Christmas with Rin and Daikichi

What’s more appropriate than sharing this short but sweet episode of Usagi Drop with you guys on a Christmas Day! Despite not having much, Daikichi and Rin spent a happy, serene and wonderful Christmas together.

It was really short but basically it shows how this lovely pair spent what I believe is their first Christmas together. They decorated the Christmas tree and Rin did some artwork for Santa Claus. She believes in Santa Claus like any other kids! So cute! Of course, it was Daikichi who bought the gift she wished for – a soft toy!

It may be a simple Christmas celebration, nothing grand, but it sends out the message that as long as you’re with someone you care about during this holiday season, it is all that matters. =)

I want to take this opportunity to wish my readers a Happy Christmas! Happy Holidays! Cheers.


20 thoughts on “Christmas with Rin and Daikichi

  1. Personally glad us Aussies don’t have to wait long for our DVD release… just hope that they will be including these bonus episodes on the disc as this was a very sweet one.

    Merry Christmas and wishing you a Happy New Year!

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