Nendoroid Aisaka Taiga

Nendoroid Aisaka Taiga is finally here! While many received her many weeks ago, I only got her like two days ago. But you know what? It’s okay so long she’s already here. For those who are wondering who in the world is Aisaka Taiga – she is the lovely lead character from the popular romantic comedy series, Toradora!. And that palmtop tiger you see later on represents the nickname given to her.

Now let’s just bury ourselves in some Taiga cuteness!

A teeny, tiny bit of defect on her hair.

Love the base.

Quite a lot of figure-related posts from me recently huh? Tell you what, this is going to be last post on figure for quite a while. Reason being nothing’s released until like maybe April or May. Wanna guess what figure is next?

33 thoughts on “Nendoroid Aisaka Taiga

  1. OMG! The angry face is so cute! 😀
    I forgot to get her today, hopefully it is still available tomorrow. A must have it in my nendo collection. Oh, I don’t know if you know this already but there is another version of her wearing the black school uniform which she wears in the last episode of Toradora.

  2. Torturing me you are Hoshiko-chan. Why are you being so cruel by showing off a Nendoroid? I’m not a Taiga fan by any means but…I WANT A NENDOROID! “sob” “sob”

  3. I got my Taiga about a week ago too, but I haven’t had time to open her box yet. I love the little palmtop tiger that she comes with, it’ll go next to all of my other nendoroid critters once I open it up.

  4. Nendoroid ❤ And your Taiga's look extra lovely too. But if I wanna buy, I think I wanna cut down on nendoroids, too many of them here and sometimes, it's a pain to connect the joints..

    • Actually, I am thinking of cutting back on Nendoroids and Figmas because I’m getting lazy trying to store the other parts. So far I don’t have any problems with the joints but I have hard times trying to make them stand…

  5. Very cute, I love her faces and the little tiger. I quite loved Toradora and I always find myself wishing I had some sort of figure of Taiga.. but I can never make up my mind when I see one come out.

    • I’ve been wanting a Nendoroid Taiga for a long time now so it’s easy for me to immediately place an order for her. The next Nendoroid I like to see is Gosick’s Victorique. So far no luck.

  6. I love the little tiger. I really like nendos that come with some extra thingm, like a pet or something. She’s so cute with that tiger. ^ ^

    • That reminds me of Nendoroid Azunyan’s little cat…I’m actually really happy that this Nendoroid Taiga came with the little tiger. So cute! >.<

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