Aniblog Tourney: Alright, Let’s Do This!

Today’s World of Yamaguchi Hoshiko’s first round match in Aniblog Tourney 2. It’s a privilege to be part of it.

If you’re visiting for the first time, I welcome you. World of Yamaguchi Hoshiko contains mostly my inner thoughts/ramblings/casual discussions of anime and all that is related. You will also find some gaming posts which I chose to keep after the blog’s transition from a personal blog to an aniblog late last year.

I’ve done episodic posts in the past, written thoughts on anime and some other fun posts. The list below is some of the posts I personally enjoyed writing:-

  1. Anime-related Posts
  2. Episodic Posts
  3. Random Posts

Do have a look around this blog and I hope you enjoy your stay! Of course, I’ll be delighted if you choose to vote for me.


27 thoughts on “Aniblog Tourney: Alright, Let’s Do This!

  1. Good luck in the tourney 😀 I should have made a tourney post like yours lol. Dunno why I never thought of it, a bit too late though D:

  2. Im not really sure what to think about this competition, but you have my fullest support ;D
    Why? you might ask. Cause your blog is cool and you are a kind person.

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