Watching Without Anticipation

Looking at my watch list this season, interestingly there are two anime I have been faithfully following without that feeling of anticipation. You know, the happy feeling one has when a subbed episode is released. They aren’t particularly distasteful, but they aren’t thrilling either. Lukewarm is the word best describe how I feel about Persona 4: The Animation and Guilty Crown.

Persona 4: The Animation is what I consider a show with cool vibes. The colors, the style, the characters. It helps a lot that the anime is never short of comedic moments. Nonetheless, with so many episodes aired, I’m still wondering what this story is all about. In my opinion, I have trouble understanding Persona 4 because I have not played the game and therefore, I don’t really know what to expect. I haven’t read any other materials about it other than the normal episodic blog posts because I want to keep that element of surprise. I believe I made the right choice because I sure was surprised to learn the hidden secret of Naoto. So what is Persona 4 about? Is it really just a group of friends hanging out, catching bad guys or is there more than meets the eye? I really don’t know. It feels like Power Rangers for some part, Famous Five for the most part.

As for the other half of the two, I’ll admit that I’m absolutely blown away by the first episode. I was captivated by the beautiful artwork and that song – Euterpe. If I’m asked to rate “The Best First Episode”, Guilty Crown will definitely make the list. Unfortunately, after that awesome first episode, the rest failed to impress. In fact, Guilty Crown has gained a lot negative comments from the anime community. As I reflect on my thoughts on this anime, I came to the conclusion that I don’t hate nor am I disappointed with the series. Sure, the story is far from unique and didn’t live up to my expectation thus far and most likely never will but I can’t argue that the animation, artwork and music have been wonderfully kind to my eyes and ears.

Having written this post, I realize I have higher tolerance than I thought. Usually, when I don’t know what an anime’s trying to do I drop them. But then again, maybe Persona 4 and Guilty Crown aren’t that bad, which is why I stick around for as long as I did.

22 thoughts on “Watching Without Anticipation

  1. Would say you have some sound opinions and ones I mostly agree with. Persona 4 for me, since I big fan of the series, it is getting better than it was previously was, but since I do have knowledge of the game, there are things I am looking forward to seeing. From a disconnected stand point (sort of), it can be somewhat underwhelming and lack proper build up, but since it is from a game, their is only so much you can do. That said, I think so far that the staff members have been doing a great job adapting it, but poorly for making it exciting. It will be interesting to see how they deal with now, since it is moving into the climax area.

    As for Guilty Crown, I have to fully agree. The first episode was good, but after that, it just fell away from the tracks. I will not say that I am completely disappointed in Guilty Crown, but it is getting unbearable to an degree. Not going to drop it, but definitely far from what I was expecting at first.

    • I agree that Persona 4 is lacks excitement. It was exciting at first, but after a while it gets boring. It’s moving into the climax area eh? That sounds good then.

      I’m not going to drop Guilty Crown either. It lacks creativity in terms of story but personally it’s still bearable.

  2. I suppose Persona 4 is a lot more interesting if you’ve played the game, though I’ve also heard people say they enjoy it regardless. Maybe you’ll find something more to like when the story picks up again (which it will).

    I sorta dropped Guilty Crown after a few episodes, since it didn’t feel like anything all that important. So I can understand where you’re coming from on that one.

    • There are quite a lot of people saying that it’s going to get better for Persona 4, so I’m going to hold on to that belief. =)

      It’s probably for the best if you’ve dropped it earlier in the series. It really does have nothing important at all, lol. Just a series of fights and self-blaming games.

  3. Guilty Crown really needs a lot of patience to endure every single week. I can assure you’re right on this…:D

    On the Persona 4 side (by fellow IHaveNotPlayedTheGame), I have to agree that after so many episodes I got a bit “bored” as well by the whole slow approach to the storyline. But well, I want to know who’s the culprit so I may as well remain till the very end or not? 😛

    • Lol, how true! I’m surprised with myself that I’m actually still watching it. But like I said, while it isn’t good, it isn’t that bad either.

      Same here, I wanna know who’s the actual culprit. Something kind bugs me after the watching the latest episode, it felt like someone’s going to die or something so maybe it’ll pick up from there?

  4. I haven’t played P4 as well (only played P3) but I’m more or less familiar with the universe, but as far as the story goes I’m pretty clueless, save for some subtle hints a classmate of mine gives from time to time. So I more or less still have some anticipation for it.

    I agree that Guilty Crown had an awesome first episode. I give props to the music. The music is still good currently, but it’s a bit far from awesome now. Not that it’s a bad show, but it’s not living up to the hype it set up. That said, I still watch it at most the same day its released.

    I guess the only show that I watch that I don’t anticipate as much anymore is Mirai Nikki. Not that it’s bad, rather it’s quite good. I’ve read the manga, and I can say that the adaptation is pretty solid, which is also the reason why I don’t feel the urge to watch it once the episode is released. Basically, there’s no “surprise” for me anymore >.<

    • 17 episodes aired, and we still have no idea where the story is going…but there are a lot of strong supporters for this show and they’re all saying the best part is coming so that’s something.

      Exactly, Guilty Crown isn’t a bad show, it’s just not living up to the expectations. Blame the first episode? Haha. Maybe not.

      Yeah, that’s one thing about anime adaptation of manga series. Once we’ve read the manga, there’re no more surprises, hence the enjoyment isn’t as good as it should be so I understand the lack of anticipation for Mirai Nikki =).

  5. Haven’t been following either of them so I wouldn’t know. Darn it, they should release Persona 3 FES and 4 for PS2 classics or HD rereleases for PS3. I don’t want to buy a PSV just for Persona 4: Golden. As for GC, I’ll wait till it finishes.

  6. It seems Persona 4 the animation is much more fun when you have played the game. Even without playing them i’m sure most of them still enjoys it. I for one enjoy it because of the coolest and the style of the show. The battles aren’t really that cool because it is too short to begin with. The characters are great though especially the delivery girl lol!

    As for Guilty Crown it was great until episode 12. After that it seems that the show is only good to watch for bashing 😀

    • Persona 4 has the coolest style and it’s funny, there’s no doubt about it. Story-wise, I find it a bit dry for now…

      Haha, loads of people are bashing Guilty Crown right now…it’s just so not what we wanted. >.<

  7. I played P4 but not entirely, that’s why I have a bit of background about it. However, it’s unfortunate that I have high hopes with the anime because as the series progressed, what I’m expecting didn’t really materialize. But, regardless, I think this is a decent show.

    • Persona 4 has been going around in circles for far too long. I don’t think the story has progressed much since it started. Still fighting the same old battles, which was fun at first but now kind of boring. But still, I won’t deny that the show has its credits.

  8. Guilty Crown isn’t bad in terms of quality, what it lacks is a coherent story that makes sense. If it only had that, I’m sure it’d be one of the great anime of the year.

    • I totally agree with you. If only the story is build up nicely, then I’d have no problems with Guilty Crown. If the opposite situation occurs though, I wouldn’t complain.

  9. Well, I really feel at home when watching Persona 4, its a show right up my alley.
    The characters are likeable and cool, also the interaction between them is fresh and entertaining. But somehow I got some episodes behind 😀

    Guilty Crown is somehow an awkward show, mainly because of the super wimpy main character.
    He’s really annoying when you think he finally became stable, he screws something up again 😦
    The visual appeal of this show is very good, but I have some problems with the storytelling.

    Maybe the end will give this anime an overall better impression.

    • Too many anime to keep up? Lol. Well, I agree that the characters are cool and likeable but I can’t say the same for the rest. I remember looking forward to the first few episodes, but that feeling was gone quickly after that.

      I know right? Shu really pisses me off sometimes. I honestly thought things would be different now that Gai is gone. Yes, the thing I adore most about Guilty Crown is the visual and of course, the music. The story? Not so much.

      After reading some of the comments above, I’m starting to have higher expectation for Persona 4. I do hope that it gets better towards the end.

  10. Not watching either, but I also get that lukewarm feelings about a lot of anime these days, especially continuations/sequels of anime I once enjoyed. I think I’ve lost the passion somewhat with these long running series.

    • Speaking of sequels, I think some anime are meant to only have one season. Like yourself, there are sequels I find I lack the motivation to watch after a few episodes even though I really liked the first season. That kind of affect my overall impression of the series, which is not a good thing. As for long running series, it’s a bit of a rollercoaster ride. There are certain arcs I’m excited about and there are certain arcs I find utterly boring.

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