Anime Blogging: Personal Concerns and Desires

Recently there were a lot posts on this topic circulating around the aniblogosphere. Granted, different sub topics were discussed. AceRailgun questioned about what keeps an anime blog around or not, Feal talked about competition and rage blogs, and Tsurugiarashix explored the different types of anime blogs. His Majesty OG even listed down his reasons or rather drive force of existence. These are all interesting read as it allows readers and bloggers alike to reflect on this community we’ve build together.

I don’t really have much to add to what was already being discussed. Like I said, those are great posts. Instead, I’ll write about my own concerns and desires when I decided to be a part of the anime blogging community. It’s fine even if it’s only a small part.

Since day one, I decided not to care too much about blog stats. Reason being I’ll get demotivated quickly if I do. Of course, I’m happy to have readers and please know that I appreciate you dropping by and taking your precious time reading my posts. And of course, I’m even happier to see daily stats soared as I continue blogging. But really, blog stats shouldn’t be a reason for me because that’ll never work in the long run. Instead, what I do is just keep writing whenever I have the time and material. The most important thing is I enjoy the process. My greatest and only desire for this blog is for it to be a channel for me to express my thoughts (positive, negative or neutral) on certain anime or manga titles and connect with other likeminded people. It’s always fun, for me anyway, to discover new blogs and read another opinion. You’ll be surprised what you may find.

Speaking of time, time is what I lack these days. That is one of my major concerns. If I don’t have the time to watch anime or read manga, then I don’t have the material to blog. Even if I have the time for those doesn’t necessarily mean I have the time to finally sit down and write. Trust me, it’s a lot easier and less time consuming to visit the blogs I’ve subscribed in my Google Reader and comment than to write a full post. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I never make post count as goals to reach (WordPress actually made the goals for me >.<), set up schedule or something like that. I just wanna go with the flow. This blog is strictly a hobby and you know what hobby is – an activity done during leisure time for pleasure. It isn’t a job, and it isn’t a chore.

Another concern is language. Growing up in a country that speaks multi-language has its disadvantages, especially when one’s group of friends are users of mixed language in everyday conversations. We’re kind of like jack of all trades, master of none. I speak three languages, predominantly Mandarin. However, my casual conversations with friends and family usually consist of borrowed words from another language. For example, if I don’t know a word in English, I can always use other language or dialects to substitute it and they’ll understand. So, my greatest concern whenever I write a post is failing to get my message across. It was even worse when I started this blog more than a year ago. I was worried about multiple grammatical and structural issues. In the end though, I just write whatever that comes to mind and hope my readers get my point.

I’m sure there are a variety of ways that will work as remedies to those concerns. Like read more English books, practice better time management (actually I think I’m doing pretty well at this one, just that I’m working on more side projects lately and I’m not about to let that slip away) and such. Anyway, will look into those. If you know a few, don’t hesitate to share.

So basically that’s it! Do you have your own personal concerns and desires?


33 thoughts on “Anime Blogging: Personal Concerns and Desires

  1. Being concerned with post counts is such a bad idea and anyone that is concerned with them is blogging for the wrong reason. As you said I feel going with the flow and blogging at your own speed is a good move. That way blogging becoming a chore doesn’t become a concern.

  2. Actually, I look at my stats to discover new blogs, just in case someone has linked me somewhere (which nearly never happens but well XD)

    We do share the same concerns for language though, I am fluent in 2, knows a third fairly well and then there’s random Japanese popping up. It’s not always easy to find the right words to express what I think in English

    • I know what you mean. In my case, sometimes the right word in English is so hard to find and had to substitute it with something similar but not quite right.

  3. Time is definitely one of my major concerns as well. I’m not the multi-tasking type of guy, rather I’m someone who tries to pull off everything in the last minute. That’s why I made it a point to try and schedule my blogging, so at the very least my writing has its own time.

    As for language, I’m bilingual (Filipino and English) and well, conversation-wise, I dislike speaking in English. I don’t think my English is bad though, but it just feels so out of place sometimes, especially with family members and friends. Which made blogging in full-on English felt like I was doing school essays at first, cause back then that was the only reason I’d write in English. It takes some getting used to I guess.

    As for a personal concern that I have, well, I guess it’s my writing style. I just type things as how I imagine saying them, and like I said, I seldom have a conversation in pure English. So unless I wrote with a more structural format in mind (which kinda lessens the fun in my opinion, lol) I’m not really sure if my writing flows the way I think it does.

    • I don’t have a fix time yet as it usually take days for me to complete a post. I will write for a while then stop to continue some other time. Short attention span maybe? And there are times I’ll not continue a post until months later so I do have some drafts here and there.

      I seldom have full conversations in English and when I do, it’s almost always work-related. Lol, I know right? It feels like I’m writing my college assignments sometimes. The only difference is I don’t have to always do extensive research before posting it. >.<

      I actually enjoy your writing. It's very smooth, clear and easy to understand. =)

  4. Let’s see, I speak Papiamento and Spanish at home with my family and I do check out my blog daily but not all day. I don’t have much else to add because you’ve already read why my blog exists. Hope your life isn’t too rough on ya. Keep on being awesome ma’am.

    • It isn’t too rough, I’m doing okay. Lol, I used to tell my students not to call me ma’am cuz it made me feel sooo old (even though I am). But thanks, OG!

  5. That is good to hear. Worrying about stats doesn’t get you anywhere. But being positive, stats does help you in many ways. While the reader grows in numbers the more reader I have the more content I wish to deliver. It might not be more in post but what concerns me is the quality I guess. I’m just afraid of the quality but oh well, in the end, I don’t really have to worry that much because the regular readers read my blog because they have the some opinion about some anime episode or they just want to know more about a series or more about the thoughts that we have, and of course they come to read all the comment for more thoughts as well.

    Time is not really an issue for me. It has always been kind for me so far. I hope when I start to work it will be the same, although I doubt i’ll have as much hours as I already have. But hopefully i’ll be greatful with the time I have.

    Well you are not the only one in terms of the language. But no worries your English is all good (Y)

    • Don’t worry, the quality of your content is good. It’s informative and I get to read different opinions about different shows from your blog. It encourages discussions.

      I find my leisure time was cut down in half (or more) after I started working, but there’s also a good side of working…I get to buy loads of stuff!

      After reading the comments above, I realize that I’m not the only one. To be honest, it’s surprising. And thanks!

  6. I enjoy reading your blog… and it does not matter to me how frequently or rarely you post. Your posts are interesting… and the most important thing is that you have fun doing the posts. It’s your blog and you should make it whatever you like. Don’t compare to others – unless you really are trying to elevate your hit counts. (I personally don’t care how few people read my own blog. I simply write for my own entertainment.) As long as posting to your blog does not become a tiresome chore, you should continue to write and have fun however you see fit.

    • What you said is true – blogging is meant to be fun and that’s all that matters. I enjoy reading your blog because you’re articulate and have insights to things that are quite different.

      Thanks for reading! =)

  7. Learning another language is something I can relate to which is often not good for writing. After learning three (French, Latin, and some Arabic) and in progress learning three more (Japanese, Italian, and Spanish) it does tend to affect the way you order sentences and syntactical think.

    With that said, slowing down ever once and while, not pressuring yourself to write also is helpful. So as long as I enjoy writing and not pressuring myself I have no real concerns with blogging. Although, I guess saying making time to do it would be major one XD

    • Wow, you’re learning a lot of different languages! Impressive. Yeah, some language has different structures so it can be tricky. For example, if an English sentence is a direct translation from Mandarin, it sounds weird.

      Seems like all of us here agrees that as long as we’re enjoying the writing process and doing this because we like it, blogging shouldn’t be a concern. Hehe, I know what you mean – time is definitely something most of us struggle with. =)

      • Like to learn different languages and of different culture. Although, it looks impressive on a job resume as well, so that is a plus which I will desperately need. Yeah, for the westernized languages (well excluding English) the structure is similar in a sense, but the further east you go, especially for tonally languages (like Chinese, etc) it is sort of difficult to comprehend and once you do it can mess with the way you naturally write and speak. So I can very much relate to trying to get the point across clearly (I thrown away about 15 post already for the same reason).

        Yeah, enjoying it is key, but lacking time to write a post and a good one (where I do not have to go back and second guess what I wrote occasionally) also comes into the equation, too. However, when I write, I take the needed time to at least make it clear or hope it does. I get easily frustrated if I wrote a post in 10 minutes and the quality of it would be better off if I spent another 5 or more on it. I why write on the weekend to ensue I have plenty time.

        • Yeah, I know what you mean…I find myself keep changing the way I write a sentence so it’s kind of frustrating. There are times when I actually read out loud some of my sentences to check if it’s correct. If it doesn’t sound funny I guess it okay. But I think I still have sentences in my posts that sound really funny, lol.

          Yeaps, except for episodic posts, I usually take several days to complete a post. During the period, I’ll keep checking my sentences as mentioned earlier and rearranging my points. If I’m still not satisfied, the drafts will end up deleted >.<.

  8. Trust me, having a rigid schedule is not all that necessary. In fact, I’d say it’s a lot better to only write when you really feel it, since that helps keep the overall quality up.

    I’m always impressed with people who know multiple languages. I have difficulty just reading programming language.

    • It truly does – whatever a writer is feeling at the moment of writing reflects through his/her writings.

      Programming language is fine actually because the logic remains the same throughout different languages, it’s only the syntax that’s different. Sometimes I wonder why do we need so many different programming languages…

  9. stats are just a nice side effect.
    I prefer and like to read the comments and to communicate with my readers or the authors of other blogs.

    “worried about multiple grammatical and structural issues”, haha exactly my thoughts ^^
    As I started blogging my school english was so rusty it was so difficult to write something back then. Now I feel much more secure and comfortable with it I just write and search for prominent errors afterwards, if someone still finds a an important error, he or she should tell me.

    On my blog I don’t write often about anime, since its more dedicated torwards figures anyway.
    But sometimes Im a bit concerned that a review might be completed too late, but sometimes it can’t be helped, I have to find the time and the right setup for the photoshootings and afterwards I have to write a decent text about the figure. It sounds like a lot of work, but I enjoy it very much.

    • Getting to read comments and interact with readers are plus signs definitely =).

      I’m not really sure if my writing has improved over the past years but I know I less concern about getting everything structurally and grammatically correct right now.

      Your photographs speak a lot about your patience and passion towards photography. I’m sure it takes a lot of time and effort to produce such lovely shots and I like all of them.

  10. It’s all about liking what you’re doing, stats are a good side effect in order to understand how much you’re liked. Just that! 🙂

    Writing quality issues are common to me as well being not native English. It’s all about training I suppose…:P

  11. Aiming for better stats does cause some depression when it drops, your approach to blogging is probably more relaxing. Like I said in my post, I just wanted attention and some people to talk to about anime and so far its been working.

    For someone that knows three languages, I’m impressed with your written English. It’s a lot better than some people I know who only know English.

    • Yeaps, your techniques are certainly working. I enjoy reading your anime reviews and editorials and they do invite discussions. That is one of your main purposes for blogging right?


  12. I also consider blog stats significant. I don’t think I would blog publicly if I don’t want attention. However, my blogging doesn’t just revolve on that. The major reason that fuels me to write is I enjoy what I’m writing. I understand that as much as I want more visitors, it’s impossible for me to cater and please everyone. What’s important is, I’m seeing at least one person cares to drop by and reads my thoughts–but of course, the more the merrier.

    Btw, if you didn’t say English is not your main language, I wouldn’t think otherwise. I always admire multilingual speakers.

    • Blog stats isn’t the most important thing but positive stats is encouraging. I won’t deny that. True, it’s not possible to please everyone but I always believe if I enjoy what I’m writing, there must be at least one person out there who will find it enjoyable too.

      Being able to speak in different languages has its pros and cons. For my case, I tend to mix the languages together so it can be confusing some times.

  13. Now that you mention it, there does seem to be quite a lot of meta-blogging in the aniblogosphere recently. I wonder why that is? Maybe we’ve all kind of come far enough in blogging to look back retroactively.

    Anyway, I agree with what you said about stats. I used to really hound over my stats page everyday and care about every little fluctuation. Lately, I’ve kind of just gotten away from that a bit, and it’s liberating in a sense. It also allows me a much more loose blogging schedule where I don’t feel like I have to pump out a post every 3-5 days (which is near impossible for me.) And it lets me step away from the blogosphere once in a while and come back whenever I choose to reconnect. It’s a lot more relaxed.

    “This blog is strictly a hobby and you know what hobby is – an activity done during leisure time for pleasure. It isn’t a job, and it isn’t a chore.”

    So true!

    • “Maybe we’ve all kind of come far enough in blogging to look back retroactively.” <-That's one of the reasons I could think of. Or it could be one original post inspired the other post and the inspiration continues on.

      It does feel relaxing, isn't it? Without minding or trying to maintain blog stats, we won't feel the pressure of trying to churn out posts after posts. And by taking this approach, we also have more time for other hobbies.

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