Setting That Perfect Atmosphere

It’s pouring really hard out there right now, which is a welcoming change to the hot, humid weather my city had for the last few days. On top of that, I’ve been sick the whole week, lost my voice, struggled for air and felt like there’s a 20kg stone constantly on my head. Let’s just say it hadn’t been a blissful week for me.

But it is raining now. The temperature is just right. I’m sitting by the window, enjoying the breeze and fresh air….and with my laptop on, re-watching Skip Beat!. The perfect setting and atmosphere for me to enjoy my anime. I don’t know about you, but me – I’m very particular about having everything in perfect order in order for me to truly enjoy my anime. And it’s not just having cool weather.

99% of the time I watch anime at night. If the weather gets too hot, I like to switch off the lights, cool down the room temperature. If it’s early in the morning, I like to have a cup of hot, rich coffee to accompany me. For some reason, I only like to have coffee with me and I want it rich and strong. Seldom do I seek for popcorns, chips and stuff, but on occasions, they are the treats of choice. And for some reason, I don’t like to stare into my laptop screen when the weather gets too hot or the sun too bright. I never considered moving my laptop elsewhere, don’t ask me why.

Oh, and I always put on my closed-back headphones when I watch Nodame Cantabile. With beautiful classical music accompaniment, I just want to watch that series with as much noise reduced as possible. Not just Nodame Cantabile, but can’t for the life of me think of other anime right now. That goes without saying, this habit doesn’t apply to all anime, just a selective few.

I’d like to believe some of us are as fussy as I am in order to have that perfect enjoyment of our dose of anime >.<. Or at least some of us, if not all of us, desire for that certain something that would enhance our viewing experience. Maybe a set of good speakers? Or maybe a huge full HD monitor? Or maybe a home theater that mimics the cinematic feeling?

Care to share?


35 thoughts on “Setting That Perfect Atmosphere

  1. I always watch anime in the night in a relaxed manner while lying on my bed and drinking tea.
    On the 32′ tv screen I can concentrate more on the anime Im watching and it’s more fun that way 🙂 Dimming the light is also very important to me.

    When I try to watch anime at the pc, I always end up doing other things than following the anime XD. Thats the reason I stopped watching at the pc.

    • I’d love to have a big TV hook up to my computer. That’s pure joy. =)

      Ah, I can never do other things when watching anime. Otherwise, I’ll end up taking more than 20 minutes to finish it. Rewinds and stuff. Lol.

      • Haha I would love to have a big screen and watch everything there but the life of a broke college student I just can’t afford it.

        I have a small 22 inch screen @ 1080p and a 5.1 sound setup, movies and blu ray anime looks and sound awesome.

        • I bet big screen TV or monitor would be one of the first things you buy when you graduate and get your first paycheck >.<

          At least you have a 22 inch screen, I only have a 14". I don't even wanna talk about my sound setup. T.T But I've learned to appreciate with what I have for the time being.

          • indeed, at least i have something and im grateful for it.

            the sound system is not the best but i saved for like 5 months to afford it and maybe its because of the work involved in getting that money but it really payed off.

  2. If I had the money, I’d turn my room into an HD theater, plug my laptop to the Flat screen and enjoy lots of anime goodness on it. But right now it’s more enjoyable to watch shows in the dark with headphones.

  3. I would welcome some warm weather after all the rain I had last week and this one. Going to class in the mess is unbearable. Anyway, I am not picking about how I watch my Anime. Most is usually through my PC (if not bluray player via HDTV) with a pair of headphones and blow it up to a full-screen. Most of the time I just lay back on my bed with the monitor about 4 inches away from me (setup in my chair with headphones if I use the desktop) and that is about it. Sometimes it does depend on the series and what mood you are in, but my viewing experience is relatively the same across the board.

    • The weather here is the opposite I guess, but yeah going to classes or work in the rain is not something I enjoy either.

      I don’t know why, but I often forget to blow it up to full-screen. I like it full-screen, but I just don’t seem to remember to hit that button. Ugh. Hmmm…I’m not very particular about what series I’m watching or the mood though, just the environment I’m in.

      • When you live down south you usually grow to hate the heat in summer, but always welcome it back in the Winter, lol. Well, some people anyway…(I am one of them being warm natured).

        Lol, I never do forget it. Most of the time a series doesn’t feel right unless I let it cover the screen. Draws my attention to the front other than focusing on applications and alerts running in the background. If it is an older series, I will sometimes let it run without it, since blowing it up makes the quality suffer or not playback as well. Next one on my list in a few weeks is actually a title you got me interested in: Nodame Cantabile. Looking over the manga got me interested ^^

        • I remembered to play it full-screen last night when I was watching The Place Promised in Our Early Days. Thank goodness! Lol.

          Hooray! I really hope you enjoy Nodame Cantabile. Do share your thoughts afterwards. =)

  4. I don’t really have a perfect atmosphere for watching anime. I came from a time when I just watched whatever I could get my hands on because it was so hard to get. Most of my anime watching is spent lounging in my desk chair though, while holding a pillow or wrapped in a blanket in winter.

  5. Somehow it never occurs to me to move my laptop either.

    Personally, I think it’s more important to be in the right state of mind than having the proper atmosphere. Maybe my surrounding play a small part of that, but I guess it’s more about how I feel in general.

    • For me, right state of mind is important as well. My surrounding is equally important because without the proper setting, I guess it’s rather hard for me to get absorbed into an anime.

  6. Definitely hot last week. Finally cool again this week.
    I don’t really mind watching anime during the day or night, but the problem is my schedule is not that flexible when it comes to watching anime, so i’ll end up watching my anime during the evening or at night. Wish I could watch it in the morning where things are cooler.

    Love to hook my laptop up on a HDTV just to watch all those anime. But sometimes I don’t get the chance to do so because there is no HDTV on my second home, so instead i’ll hook it up on my 24 inch monitor. As for the sounds it’s pretty much like from the cinema, because I use a 7.1 surround sound headphone to watch my anime.

    Guess i’m just those type of person who likes to watch everything in high quality. I really hate to watch something in 400p. Normally it would be on 720p or 1080. Don’t get me started with the songs I listen everything has to be 320kbps in quality 🙂

    • Yeah, but it’s starting to feel hot again over here. Hmmm…I’m on one week break here due to CNY holidays which is why I get to watch anime in early mornings. Otherwise, I’ll only get to watch at night. I just prefer to watch anime or anything for that matter when it’s cooler.

      Wow, you have quite the setup there. I should consider buying a huge screen HDTV or monitor. My 14″ laptop is kind of small. Just need to figure out where to put that thing. I’m kind of running out of room and desk space >.<

      I know, I know. I'm just like you. =) Unless I don't have a choice, I won't go for files that are lower than 720p. And when it comes to songs…gosh…I'll immediately turn it off if there are noise lurking behind somewhere…it's bad for me. Lol.

      • Haha nice 1 week break. I’m having my break as well, 2 weeks to be exact – study week. I see, guess there is a lot of people who likes to watch it when everything is cool. More feeling to it I suppose.

        Thanks. Do consider to get one, HDTV’s and monitors aren’t that expensive anymore this days, so saving a little my get you a decent one soon enough. Aw that can be an issue, space has always been the problem to me as well when it comes to figure collecting xD

        Nice to know you prefer high quality stuff as well. 🙂

        • I’ve one week, you’ve got two. That’s not fair now, is it? Lol.

          Yeah, I’m saving for either a better sound system or a huge screen TV/monitor. It’ll probably be a while before I finally own one of those awesome gadgets but it’s going to be worth it.

  7. I don’t have much of a “perfect atmosphere” though it’s unthinkable to watch 720p anime on other monitors other then my 1920×1080 monitor. I might place my netbook besides it to do some multi-tasking. With sound blasting woofer, I play my anime in considerably loud volume, though of cause I use headphones at night. I’m trying to get myself a beats by dr.dre headphones though 😀

    • Care to share with me your experience of multi-tasking? I still don’t understand how anyone could watch anime and do other stuff the same time. Yeah, that’s a good choice – those wicked Dr.Dre headphones. Want one of those myself >.<

      • Late reply, sry about that, lol. Anyway for multi-tasking, I usually do it when I’m watching anime which requires less active thinking, for example, most slice-of-life series. If I’m watching anime like Mawaru Penguindrum or Steins;Gate, then I had to concentrate instead, lol. But that’s just one of the many ways I organize my multi-tasking^^ Besides, if a netbook is just besides the main PC, it’s not that hard to stretch out your free hands to do something right?

  8. I also liked when it’s cold and dark. And for some reason I really enjoyed watching when it’s raining or snowing as I crouch whether on my bean bag, computer chair, or bed.

  9. I’m usually posted at the desk with the laptop (since my PC died) and this dumb chair. If I watch something on netflix I’ll go to my son’s room and watch with his TV since the screen is bigger. I don’t really have a perfect atmosphere, but I prefer to watch in the evenings when my mind is sharp. Lately I’ve been drinking coffee while watching as well. Sometimes it’s some sort of soda or junk food. Sometimes I eat meals watching it XD I do prefer to crank it up enough to drown out the noise around me though. I need to invest in surround sound.

  10. Yes, same here. I love coffee in the mornings. Snacks at hand. I can’t stand meals though. Anything from a sandwich to a plate of spaghetti – no way. It’s hard to keep up with subs that way. Also, I prefer watching at night . . with headphones and no lights. That way there is less going on around the house – less distraction. Oh what a luxury XD

    • I can already imagine the ultimate pleasure in having those criteria set up. >.< I personally don't take meals while watching anime for pretty much the same reason as yourself. Light snacks are fine but a cup of hot coffee is the best!

  11. These days, I found it harder and harder to find the “perfect atmosphere” to get me started on either anime blogging or watching. Now that my free time has been reduced to a mere couple of hours per day, trying to get either done seems difficult.


    But I’m a lot like you anyway. Most of the time it’s at night, the temperature must be perfect, and hot tea ^.^ One day, I’ll get better speakers/headphones.

    • I know what you mean. I only have nights for anime and occasionally early mornings and with other extra side projects for this year, my time for anime has reduced even more than previous years. But still, when I do have the time, I’d like to watch my anime in the kind of environment I’ve mentioned in this post.

      You and me both. I need better speakers or headphones too. I’d prefer headphones though.

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