Wish List from WonFes 2012 Winter

I don’t know why but this year I was really anticipating the coming of this event. Maybe I finally got used to how things work in figure industry so I know this event is coming? But whatever the reason is, one thing’s for sure. I was stalking every figure sites imaginable to see if they’ve uploaded any new updates for this poor girl from afar to see.

While waiting for Nekomagic to update its site on this event, I stumbled upon other sites that have equally comprehensive coverage on this event:

Not disappointed, there are few figures I’m interested in and would love to buy them when they’re released. >.<

Heiwajima Shizuo from Durarara!! – a favorite character of mine from the series. His pose looks very cool here.

Figma Saber & Motored Cuirassier  from Fate/Zero – That bike is to die for, really.

In addition to the list above (it’s not a long list because I’m still strictly following the criteria I set for myself), the list below are few other figures I find are stunning beauties but wouldn’t buy because well, they don’t match my criteria.

Megurine Luka from Vocaloid – She simply looks so hot here.

Yuzuriha Inori from Guilty Crown – I like the way her clothes flowing behind.

Ultimate Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica – I’m sure this will turn out a real beauty. I mean, look at her dress, the wings.

So, ladies and gentlemen, what figures from Wonder Festival 2012 (Winter) tickles your fancy?

P.S Happy Valentines Day, everyone!

20 thoughts on “Wish List from WonFes 2012 Winter

  1. Pfff wait I’m making a post of my own XD

    That being said, Shizu-chan seems to be really well made and I sure as hell want him.
    I even kinda want Inori because the figure is sooo pretty.

  2. I was also totally crazy for this Wonfes, I was quite impatient to see more and more pics ^^
    What I would really consider to buy are the colorful cheerleader Miku and the Blanc Neige from Orchid Seed. There was even more appealing stuff, but without paintjob it’s difficult to say what I will order additional to these two.

    One day I would like to visit a Wonfes myself =D

    • I know! That’s how I felt too. >.<

      That's true. Can't really tell the end product if the work is not done. But I'd imagine Ultimate Madoka to be beautiful.

      Yeaps, me too. I wanna attend the event myself as well. It's going to be fun! =)

  3. Yes I want that bike as well! I already ordered the PVC figure for Saber. I guess I’ll use that bike for some other figma. Can’t wait to see Saber in action with that awesome bike.

    What i’m interested is the Shinobu figure, Persona 4 figmas, Menma PVC, Kotetsu PVC, and Inori nendoroid.

    • Yeah, I’m waiting for the next round of Fate/Zero. It’s painful waiting for so long T.T.

      Oh, speaking of Persona 4 figmas, Chie and Yukiko’s figmas bear striking resemblance to the 2D characters. It’s like they just pop out from the series.

  4. I’m definitely going to buy the ultimate Madoka figure, she looks sweet. There’s also a Sena figure from Kotobukiya that’s unpainted, but still looks very cute. If that turns out ok, I’ll probably get it as well. Other than those two and a few nendoroids, there wasn’t much that caught my eye this time.

  5. Have been waiting to see Luka get colored after seeing the prototype, seeing this pushes me to order her XD I guess Madoka’s wish came true, she’s now dominating the market. . . . . even our wallets 😛

  6. Looking good, but honestly this is some of the first stuff I’ve seen from it. I guess I missed all the WonFes stuff this Winter somehow. Not sure what I want because I don’t know what else is out there yet. *goes to the links*

  7. I quickly scanned the photos here and it’s as if you’re reading my mind! I like all the figures you’re interested in.

    I’m not even familiar with Shizuo but if ever I’ll buy a male figure, I’d definitely consider this one. Saber’s Cuirassier is badass! I also like the 1/8 scale version of them. Luka is really pretty, I’m just a bit iffy about her teeth ^^;

    Inori looks fantastic. Her choice of clothing is somewhat revealing but with Inori’s body type, it looks okay. Ultimate Madoka looks great too. Her face isn’t as round as other versions of her that I’ve seen.

    I guess I’ll have to wait for these items to be available locally before I order them to avoid extra costs. I still have to get my WWRp and Nendo Miku Append from Customs next week. T_T

    • You know, I wish I had pre-ordered the 1/8 scale of Saber’s Cuirassier, which is even more badass than the figma! Lol, I remember you said something about not liking figures with pearly whites.

      Customs really sucks sometimes. I dislike buying things from overseas because they make life so hard for me >.<. Oh, you have two figures waiting for you. I thought you only had Miku. Go get them next week! =)

  8. I’m most interested in Yuzuriha Inori. As you said, the flow is nice. I really love the colors too. I haven’t bought figures in a while; maybe she’ll be a nice one to brighten my desk.

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