurou-woman thing. Can’t wait to get that movie. Ugh.

      Well, Rinroku and Shinjurou will never get along. Their philosophy is poles apart. But I’m glad they’ll help each other when it is needed. Talk about rivalry…

  3. I guess Hayami’s confession and his reason behind for being the culprit is kind of funny and pathetic. However, I wasn’t surprised about it since there had been hints that he liked Koyama. What I’m surprised though was the monster fight. I don’t think it’s necessary but it’s okay, regardless. I just think that they could have done a much better fantasy looking showdown between Inga and Benettou.

    Overall, I think Un-Go is a good series especially its dialogues. I too can’t wait for the movie.

    • Yes, Hayami was very obvious about his feelings for Koyama but still using it as a reason to commit crimes…I don’t know what to think. I was surprised too by the fight between Benettou and Inga. It doesn’t quite fit the show, I think.

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