Happy New Year

Happy New Year all you happy people out there. It’s 2012, baby! And no, I don’t believe the end of the world is coming.

Right, besides wanting to wish all my readers a Happy, Happy New Year, I’d like to also share with you some of the plans I have for this blog this year. Things may change, will see how it goes.

My plan for 2012 includes the following:-

  1. I won’t be writing any episodic reviews of any on-going anime this year. Reason being, I have other projects to work on so I might not have the luxury of time to post episodic reviews on weekly basis. This come as a huge and difficult decision because I know these are the posts that drove traffic to my blog for the past year. They may return next year.
  2. No episodic reviews doesn’t mean I won’t write a post on some random episode of any on-going anime that interests me. Maybe something alarming has happened or maybe there was an exceptionally beautiful music playing. Who knows. Only time will tell.
  3. I plan to spend some time looking into completed series and see what tickles my fancy. I actually tried to do this last year but the plan sort of failed midway, mostly due to time factor. If you have anything to recommend, please do drop a comment in this post.
  4. Since I recently purchased all the volumes of Kimi ni Todoke manga, I should at least read them right? Okay, that sounds weird. Nevermind that. My point is I will write my thoughts on each volume every month (hopefully) so do expect a monthly Kimi ni Todoke manga posts.

So that’s it – my plan for this year. Any input from you guys is most welcomed. =)

30 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Still missing some hours here, but Happy new year!

    Goodluck with your new posts! I’m looking forward to them! Especially the Kimi ni Todoke manga reviews! 🙂

  2. Happy New Year to you as well ^^
    I never did episodic reviews of an anime, maybe cause I thought I would be too slow to keep up with the weekly pace 😀

    Anyway, Im looking forward to your new posts in 2012

    completed series,eh? Eureka Seven maybe, it has 50 eps but it is great 🙂

    • With the side projects I had I thought I would be too slow as well >.< And I think timely posts are important when it comes to episodic reviews.

      Eureka Seven eh? Thanks for the recommendation. I'll see if I can get a copy of it. =)

      I'll be looking forward to your posts in 2012 too! Happy New Year.

  3. Happy New Year! I guess changing writing styles once in a while won’t hurt and it also allows us to explore different things.

    Anyway, good luck on 2012 and your project that you’ll be working on. I look forward to reading your 2012 posts.

  4. Happy New Year, and I also doubt we’re all going to die this year.

    Posting about random episodes isn’t such a bad concept. Hell, that’s basically what I do right now. Looking forward to seeing how they turn out.

  5. Hey! Happy New Year!

    I’m looking forward to to the Kimi ni Todoke post. I’m a fan of KnT. 🙂
    Well you have read my top anime list. Give the anime that you didn’t watch a go.

    Good luck with your projects!

    • Happy New Year, Rei!

      Yeaps, yeaps. I now have a few added to my to-watch list after reading your posts.

      Thanks, I hope those projects run smoothly. =)

  6. Happy New Year! I don’t have any sure plans figured out yet, but I hope it’s a great year for all of us ^^ Can’t really suggest any anime at the moment, there’s too many @_@

  7. Happy New Year dood. I guess I started posting episodic blogs this year…the 3rd year of college. Shocking, I know. I’ll manage…somehow. Anyway, have a great 2012 dood.

    • Is 3rd year of college busy? Our tertiary education system here is a bit different…our busy year is usually our final year…which can be either 3rd/4th/5th year of college…

      Have a great 2012 yourself! Will be looking forward to your episodic posts.

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