Naruto: Bijuu Transformation Success!

We’ve seen Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach went through all kinds of transformation during his stint as erm…multiple things. Our beloved Uzumaki Naruto from the popular shounen manga series Naruto isn’t too far behind Ichigo in this aspect. It only seemed like yesterday when Naruto mastered Sage Techniques. That was perhaps the first technique that comes with the most visible appearance change. Oh, I just remembered – Naruto even briefly transformed into this form here. Isn’t he the cutest that way?

For a long while, Naruto had been working with B, the jinchūriki of Eight-Tails to perfect his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode. Since then, he became stronger and stronger as I’ve shown here in a previous post. After going through many hurdles and some heart-to-heart talk with Kurama the Nine-Tails (yes, he has a name! Unbelievable right?), Naruto finally gained a newfound strength.


(Clear throat) Allow me the unveil the Bijuu Transformation Technique. Correct me if I got the name wrong.

Naruto looks a bit weird with the horn-like hairstyle. I know it meant to be the “ears of the fox”, but still it made him look like a devil or something >.<. The outfit, on the other hand, looks pretty cool. Wanna guess what color it might be? Lol.

Let’s see him in action in this new form.

Gathering energy for this attack below!

Take that, Tobi!


16 thoughts on “Naruto: Bijuu Transformation Success!

  1. Woot! Can’t wait to see Tobi crying for his mommy!
    Tobi looks cool btw, he might have something up his sleeves.
    A bit afraid about that. Hopefully everything will be fine, and no one dies!
    Bijuu FTW!

    • I’m worried about that too actually because it looks almost too easy to beat Tobi like that. Besides, we still have Sasuke lurking around somewhere.

      Man, this combination really rocks!

      • I think Tobi won’t cause that much threat like Sasuke will. In the end, I think if Naruto is able to beat Tobi, he will face Sasuke next. But then again, there is still Madara to handle and also Kabuto.

        I know 😀

        • It’s hard to tell as Tobi managed to surprise me on multiple occasions. I personally hope for a Sasuke + Naruto vs Tobi match. My friends and I hope Itachi will take down Kabuto and the five kages, Madara. >.<

            • There are so many characters to keep track of and the story keeps on jumping from one scene to another so it’s given that we sometimes forget something. =)

              Itachi’s a smart guy, can’t wait to see what he’ll do.

  2. I haven’t been following Naruto for a long time, but my gosh he’s changed a lot. I remember when he was an annoying kid that used to tease the teachers by transforming into a girl.

  3. Every badass form seems to include a coat one way or another.
    Tobi and Sasuke are the only big enemies remaining….I can pretty much imagine the two teaming up to finish Tobi off
    @Rei: I actually WANT a few characters to die…

    • I didn’t realize that if you hadn’t mentioned it. Wearing coats is kind of a cool thing I guess?

      There’s still Kabuto actually. For some reason, I think he’s the one we should be wary about.

  4. These last two chapters have been a blast! From that panel with Kurama unsealed to this new form, Naruto’s been pretty awesome, blood-boiling.

    And this series of “power-ups” are done much better, imo, than those of Bleach. There’s a respect for established power levels of characters at the very least.

    • Indeed. In fact, Naruto manga has been pretty awesome for a long while now. It keeps showing us exciting things and interesting revelations.

      Ah…Bleach. It’s kinda weird and unrealistic how Ichigo gains new skill so quickly. It’s hard to relate. That said, I really appreciate the way this is handled in Naruto.

    • I sure hope so…I have waited for so long for an ending so it better be good. I do get the feeling that Naruto is coming to an end but probably in a few years time. One Piece is far from finishing as far as I can tell. As for Bleach, I stopped following completely.

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