Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison

Blood Prison revolves around Uzumaki Naruto and his sentence at Houzukijou. He was framed and sent into the prison facility. Being Naruto, he made a huge fuss about it and attempted to escape many times even though his chakra is already being limited by Mui’s imprisonment jutsu. While in prison, Naruto learned that his life is in danger and henceforth embarked on a quest to uncover the truth behind his stay at the prison.

My first thought – Impel Down? It really does feel similar. It was mentioned that once a person gets into Houzukijou, he or she could not get out. I imagine there’ll be powerful people who guard the prison and the whole plot will take place within the confines of the prison. I was half right.

Warning! This post contains bits and pieces of spoilers!

The setting of the movie’s the prison but there’s only one powerful person Naruto has to deal with – Mui. I’ll be honest here. When the movie started and after what I assumed are major characters appeared, I was making my own predictions. I like doing that when I’m watching Bleach and Naruto movies. They’re soooo predictable. The only shounen movie I truly enjoy to date is One Piece: Strong World. But this – Blood Prison, isn’t half bad. There were a few surprise elements here and there so it’s a lot more bearable than previous Naruto movies.

I think I’ll just get down to the list things that caught my attention in this movie here:

  1. Blood Prison has a bunch of scary looking goat masks and a huge scary looking monster. In movies (and fillers), Naruto series always has a tendency to show transformation of normal human beings into scary looking things. But trust me, it’s a lot better than Kabuto’s recent (or not-so-recent) makeover, in my opinion.
  2. This must be the first movie Naruto isn’t trying to talk some sense to a female lead. If my memory serves me well, previous films are loaded with female leads playing the role of damsel in distress. Ryuuzetsu, “the girl of the movie” this time around, is an avenger and does a pretty decent job in carry out her tasks. She doesn’t whine or anything and handles her fights well. A further plus for her in sacrificing herself for a complete stranger. Naruto has his shares of moments in which he’s saved by female characters, but this is a whole new level I’d say. She reminded me of Hinata. The only difference is she’s a little edgier and I’m quite fond of her.
  3. This must be also the first time I see all of Naruto’s peer at one place. Usually, there’s always a character missing or two. But this is the first time (I think?) in a movie in which all of his peers are present to assist him. Some of them has a little more screen time than the shot below >.<. It feels a little too crowded, don’t you think? Even Tsunade arrived on scene even if it’s only for show…

Alright now, those are three things that crossed my mind after watching the movie. I don’t give much thought to movies and fillers. They’re here for my entertainment and it’s always been a love-hate relationship. But I gotta say and I seldom say this for non-canon works such as this – Blood Prison ain’t bad for a movie. If One Piece: Strong World is the representative movie for One Piece, I can say that Blood Prison is a good candidate for Naruto.

Don’t you think?


6 thoughts on “Naruto the Movie: Blood Prison

  1. Not sure how I feel about Naruto getting sent to prison. The first thought in my mind isn’t so much Impel Down as it is Deadman Wonderland. Still, this movie does sound interesting, though the Naruto fan in me has gotten quiet enough that I probably wouldn’t watch it unless I was with someone else. That’s more than I can say for the other movies, of course.

    • I haven’t read Deadman Wonderland yet (and I remember telling you that I want to ages ago) so the closest thing that came to mind is Impel Down. This movie isn’t that bad. I usually wouldn’t recommend Naruto movies, but I’ll make the exception for this one.

  2. As much as I liked Naruto, I wasn’t as obsessed with it as I was before, but Blood Prison sound pretty interesting. Seems like he will be using his Sage powers in the movie, and seeing more of that never hurts.

  3. This sounds totally different from the Naruto I remember. When I stopped watching the series, they were just finishing up some ninja exams. A prison setting does sound interesting, too bad Naruto can’t use his transformation jutsu to turn into a girl and trick the guards.

    • Naruto has grown a lot since then I suppose, which is why it sounded different. Well, I believe he would’ve done that if a restriction jutsu wasn’t cast on him at the beginning. That way, it’ll make this movie a little bit lighter.

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