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Pssst…I have something to tell you. Just a few days ago, Mr.Yerocha of Shades of Grey Production told me this anime plot I’m working on is green-lit. Yay! I’m so excited that I have to tell you guys about it.

Being the slice-of-fan that I am, this anime will revolve around four people and their daily lives in the society. I think there are a lot of school girls and boys anime so I’m trying to differentiate a little. By the way, they are neighbors in an apartment. My plot…wait. What plot? I don’t have one so let’s just forget about that. Why not take a look at my cast instead? I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love them.

In order to make the series lively, I’ve decided to have a wonka,  a klutz,  a technology otaku, and of course, a tsundere.

Meet the cast:-

  • Okabe Rintarou. A mad scientist who loves to do explosive experiments in the apartment. He loves to steal bananas from his neighbors and use them as test subjects. His love for science experiments has landed him a few troubles such as burnt hair and broken ceilings. Okabe doesn’t know the direction of his science experiment yet. He only knows that he wants to discover something big. Something that will change the world.
  • Hirasawa Yui. She’s a daydreamer, a musician wannabe and a clumsy girl. It’s fair to say she’s half the reason why Okabe experiments always failed. Either she tripped over the wire of trusty microwave oven or she ate the bananas meant for the experiments. Also, there were many times the bananas turned to unsightly, green goo because of her. No one knows how she does that.
  • Izumi Konata. A short, blue haired girl with ahoge. She’s crazy about gadgets, games among others. Konata is an ultimate example of who an otaku is. While she’s not the mad scientist that Okabe is, she loves to play along with him. She’ll use her IT knowledge to good use and create gadgets to help him with his experiments. Also, Konata loves to tease Yui and is always looking forward what sort of clumsy mistakes Yui will make.
  • Makise Kurisu. She always, always criticize the works of Okabe and Konata. Kurisu loves to complain how painful it is to be neighbors with the noisy duo. But she secretly enjoys their company and often tag along when the duo’s out to hunt for hidden treasures for their science projects. Kurisu is an author who uses Okabe’s weird theories as basis of her plots.

From the brief description of each of the characters above, I pretty sure you can imagine how crazy and fun this bunch of people can be. There’s a good mixture of personalities that will never fail to bring a smile to the face of viewers. Laughter is always in the air and that is something I look for when picking up an anime. Also, these characters have good deal of energy. I always like a cast that has constant movements, if you know what I mean.

Unfortunately, the whole project was cancelled due to copyright issues…

P.S. The characters listed in this post would make my ideal anime cast. I thought it’ll be fun to watch these four, with their personality intact, mingle with each other. Besides, they’re the best examples of the archetype they represent. The whole neighbor thingy is merely a setting  provided for you to imagine what will it be like when Okarin, Kona-chan, Yui and Kurisu interact with one another. Did it do your imagination any good?

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26 thoughts on “Ideal Anime/Manga Cast

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  2. Ouch, that four elements together could make something awesome out of it.
    I would pay big money to see Konata and Okabe talk in the same anime series…:D

  3. I can really imagine Yui consuming those bananas and messing up his experiments. How frustrating it must be for him to have a neighbor like that haha. but id love seeing it happen. the elements of all four characters put together (especially konata) would be most intriguing to watch. i assume k-on fans would flood to this since (in my opinion) season 2 didn’t satisfy.

    …copy right issues T^T

    • It’s one of things I can imagine Yui doing since she loves food so much. Hey, there’s a K-ON movie to look forward to! I know I am. >.<

      Haha, I'd imagine the character owners suing me if I really do this.

      • dang. didn’t know they had an upcoming movie. i heard about a 2011 movie but i never really got to it (if there was). thanks for le update.

        • Ah, I was referring to the 2011 movie. I haven’t seen it yet, probably only get to see it sometime later this year. Sorry for the confusion there.

  4. I think the best part of this teamup would be when Konata inevitably starts dressing up like and impersonating Rintarou. “Hey Mister, I am mad scientist!”

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  9. “Unfortunately, the whole project was cancelled due to copyright issues…” haha, you got me for aminute 😀

    With your cast it would be a hilarious anime for sure, something like Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan came to my mind for whatever reason. Maybe the character interaction would be similar ^^

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    • It’s a thing organized by Yerocha. Participants were asked to write a post on their ideal anime or manga cast. You can join in too if you’re interested.

  11. I haven’t seen Lucky Star and Steins;Gate :(. And it’s my first time hearing the Wonka character. But based on your description, I like Okabe. When you mentioned that he knows what he wants… I certainly have a thing for those characters.

    I also like Kirusu on your list, she looks really pretty. Although I haven’t seen how tsundere she is I think she’s a perfect match to Okabe for complaining alot.

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