One Piece’s Roronoa Zoro

I took these pictures a looooong time ago. I remember posting it in couple years ago but maybe under a different username or something. I was going through my folders in my trusty lappie when I stumbled upon this. I figured since I’ve never actually posted the pictures on this blog, I might as well do it now.

Oh, how can I forget to introduce this figure? It’s MegaHouse’s Excellent Model Portrait of Pirates “Strong Edition” Roronoa Zoro Version 2. Phew, that’s a long name. Without further ado, here are the rest of pictures of this lovely figure.

Zoro is one of my favorite characters in One Piece and Strong World is the best One Piece movie I ever saw. Just thought this figure is really cool, which is why I made the purchase. Like the gun…

And the swords…I can actually take them out from the sheath.

Hmmm….I couldn’t find any pictures showing what this figure looks like from behind…Bummer.

19 thoughts on “One Piece’s Roronoa Zoro

  1. this is a very well done figure in terms of production quality, but not being a cute girl is out of my mental range…I think you can understand…* Shrugs * 😀

  2. Damn! That is one nice figure you got there. The quality is really nice.
    I would have bought this but I don’t watch or read One Piece yet. So my interest to buy one is still low. I’m thinking of reading the manga from chapter 1 till the current episode after i’ve finished my exam. Which is happening next week on friday 😛

    • Yeaps, the quality is top notch I’d say.

      Yeah, I get what you mean. Personally, I wouldn’t buy a figure if I don’t know the character even though it’s beautiful. It’s just one of the criteria I set for myself, otherwise there will be loads of figure that I want >.<

      You haven't read One Piece? Then you have a lot to catch up with. One Piece might not have the best art quality out there but the story has always been entertaining, creative and engaging. =) Oh btw, good luck in your exam!

      • Yes I know. I remember marathoning Bleach and Naruto manga before. I am so sure I can do it with One Piece as well. It is nice to know One Piece is still going because Bleach is ending and I need a replacement. 😛 Thanks.

  3. A nice and cool figure from Megahouse, the outfit and pose make him quite appealing.
    The weapons seem to have a great level of detail, the wood texture on the gun is very well done and that you can take out every sword is a cool bonus. I’ve never watched any One Piece aside from 2 veeery old eps. Maybe if I had known more about the character I would have bought the figure here.

    In general I wouldn’t consider buy male figures, because they aren’t cute like the girls XD
    But if someone would ever make a good figure of Araragi Koyomi, I would pick him for sure.

    • The best part of this figure is the gun, IMO. The level of detail is awesome! Yeah, I agree that it is a bonus that the swords are removable.That way I change the sword he’s holding if I want to >.<

      Lol, the other male figure that I'd want is Durarara's Shizuo.

  4. That’s a very handsome figure. I like how detailed it is. The designs of the gun and the swords seemed so intricate and well-painted. Plus, I liked how shiny the outfit is.

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