UN-GO: Final Round of Thoughts

UN-GO started off with a case so unimpressive that it turned away most viewers seeking for a season filled with mystery case files. As we all know it, first impression is important in helping anime fans to make their choices in a season full of  exciting titles. Sadly, UN-GO didn’t quite make the cut for a lot of people. However, for those who chose to stick around a while longer were rewarded with something much more exciting than the first case.

I’m sure a lot of followers of this series would agree with me – UN-GO is less about the crime/case and more of the characters and why they resorted to violence in the first place. The backstory of each case rather than the crime itself.

Of course it bugged me that some of the actual villains were not prosecuted and the innocents were made scapegoats. It showed how cruel this world can be, and that injustice is the real. It’s not sugar-coated crime cases whereby it is definitive that the bad guy will end up losing.

My initial impression of UN-GO was that the characters look almost the same. The sharp face, the shapes of their eyes, the features – they are all too similar. It is no doubt unique, but I had trouble identifying the characters. But for me, this issue is resolved by having the characters’ names and designations displayed during their first appearance in each episode. After a few episodes, I can easily identify the side characters (of course, I had no problem differentiating the main characters).

Besides the unique character design which brings a refreshing change from the usual cutesy design I’m used to, UN-GO also presented one of the better soundtracks for this Fall season. The choice of music definitely suited the atmosphere and had perhaps helped to create the sense of mystery the viewers craved for. You know, choice of music in a series plays a critical role in setting the right mood. UN-GO excelled in this, if I may say so.

What I’ve typed above is generally what I think of UN-GO. If you’re looking for thrills you would find watching Death Note, you won’t find it here. If you’re looking for standard detective series like Detective Conan (also known as Case Closed), you won’t find it here.

Now then I shall end my post asking you this one question – is the truth you know really the truth?


15 thoughts on “UN-GO: Final Round of Thoughts

  1. You pretty much summed up my thoughts to a degree, but while their isn’t a really compelling detective story; the show itself does tend play with the “truth” and “reason” for whatever each episode had as the subject. I can not exactly put my finger on it, but it really was not a bad series, just doing something it could not fully support. Best way I think of putting it without going on for six paragraphs and every single detail, lol.

  2. I never noticed the characters looking alike, but I agree that the art style took a while to get used to.

    I certainly believe the truth I know is the truth unless proven otherwise.

  3. The anime wasn’t that bad. It alright in my opinion.
    They really need to do on things that they have potential and knowledge in.
    Not things that they find interested in doing.

    • It’s okay to be doing things they find interesting, but perhaps in a manner that could’ve been more appealing to the audience? Un-Go isn’t too bad in my opinion. I would’ve call it a great detective series or anything, but it has certainly left me impressions.

  4. I started following Un-Go mainly for its art, because I always enjoy those pointy faces and skinny bodies. Also, I agree that the strength of this show isn’t really about its detective stories but more on the characterization.

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