Ano Natsu de Matteru: Summer Love Stories

When a group of friends decide to make a movie over a long summer holiday, they end up learning a little about filmmaking and a lot more about each other and themselves. What begins as a simple way to avoid the summer doldrums quickly turns into something much more complex, intimate and revealing, as the maturing relationships between the members of the young cast take on new, and sometimes very unexpected, turns.

– MyAnimeList

In my book, Ano Natsu de Matteru has raised my standards and expectations for upcoming romantic comedy series. AnoNatsu, as most people calls it, had been fun and enjoyable since the very first episode. Sure, I’m not emotionally invested in AnoNatsu the way I did in Kimi ni Todoke, which is currently at the top of my list. I don’t relate to any of the characters in the series and sometimes I think things unfolded in a way that seems too easy for each of the characters. But hey, I like this show nonetheless.

Warning! The following paragraphs may contain spoilers.

I believe AnoNatsu has proven that romantic comedy series doesn’t need to have really messed up characters in search of a different life with a help of a potential love interest or really complicated romantic feelings and relationships to make it work. I know AnoNatsu has a web of longing and crushes at the start of the series, but it’s not complicated. The characters were very clear about their feelings and had stuck with their true longings for most part of the series. Is it right for me to say that from an audience’s perspective, each of these characters wore their hearts on their sleeves at all times? This is why it’s easy to watch it. There weren’t any big dramas. Things were kept sweet and simple in spite of multiple love triangles that were present.

In addition to that, all the characters are likeable. We have Remon, Mio, Kanna, Rinon, Remon and Remon. I’m aware some of you don’t like them but yes, even Ichika and Kaito are likeable. I’m not going to say how each of the characters added flavor to the series except for Remon. She’s like a voice of viewers, so to speak – watching how her friends progressed in their own struggles for love and helped them in her own unique way. Thanks to her, the comedic atmosphere of the series was well maintained. Laughters come very easily whenever she’s around. Heck, she’s Ichika’s worst nightmare and yet they are best of friends. Even though it wasn’t specifically indicated but I’m very sure Ichika learned of Remon’s real identity (hint: final moments of episode 12).

Besides that, some say timing of an event is important. In AnoNatsu, the execution of the story was done very well. The story gradually progressed in a way that things happened at the right time. The moments felt right. The pacing of the series was particularly good for me. It didn’t feel too slow or too fast. Everything falls into place nicely and I really like that. 

There’s really nothing I’d want to change about this series except for two things. One, have a proper ending! Okay, the ending isn’t that bad. It did provide a valid conclusion to the series but I prefer not to have seen the final picture. Two, have Tetsurou officially be with either Mio or Kanna. I guess I interpreted wrongly when he asked Mio to a movie. I tell you, AnoNatsu would’ve been perfect for me if the aforementioned were included into the story.

Now, despite having nothing extra to offer in its story, the formula of  adding likeable characters and funny treats did wonders for Ano Natsu de Matteru. Boy, I am glad I picked up that first episode. Fu, fu, fu….

P.S I’m sooooo adding Rinon to my favorite mascot list.


14 thoughts on “Ano Natsu de Matteru: Summer Love Stories

  1. I would’ve made AnoNatsu my favorite show of Winter 2012 had they made Tetsurou and Mio an official couple >.<

    but yeah, I agree that they pulled this off rather nicely. The most notable thing that they did for me was their awesome direction and, like you said, execution. Some of those very well timed scenes were what pulled me in the most. Save for Mio of course :3

    • I know right? I so want Tetsurou and Mio together. Actually, I don’t mind a Tetsurou and Kanna but I prefer him to be with Mio >.<.

      To me, all that are the selling points of AnoNatsu. Fabulous. =)

  2. The best male buddy of the main character never gets a girl, seems like a rule in anime.
    Well, the Tetsuro x Mio end was the only real letdown for me in this show.

    It took me a bit to feel the vibe of this show, but the story was told in a solid and well paced way.
    Anyway all the build up paid off in episode 10 where the characters could gather the courage to be pretty honest with their feelings, for me it was the best episode in this season.

    The ending could have been a bit more satisfying, even though the long epilogue was very nice. I would have preferred it to see Ichika and Kaito with a happier kind of ending.

    Remon was just hilarious during every episode, but the best part happened in the last episode as her identity was revealed.

    thx for sharing your thoughts, since I’ve finished so many animes recently, I can’t bring myself to write a review about any of them. Not because they were bad, I just can’t find my motivation 😦
    I’ll try to write at least a review of Witchblade ^^

    • I hope that changes someday…it’s not fair! >.<

      I like that episode a lot! It's also a favorite of mine. It's so rare to see characters who are so honest with their own feelings. I like that. It just made me want to cheer for each and every one of them. Like what a lot of old anime characters like to say – beauty of youth or something along that line. Lol.

      Well, I assume they're together because of the shirt Ichika was wearing. And that's the complain I have, really. I would prefer the series to specifically tell me how they got back together instead of me imagining how Remon might've build special spaceship to bring Ichika back to Kaito.

      Speaking of Remon, I totally agree with you. She's so much fun to watch. I love her mischievousness and energy. She rocks!

      And thanks for reading, Wieselhead. =) I'm still waiting for that Witchblade review of yours but please take your time. When that certain something sparked within you, you'll find the motivation to write a great anime review again.

  3. Did you watch True Tears? If not give it a try. It’s a masterpiece of the romance category! 😛

    Agree for the rest on your opinion for Ano Natsu de Matteru.

  4. Those things are what i would have changed at the end too. I feel so bad for Kanna because she had the love of her life stolen away by some ultra attractive alien.

    I think Remon was the element Ano Natsu had that something like Ano Hana was lacking. For all the soppy romance you need an element of realism and comedy and Remon was just that.

    • And she had to be the one who encouraged that some ultra attractive alien to accept the love of the love of her life…that’s extremely sad.

      I have yet to watch Ano Hana so I can’t say for sure, but Remon is a major reason why AnoNatsu can be as entertaining as it was.

  5. Avoided spoilers successfully.

    I did not watch this show last season, since I was waiting for the DVD/BD releases, but glad to see some people thought favorably of it. I guess I can watch this now without much fear.

  6. I know when I first saw the PV it was going o be good. I know the PV was kinda of misleading but it was able to convince me to watch it. So yeah good job there. I still hate Kaito and Ichika. But ueah Remon was epic and Rinon was te cutest thing ever! Remind me to get a Rinon plushie when it is available 🙂

  7. I loved Ano Natsu too, it really brings back the classic romantic comedy formula that was so prominent in the early 2000’s. I would’ve liked to have seen Tetsurou choose between Mio and Kanna too, but I guess they wanted to make all of the fans happy by leaving it open-ended.

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