Not Too Excited About Summer Anime 2012

Oh dear, what am I looking at here? The only series that stood out by reading the summary alone is Rinne no Lagrange and that’s only because I saw the first season already! Crisis?!

Usually, I don’t have many on my list before the season starts but will eventually add a few more after that. That’s because I’d sample the first few episodes of a series and then decide they’d stay on my watch list. Last season, however, due to lack of time I didn’t get to watch even the first episode of many series. Shows like Hyouka and Shirokuma Cafe are hot on my Twitter feed, but I didn’t get to watch more episodes of these series even if I want to.

Right, I’ll stop whining and talking irrelevant stuff here. As always, here is my list of what I intend to watch in the coming anime season. Up till today, the shows that I picked stick with me throughout the season. So that means I’ll have at least two series to watch during the Summer plus the still-running Sakamichi no Apollon. This translates as “at least I still have something to watch if other series turn out to be really boring“. We’ll see.

Rinne no Lagrange

Fuwaahhh…the excitement! For those who watched the first season, are you looking forward to this series?

Tari Tari

Hanasaku Iroha anyone? I guess I do enjoy watching this category of series…

Bah. If anything, I’ll keep an open mind and embrace the season with positivity!!!!


41 thoughts on “Not Too Excited About Summer Anime 2012

  1. Nice blog. Quick question – where would you recommend I go to watch the latest Amime? Is there a tv channel or do you purchase it? Or do you get it online somewhere? Thanks!

    • If your Internet speed is good and you have no problems connecting to the server, you can always try Crunchyroll. I watched a few anime there before. The next best thing is to download fansubs from various online sources such as Anime-Sensei and DarkLegends.

      Usually, I will only purchase anime DVDs that I like at local stores after an anime is completed.

      • That’s what I’m thinking. I’m usually into waiting until the full series is complete before watching them. Although I’m readying One Piece right now and, damn. That’s one long manga series.

        • For some reason, One Piece is the only long running series I never get tired of. I’ve complained about Naruto many times (although I’m still reading) and dropped Bleach on and off.

          A couple years ago, it was mentioned that One Piece is entering its last phase I believe. Although we shouldn’t expect it to finish within a year or two.

  2. Tari Tari sounds nice. I haven’t seen a PA Works anime I didn’t like so I’m always excited for anything they release.
    and yay, Rinne no Lagrange 2. I wish there is more than 5 eps of mecha battle though.

    • I’m quickly becoming a fan of PA Works over the seasons myself. >.<

      I'm in for that. I'd like to see more battles in RinLag as well. I hope the second season meets my high expectation!

  3. Tari Tari does look a lot like Hanasaku Iroha, I wonder if it’ll be any good. I like to preview at least the first episode of a series before I decide if it’s worth watching or not, so I’m not going to make any assumptions on how the summer season will go yet.

    • Well, the list itself isn’t all that appealing but I won’t make assumptions either since there had been times when there were a few good series that I initially thought were not my cup of tea. That’s why I’ll still embrace Summer season with a light of hope.

  4. Season does not look that terrible to me. Probably has a few more series worth watching, but will not know until they air. However, like yourself, most of them (at least half) I will not be able to watch straight away. Rinne no Lagrange is a definite, but Tari Tari also looks promising. Does remind me of Hanasaku Iroha as well (besides both being animated by P.A Works, lol)

    • When I saw the PV of Tari Tari, the scenery and the overall atmosphere feels a lot like Hanasaku Iroha! I love P.A Works for all its artwork >.<

  5. I am probably the only who watched the first season NOT looking forward to Lagrange 😦

    As for shows, there are definitely a few on my radar: Natsuyuki Rendezvous, Sword Art Online, Binbougami Ga to name a few actually. I can only hope they’ll be as good as I hope they are…

    • Awww…how come you’re not looking forward to it?

      Well, we’ll know what’s worth watching next month no? I’m hoping to add a few to my list actually.

      • I felt like I was slogging through 12 episodes of…average >_< I meant to drop it, but I ended up reviewing the show halfway through, so I said, "Might as well, only got 4 eps left." And well…I was also supposed to review those last 4 eps, but was completely unmotivated -_-

  6. Only have a few anime for this season since I’ll be going back to school again @_@ Putting that aside, I haven’t tried Lagrange yet, is it good? As for Tari Tari, it seems promising enough, seeing that P.A. Works did Angel Beats!, Hanasaku Iroha and Another. For the other titles, well, like you, I’ll probably try the first episodes before deciding to watch anything 😛

  7. Oh is spring already over ;D, I feel like some shows just started a few weeks ago, but in fact they are nearly over 😦

    Thx for linking this list, like always I haven’t taken a look in the upcoming animes so far, but lets see what I will watch this season.

    Tari Tari could be very interesting. Im not too excited about Rinne no Lagrange, but I want to know how it will end. Other titles of interest for me would be Muv Luv and Koy to Senkyo to Chocolate, Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita sounds kind of cute with little fairies 😀
    Since Madhouse is involved I will also watch Oda Nobuna no Yabou.

    thats not much so far ^^

    • It does feel a little fast for the Spring season eh? Maybe because of hectic schedule at work and some holidays and whatnot on my end so time kind of just flew past me.

      If you’re like me, I’m pretty sure we’ll add a list one or two more to our list. Let’s just hope that happens now, shall we?

      • Im kind of happy about the small list so far XD having too much on the watchlist is not so good for me, since I star to neglect some shows at a certain point.

        • Sometimes I feel kind of left out when I have such a short list compared to others, but really, one can only watch the amount of anime he or she can handle. So it’s nice to hear you say that, actually.

  8. Tari Tari is on my radar as well. Partly because of P.A. Works ^^

    Also looking forward to Sword Art Online and Campione, both being light novel adaptations. There’s also some J.C. Staff shows that look intriguing, but yeah, no triple A titles yet for Summer 2012.

    • Good to know that you like P.A Works’ titles too.

      It’s kind of sad that no titles stood out for me next season. I hope I’m wrong though.

  9. I haven’t taken a peek at the roster so I can’t say much yet, but is it that bad? Or is it more a question of differing interests? Please don’t take it the wrong way, I’m just a tad curious.

    Anyway, I did try watching Rinne but I got confused and dropped it midway. I couldn’t tell whether I was watching a dramatic mecha show with a sinister plot lurking behind it, or a slice-of-life show with (somewhat jarring) fanservice that just happened to have mechas in it. How does it fare towards the end?

    Speaking of slice-of-life, I agree that Tari Tari looks like Hanasaku Iroha, albeit without the inn setting. I didn’t manage to finish the former though, so I’m not sure if I’m up to this one.

    Well, as you said yourself, I’ll try to keep an open mind while hugging whatever piques my interest with positivity (and a fair amount of fairness, if I can manage to beat back my bias towards shiny-looking anime).

    • It’s more of a question of what interest me, that’s all. Don’t get it wrong. It’s probably only me who is not too excited about the titles offered in coming Summer season. Perhaps there will be more titles that appeal to you =).

      Rinne no Lagrange is more of a mecha with a sinister plot behind it. There’s a story to keep one interested and guessing, I suppose, as opposed to standard slice-of-life in which we just watch Madoka perform her daily duties. What attracts me in RinLag the most is the action sequences.

      I’m curious though, what sort of anime piques your interest?

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  11. Honestly, I\’m not sure what I like. I\’m partial to anime with high production values and unique art like in Gurren Lagann, K-on, Clannad etc…However, awesome OST\’s (and plots) also get me hooked like in Cowboy Bebop and in Sora no Woto. If I had to pin the genres down though, I\’d say sci-fi, slice-of-life and mysteries. In reality though, most of what I watch depends on word-of-mouth more than anything. Is that something to be worried about? XD

    Anyway, after taking a look at the list you provided, I\’m getting kinda nervous about the season as well. They all look similar art-wise in my opinion. But who knows, maybe they\’ll surprise me with their stories. I\’ll just have to wait and see for now.

    The action in Rinne was okay, but what I remember the most is the dramatic OST\’s they had. They really get the blood pumping in the middle of those tense fights.

    • Nah, nothing to be worried about. All of us have different ways in selecting the anime we watch. Some are drawn to certain genres and even production companies, etc.

      Yeaps, exactly. That’s why despite the lack of interesting titles, I still hope at least one anime will surprise me.

      • I guess you\’re right. Sometimes though, I get the feeling I\’m watching a show just to keep up with the conversation online. I try to watch older series once in a while, however.

        When I read that, Madoka Magica came to mind almost immediately. Who knew a show with that title and art had the guts to pull off that spectacle?

        • I do that occasionally too, especially when the anime is hot in discussion on my Twitter feed or the blogs I frequent. I get curious one an anime gets mentioned too often or maybe I just don’t want to feel left out.

          I myself experience some surprises when I decided to try genres or just any anime that I don’t usually pick. These are nice little treats once in a while; they don’t happen too often I’m afraid.

  12. Well, yes, but it’s historically true that Summer and Winter seasons are generally weaker compared to fall and spring. I’ll just give everything a chance and see what happens…:D

  13. The only thing I’m looking forward to the most is Sword Art Online is Rinne no Lagrange 😀 I planned to rewatch the first season first, like I did with Fate/Zero so it’s gonna be a bit time consuming.

    • So you’re just like me with nothing much to look forward to =).

      That’s actually good because then you’ll get the whole picture better. Too bad I don’t have your kind of patience =(.

  14. I’ll make this brief:
    Rinne no Lagrange 2
    Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon 2
    Yuru Yuri 2
    Moyashimon 2
    Dog Days 2
    Tari Tari
    Binbou Gami Ga
    Natsuyuki Rendezvous.


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