Steins;Gate’s Makise Kurisu


When I held GSC’s 1/8 scale Makise Kurisu for the first time, I felt like I’m holding an Oscar. Not that I ever hold one before, but that thought really crossed my mind. Weird.

The noted figure manufacturer Good Smile Company first introduced this mighty gorgeous scale figure of Makise Kurisu in Summer Wonfes 2011 and I immediately fell in love with it. Well, it was unpainted when I first saw it but gosh, I love that pose! It was the most beautiful (unpainted) figure I ever saw. And I was dying to have one. Now here it is in my possession. I’m so happy.


The best thing about this figure is undeniably the dynamic pose. It looks as if there’s wind blowing through Kurisu’s hair and jacket. Maybe she’s soaring or maybe she’s falling. Either way, it’s absolutely stunning.

Let’s see more pictures of this beautiful figure, shall we?


Her famous red cellphone.


It’s as if there’s movement.


Her shoes.


That famous red tie.


Thin waist.


Metal Uupa!


I was happy and satisfied with the entire figure and props until I get to the staircase. That plastic staircase felt cheap and it’s hollow. It would’ve been better if it’s made of something more solid. The staircase as a stand is actually a great idea since it enhances the dynamic feel of this figure. Too bad it’s not to my fancy.

I guess that’s about it. The bits and pieces of this figure, which is the most expensive purchase to date. I can’t remember the exact amount I paid for because I pre-ordered this like months ago and my memory is all fuzzy. Yes, I’m an old lady.

22 thoughts on “Steins;Gate’s Makise Kurisu

  1. “I felt like I’m holding an Oscar.” my imagination made good use of this sentence XD
    It’s a very pretty looking figure, her overall outfit looks so stylish in a more realistic way with the earth colored and darker toned clothes, the shoes are really cool. It’s funny that nobody who owns this figure seems to like the stair base. Judging from pictures I like this one, especially the used look is nice 😉

  2. Ooh! I got the same figure ❤ Dat slim waist ❤ It's not a beach queen figure, but it still induces smexiness no known swimsuits could even show ;p

    Though when I saw this figure, I was thinking hard whether or not to get this or the January Kotobukiya's release, which one you like more?

    • Haha, the beach queen figure of Kurisu is boring. This GSC version, on the other hand, exhibits the loveliness of Kurisu to the max.

      This version wins hands down. While I like the rusty looking cogs Kurisu’s sitting on, Kurisu herself is rather dull. Did you also get the Kotobukiya’s version?

      • Indeed 😀

        Yea, I prefer GSC’s too. When I compared both of them, Kotobukiya looks a bit more epic with all those gears, but when I look at the figure, the Kotobukiya’s face looks awkwardly bland indeed. And nope, I don’t have the Kotobukiya’s version with me. I only have the GSC version.

  3. I’m so jelly >.<! As usual, the way GSC delivers their figures are superb, the way they depicted the 4channer assistant that we all know was almost too perfect, now only if it came with the awesome base the Kotobukiya version came with. . . . . .

  4. Woot! You actually bought it!
    I was holding back for this one but I only got the figma in the end.
    Just want to save some money for some games :p

    Good figure.Glad you bought it. The lighting of the photo could have been better though.

    • Yes, I did. It’s hard to hold back when it is this stunning.

      Yeah, it’s kind of hard when one has too many hobbies that drain our wallets. I’m still holding back on buying PS Vita, lol.

      Ah, I know. I’m terrible at taking photos. Still learning the ABCs of photography. I like how lovelyangel’s Homura turn out. Absolutely stunning.

  5. Thats….thats…thats…A METAL UUPA! Super-rare! *__*

    No seriously, that’s a great figure and a nice pick. I had to pass over it because had many other preorders!

  6. She certainly looks nice. I’m impressed with the details on her cellphone and the metal upa. I think you should include a full-pose shot next time 🙂

    • Yeaps, one of the best figure out there I reckon. Truly impressive.

      Alrighty, will be sure to include a full-pose shot if I have a figure post next time.

  7. Host: The Oscar award I mean Steins Gate’s Makise Kurisu goes to hoshiko!
    hoshiko: …(~busy staring at Makise Kurisu~) XD

    Awesome figurine!!! Love her cellphone ^^

    • Lol! Yeah, you’re probably right. I’ll be busy staring the gorgeous figure to be aware of what’s going on around me. >.<

      Yeaps, yeaps. It is.

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