AFAMY 2012: First Personal Anime Convention Experience

I do not know what possessed me to book last minute air tickets and flew across the ocean to attend an anime convention – AFAMY. However, I do know that I don’t want to end up seeing pictures from other blogs and wishing I was there. Don’t just wish, go for it. But is it worth it?


The energy at the event was at a level I never experienced before. There’s a huge crowd and tons of excitement in the air. The fans were so excited about the merchandizes on sale, the singers at the concert, the professional cosplayers at the event and such. One thing that I’ll never forget is the queues. Boy, were they long! I’m from a city in which long queues rarely exist so you can imagine how frustrated I am waiting in line for something I don’t even know if it’s worth it. Curiosity got the best of me here.

AFAMY housed attendees of all ages. Seriously. I saw parents bringing little kids to the event. I saw teenage children hugging their parents for buying what I assumed is VIP concert seats. I saw grandparents taking care of the little ones at a corner. Wow. Unbelievable. And here I was thinking that anime convention isn’t the kind of event I see these sort of scenarios, but I was wrong. It’s easy to tell that some parents were there only because their children wanted to be there. Because they’ll just sit at one corner silently and patiently waiting for their kids, wearing a bored look. I even saw parents carrying the trolley bags which I think contain cosplay items or something like that for their children. And the children themselves disappeared into the crowd enjoying themselves. You gotta love these parents, man!

Cosplays and fandom

I’m also surprised at the number of cosplayers present. As I’m writing this paragraph, I can’t help but to smile at the thought of my facial expression when I swung open the toilet door at the event. There were so many girls cramming inside a small spaced toilet, getting their cosplay makeup done. Some were wearing big, round, fluffy dresses and stuff so it’s a bit hard to walk around inside the toilet. I find this very amusing. I was lucky not to have stepped on anyone’s beautiful dress and having the girl walking around the con with my lovely footprint. Honestly, this is the first time I’ve seen such wonderfully done cosplays up-close. Whoever said Malaysian cosplayers suck, they have to be at AFAMY to see what local cosplayers can actually do. They were amazing, and I salute them for their dedications and attention to details. Great job, guys and girls.

Attending this event also made me realize that I’m not (and will never be) at the level of fandom as some of these attendees. Heck, I don’t recognize half of the cosplays! Also, I was lining up at a booth selling merchandizes and overheard conversations from fanboys, and let’s just say that I was amazed by their enthusiasms. I believe they must’ve gone through a lot of troubles just to own that one piece of collectible item. Some guys even showed their disappointment in a big way when a particular item was sold out.

Maid Café and Butler Café

The queue to the maid café was super long. I tried to queue up the first day but I gave up so I can actually have something to eat before the concert. I tried again the second day, but after an hour or so I gave up. Why? The line isn’t really moving and I overheard a guy saying that he lined up for three hours and he’d just reached the start of the line. I bet he has to wait for at least 30 minutes more before he can enter the café. Is it worth it? No, lol. The queue at butler café was just as long.

Stage Events

While there were quite a number of booths set up, I wasn’t all that interested. I took a quick stroll around the hall, popping in and out of booths of Good Smile Company, Bandai and lined up for an hour at a merchandize booth. I guess my focus there wasn’t to buy things so needless to say, I spent majority of my time at the stage events.

My most memorable stage event perhaps is Spiral Cats Team (SPCats), two beautiful cosplayers from South Korea. Maybe it’s their personality or maybe they look like dolls. Either way, they rock! I also enjoyed the Production I.G events and actually listened to the company director to explain why they made Guilty Crown. Hmmm..funny enough, now I can’t seem to remember what’s the reason. Well, I’m not a fan of the series, but loads of people are because they were screaming when the trailer was screened.

I’m glad that I chose to attend the stage events. They sort of give me coverage of things that I wouldn’t normally read up on my own such as the discussions about the making of 009 RE:Cyborg among other anime titles. Also, I get to see people I never knew existed! Does anyone else here heard of SPCats before? I didn’t.


The highlight of the event for me personally is definitely the concert. I only attended the Day 1 concert as I have a plane to catch the second night. Again, the energy at the concert was high! Fans were screaming and jumping around. As for me, I was totally captivated by Kalafina’s performance. There aren’t words to describe how I felt. They sound so good singing live. Too bad the chant for “encore” was ignored. Bleh. In addition, I like Aimi’s sincerity in approaching the audience. She might not be as popular as Kalafina or Kurosaki Maon, but I think she’s cute and I’m looking forward to see more coming from her.

Overall, I think my first anime convention had given me a glimpse to what anime fandom can really be. At home, I only get to talk about shounen anime with my guy friends and that’s about it. And we are pretty laid back most of the time. Over there at the con, I saw various animated expressions and great enthusiasms from fans. And…that’s quite a sight, really.

You know what? I think it’s worth it. Do you remember what’s like to have attended your first con? If yes, which con was it? Was it good?

P.S The concert picture of Kalafina was stolen from AFA Indonesia twitter account. Photography was prohibited. =(


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  1. Oh my. What I’d give to watch a live Kalafina performance >.<

    Honestly, I haven't attended any con yet. Not that I don't want to though. We have local cons everyone and then, but usually they're cosplay centric (sometime cosplay-only) and I dunno, I like looking at cool cosplayers, but I'm not really the cosplaying type. Hopefully I get around to going to one ^_^

    • I know right? They just blew my mind away. I’m beyond words to describe their live performance.

      Hey, who knows AFA may bring the event to Philippines. I read they’re holding the event at Indonesia this coming September. This is first time AFA was held in Malaysia anyway.

      • I’d probably flip out if I see them perform ‘oblivious’ or ‘Magia’

        lol, meant “every now and then” but yeah, it’d be way awesome if AFA came here. Then again, flying out for a con sounds like a fun idea

  2. Ahhhhh your virgin anime convection xD The huge amount of crowd is what scares me. I don’t think I can line up for 3 hours just for a figure or cafe. Still, there’s a first for everything. I planned to go to AFA Singapore this coming November.

    • The crowd is crazy. It’s not that hard to walk around, but if you intend to buy something, gotta be prepared for the long queue. And the goods sold out fast. When I returned to the Good Smile Company booth the second time, most of the figures were gone.

      Well, I hope you enjoy your trip to AFA Singapore as much as I did at AFA Malaysia. Maybe even better! =)

      • Ahhh that’s going to be hard. I planned to bring extra cash with me because I want to but as much figures as possible. But with such intensity, I wonder if I can “survive” xD Oh well I just got to try. GSC booth is going to be the first booth I protize as soon as I get there. Did you visit Danny Choo’s booth too?

        Yes. Hopefully so.. 😀

        • I survived, lol. That’s saying something since I’m not much of a crowd person.

          Yeaps, I visited his Culture Japan booth. It was right opposite the Good Smile Company booth. You can see my tiny picture of Mirai Itasha in the third picture of this post. He has loads of Mirai merchandizes displayed. Very orange-y.

          • Very orange-y.. I guess it’s as expected of him, lol. Mirai merchandizes.. for sure 😀 I’m sure he sell a lot of Mirai figures and his moekana. How’s the schedule like? Does the live and stage events fall upon a specific day?

            • He didn’t sell anything at his booth. Didn’t see Mirai figma up for sale, but I saw Moekana and the booster pack at the AFA Shop. Oh, by the way, during the stage events, it was announced that Mirai Nendoroid is coming this Winter and a scale figure sometime soon.

              I think the schedule is rather relaxing. They have specific events for a specific slot on the different days and the concerts were held at nights. Here’s the schedule we had. I’m pretty sure AFA Singapore follows the same format, except they have more days.

              • That’s a surprise, I thought he would at least sell something. Did you meet him in person? He’s a legendary aniblogger, I think every aniblogger would like to at least meet him once xD Ohh really? That’s cool, Danny Choo’s mascot is really raking it in^^

                Hmmm.. what about during the “selling” times? Like times where I can buy those figures instead of talks or events, are there specific times for those too? Ooh, if I’m not mistaken Singapore has 3 days, seems like Malaysia only has 2 D:

                • I saw him but didn’t talk to him. He hosted the stage events so he spent a good portion of the days on stage. Perhaps the best chance to talk to him is during one of his Culture Japan Night meetups, which I didn’t go.

                  For AFAMY, the hall is opened from 9am til 9pm so you can buy any time you want during those hours. Only the stage events have specific times. I’d suggest however to grab whatever you truly want fast because they vanished very quickly >.<.

                  You're right. There were only two days for Malaysia and it's going to be a three-day event for Singapore. T.T.

  3. cool that you took the the chance to have fun at one of the bigger anime conventions.
    I’ve never been to any in my region, but I would love to visit theWonfes figure exhibition in japan someday. I can imagine that queues can be quite annoying at these events, but thats the problem when many people want to see certain attractions ^^. While Im not a fan of western cosplayers at al, I have to say that the asian ones mainly look good in their costumes.

    I’d would have liked to know why they made Guilty Crown so full of flaws XD

    • I’d love to attend WonFes as well. I should be prepared for even longer queues should that be happening.

      Lol, the company director didn’t explain why Guilty Crown is full of flaws. Gosh, I wish he did. >.< I think he mentioned something about creating an anime that appeals to wider audience. While a lot of people I interact with dislike Guilty Crown, I personally believe there's a huge fanbase for the series.

      SPCats are so beautiful! Well, I only saw Tasha and Miyuko but yeah, they're gorgeous and their cosplays were very well done.

  4. wow the people who got into the maid cafe mustve stayed over night. @,@ … and the kids with VIP seats? …dang that really blew me away. wouldve loved to see the SP cats up close and personal. :3

    • Lol. I think they must’ve headed towards to the cafe the moment the doors of the hall were opened. It was about 1pm when I queued up on the second day. >.<

      SPCats and Kaname had this photo session with fans. I didn't have the energy to wrestle with others to take photos with them T.T..

  5. Wanted to go there and watch Kalafina’s performance @_@ Hopefully, AFA does go here in my country – hopefully.

    Congrats on your first anicon, that’s the staple of otaku culture for you, it’s really different when you spend your time with crowds of fellow fans – totally worthwhile.

    • Which country are you from, might I ask? I know there a few big cons for different countries that tend to invite Japanese guests/performers. AFA and AnimeExpo are good examples. I believe Otakon too.

      I had fun. Although I must admit, I didn’t get to mingle with other fans >///<. I suppose I should but I was too caught with events and such to really take time to know others.

      • I’m from the Philippines, if I remember correctly the only convention we had here that invited a Japanese guest was in Vocafusion (Vocaloid convention XD)

        • Since AFA is expanding to different countries around Asia, I think it’s only a matter of time the con arrives at your shore. So yeah, hopefully AFA will reach Philippines soon =).

  6. Thanks for sharing your AFAMY experience. I can’t remember the first time I attended an anime con, I think it was mostly a cosplay con in 2005. It’s not that memorable I guess. Lol. I attended more local cons just to get discount on merchandise and not exactly for the shows. But I really enjoyed AFA 09, it was held in SG that time and it was super fun. Wasn’t able to attend anymore AFAs since I had Little TP in 2010. Hopefully when he’s bigger, we can bring him to cons too. ^^

    • Awww…and hopefully Little TP will choose characters to cosplay too! =)

      Now that you mentioned discounts, the merchandizes at the cons were considerably cheaper. Should have brought more cash with me, although I should be thankful that they don’t take credit cards.

  7. Aw…I was there too. Too bad we couldn’t meet and have a small chat. Maybe next time? =) Btw, which hotel were you staying in?

    AFA wasn’t that great overall in my opinion. The variety of stalls and number of doujin booths could’ve been worked on. The PWTC (reaching 30 years old) isn’t the most appealing location either with its ageing infrastructure and design (seriously, only one nearby toilet?). Besides that, I found the stage activities to be a bit reserved and limited as compared to Comic Fiesta (a locally-organised con). My first con was to Comic Fiesta ’10 too, so I’m kinda biased towards their wacky stage events and limitless doujin selection. If you have the chance, try coming to one of their cons. It may not be as high profile and professional, but it makes up for it with heart and some snazzy MC’s.

    I’m being a bit too harsh on AFA though, as I have to love the fact that they brought in those hard-to-reach franchises here to oft-ignored Malaysia, Max Factory in particular. I got a Homura Figma for myself too, so I can’t really complain much. (^_^) Did you get anything from AFA?

    Speaking of unique, getting to hear and see Danny Choo and etc. speak in the flesh was definitely something I’ll never forget. Danny wasn’t as charismatic a speaker as I’d expected, but he seems like an all-round nice guy. What do you think?

    Kalafina was also a treat to watch as well. Man, I loved chanting “Hai!”s along with the fanatic crowd. Too bad I haven’t really heard most of what they and the other acts sang though. A pity…Were you on the VIP seats or with the free-standing crowd? And who was the singer before them? I kinda liked her singing.

    On a more awkward note, did you go to the Media Arts Festival screening on Day Two? The shorts were……kinda abstract, to say the least.

    In the end, AFA was a mixed experience for me. I hope they jazz it up and patch things in time for next year’s event.

    • Really? It’s a last minute decision for me so I didn’t plan ahead any meetup and such. Yeaps, yeaps. Maybe next time =). I stayed in Dynasty Hotel, within walking distance. Where did you stay (if you’re not from KL)?

      PWTC is well-known for holding big events I guess. I’m not sure if there are other venues more suitable. Where do you think it’s a better option? Hmmm…If my memory serves me right, there are two toilets – one directly across the hall and one at the end, somewhere near the line of food stalls (that sell expensive food).

      Gosh, now you make me wanna give Comic Fiesta a go. I’ve heard of the con before but never had the opportunity to go (mostly because I missed the annoucements >.<). Anyway, I personally enjoyed the stage events very much. It's quite an unique experience for me, watching and listening to these industrial guests talking about anime and figures.

      Oh yes, I did. I wanted something to remember by, and I got myself a set of Lucky Star Nendoroid Petite (Shrine Maidens). I wanted that for so long! Lol.

      He's okay. I already know what to expect from him in terms of speech and such since I saw an episode of Culture Japan before. Let's just say I'm not really a fan of his presentation style. Although I'm impressed that he's able to converse in so many different languages. English and Japanese, for the most part, and then a little of Korean with the SPCats. Besides, he's quite funny too.

      Lol!! Yeah, I was playing along, chanting with the crowd as well. That was fun. Oh, I thought I was the only one who doesn't know most of the singers' songs. Didn't watch most of the anime. But I left the concert as their fan, lol. I bought VIP seats because I thought of sitting through the concert…but that never happened. What about you? VIP seats or free-standing? How's your experience with it? You mean the opening act or the singer before Kalafina? I don't know who's the opening act but the singer before Kalafina's Aimi. I like Aimi. She's the only one who took the time to communicate with her fans. I think that's really sweet of her. Did you attend the second day's concert? If yes, how was it?

      Yes, I did. I was looking forward to it, but I can't say I like it. Do you remember the one with all the colorful images and a cheerful guy singing? I don't know what's all that about. At least, the other shorts I can more or less understand its meaning. The first one screened was pretty cool.

      What would you like to see the most from AFA? Like what sort of changes, expectations etc.

      • Ah, I remembered seeing the hotel as I approached. Good choice.

        Me? I live just a few stops away by KTM in Sungai Buloh, so it was quite convenient…except that the tracks kept trying to derail my plans. I missed Tomoshiko Ishii’s interview on Day 1 and nearly had to cancel my Day 2 plans as well. Luckily, a friend managed to get me there by car on Day 2. What luck, huh? XD

        Oh? I must’ve missed that. I’d say KLCC, but that’s because I know no other venue. CF ’09 was in Berjaya Times Square and it was a total human pileup there.

        Do try to come over to CF if you have the chance; no rush though, it’s a consistent annual gig after all. True, it’s not everyday that you can see such people in the flesh. Just wish that they had gotten a more lively and charismatic MC. I agree with you, Danny’s an okay guy but he’s just not cut out for stellar MC’ing.

        Phew…likewise. Gotta find that Index OP/ED, it was quite delightful to listen to. Haha, I know, I saw most of the VIP fans standing up as well! As for me, I got the standing area dudes as my companions. How was it? Splendid, to say the least. I met a few fellas and chatted it up during the brief intermissions; a cosplayer and his buddy were also going berserk (in a good and fun way) throughout the whole concert.

        Ah…Aimi. Yup, I also think she had the most genuine interaction with the fans-even if she wasn’t as famous. Nah, I had college on Monday, so I just hung around until late afternoon. Heard it was just as wild though; Kotoko even gave some Lucky Draw losers some signatures!

        Same here too. I was expecting shorts with at least a little dialogue and something to remember. I wasn’t fully satisfied, but I did get to see the psychedelic “Tender March”.

        Please. Don’t. Remind. Me. =_=” That one was a pain to watch (and listen) to. In my opinion , the first one could’ve been better with some more context but I will say that the scene transitions were interesting.

        As I said, more variety. You can’t make a good con where people keep coming back with that little a range of stores, activities, events, talks and guests. I feel that another separate stage and MC in the Festival Area would’ve made things more memorable and fun as well, like in CF. The concert’s fine as it is, I believe. Granted, this is AFA’s first year, so I hope they managed to learn something and improve. Now, what about you, Hoshiko? What are your thoughts and comments on AFAMY’s performance and it’s future?

        • You’ve got a good friend there. =) And lucky for me, it didn’t rain.

          I just read that CF ’12 will be held in December. Don’t think I can make it this year, but I will surely attend in some time soon! Next year, hopefully.

          Oh this one! The song’s so catchy. It wasn’t until the end of the song before I realize the repetitive word is Parallel, lol. Haha, sorry to remind you but that one’s a pain to watch. There are a few good ones actually but it takes time to understand what the short movies are about. It doesn’t help that they screened all the clips consecutively.

          Since it’s my first time attending a con, I think AFAMY did well. Well, I have nothing to compare it too. I enjoyed the stage events more than the booths at the hall. Although I must say, I’m worried about its future. I did some digging around the Internet and saw the guests and format of AFAMY are similar with two AFAs that were held in Singapore. I know they’re organized by the same people but it’s worrying, if you ask me. If I’m going to see Good Smile Company and Bushiroad all the time, it gets boring. Also, I want to meet some voice actors/actresses. It doesn’t matter who, really. It’ll be fun to watch their magic as they do voice over live.

          • Aw…that’s too bad. Ah well, I look forward to meeting you there some day. =)

            You’re a level up from me in the listening department then-I thought she was just singing gibberish, or at the very least some unknown Japanese word. XD That’s a good idea-screening them separately. Lack of time might be a problem though…

            Hm…you have a point there. But a Singaporean I met said that they have more exhibitors and booths over on their side along with more modern infrastructure, so as far as I know, AFA Singapore might have the upper hand in terms of Festival space and variety. Only time will tell whether AFAMY can catch up, I guess. And it’s true, VA’s-no matter who-can spice the event and attract more (paying) folks. Personally though, I’d rather have more directors or scriptwriters come over.

            • It shouldn’t be too long til we meet. Do keep in touch. =)

              It doesn’t really matter who they bring. Just bring more variety, more people! AFA brand is expanding though. Wouldn’t be surprised it’ll be held yearly across South East Asia.

  8. Hey there, Hoshiko. I’m a first time visitor to your blog, arrived here through the Aniblog tourney. And lo and behold, the first post I see is about AFAMY, and as I also had the privilige of attending it, I just had to comment and share my experiences.

    AFAMY 2012 was also my first anime con, and I had a blast in those two days. It was a real eye opening experience for me to watch so many fellow anime fans congregating in one spot and observe all the different types of anime fans there is. From the avid cosplayers who came prepared with their elaborate and painstakingly made costumes, to the fans who lined up in the long queues to get their hands on the goodies and merchandise of their choice, it was amazing to meet these other people who shared this love for anime with myself.

    This was my first time seeing people cosplaying live, and I really have to applaud these people at how dedicated they were to showcase their talents in they’re art. There were numerous characters from the popular titles like Bleach (did you see the person in that Hollow costume?), Naruto, One Piece, and Kuroshitsuji, but I also spotted a few from Cardcaptor Sakura, Tiger & Bunny, Vampire Knight etc. But I realised I’ve still get a long way to go in the anime fandom as I didn’t recognize more than half or even 3/4 of the cosplays there. I took a few pictures, joining in a group of photographers when someone struck a pose, but I never had the courage to personally request someone to pose for me. The only regret I had was my failure of getting a photo of someone cosplaying as Misaki Mei from the anime Another. I spotted her when I was in the queue at the ticket counter, but unfortunately I never saw her again after that.

    The concert was definitely the highlight of the event for me too. I wanted to watch this so much that I bought the tickets on the first day they started selling them and managed to snag seats right at the front in the middle row for both nights. Needless to say it will be something I’ll cherish for a long time being able to watch these artists perform right in front of my very eyes. Although, I was nearly deafened with the speakers going full blast just right in front of my seat, that I even felt my body vibrating with each tune that boomed out of them, while my arms were dead tired after the concerts with all the light stick waving action it went through.

    On Day 1, the performers were Maon Kurosaki, Aimi and Kalafina, in that order. I confess that Kalafina was the only reason I originally wanted to go on Day 1 as I was unfamiliar with the other 2, but Maon-chan gained a new dedicated fan that night. Her songs totally blew me away with their rockish tunes and her unique voice, and I’m definitely gonna follow all her new releases closely from now on. Aimi was really cute and gave a competent performance with her most recognisable song LIVE for LIFE, the Ben-to anime OP plus a few covers. She did a good job, seeing as she said it was her first time performing in front of such a big crowd. Nevertheless, Kalafina, as expected, capped of the night with a memorable performance showcasing the vocal prowess of the trio. From the ethereal sound of Magia, to the enchanting and soothing vocals in Kimi ga Hikari ni Kaete Yuku, being able to watch them perform live was simply breathtaking indeed. Although it was a pity that there was no live band with Yuki Kajiura on the piano. Now that would have been mind-blowing. After the concert, as I was lucky in the ballot, I got my hands on a signed poster and signed After Eden CD (which I bought in the afternoon) from Kalafina inclusive with a handshake with each member. It was definitely a happy ending to an amazing night!

    On Day 2, the performers were Sea A, Kotoko and FLOW. Sea A is a relatively new group, with 3 members from Singapore and a Malaysian.I didn’t recognise any of their songs, and frankly I just sat in my chair during their performance, preferring to save my energy for the next 2 acts. Next up was KOTOKO. Earlier in the day, I got a signed poster and a handshake with her during the autograph session. I was surprised to see she was quite short in person, though. I didn’t recognise all her songs, but I still enjoyed them all. My favourites were Being (Shakugan no Shana OP 2) and Unfinished (Accel World ED). And as usual, they saved the best for last, when FLOW stepped onto the stage. There was a delay of about half an hour after KOTOKO finished, and the sense of anticipation was palpable. The crowd even went wild when one of the stage crews (or maybe it was one of the band members, the stage was darkened at the time) was testing the equipment. Needless to say, when FLOW finally kick started their act with Colors, the crowd simply exploded. The audience all joined in to sing together, which isn’t such a big surprise as its the OP song for freakin’ Code Geass. Among the songs that night were themes from Naruto, Eureka Seven, Beelzebub, a Rurouni Kenshin cover plus songs from their non-anime albums. Their member introductions were also awesome, especially their guitarist Take (Takeshi Asakawa), who got the crowd dancing to his fingertips not with his guitar, but using just a pair of bling-bling sunglasses! After they first finished and left the stage, the hall was reverberating with calls for an encore. And lo and behold, they came back, and belted out another 2 songs to the cheers and screams of everyone there. When they finished and left the stage for the 2nd time, the MC came out to announce that it was truly over. So, with a heavy heart I trudged out of the hall along with all the others, and thus ended my experience at my first ever anime con.

    • First of all, thanks for sharing your experiences with me. I really appreciate it. It’s always good to hear from others who’ve attended the con as well.

      I’ve seen cosplaying live in my city before, but the ones I saw at AFAMY were at a different level. It’s detailed and well made, and I believe tremendous amount of effort has been put into achieving such great artwork. Lol! Now that you mentioned it, yes I have! I even saw the Hollow queuing up for the Day 1 concert! And I remember telling my friend that who would’ve guessed that Hollow is a huge fan of Kalafina!

      Same here, I couldn’t recognize a lot of the cosplay. In fact, it took me half a day later to realize one of the cosplays was Tiger & Bunny. I thought they look familiar but since I didn’t watch the series, I couldn’t recognize it immediately. Actually, I saw a lot of fairies or elves or any creature with pointed ears the most at the event. Ah, I didn’t have the courage to ask either. Too shy! >///<. Oh, I saw Misaki Mei once when I attempted to try maid cafe.

      Front seats! You had the perfect view of the performances!! I gotta say, I'm a little jealous. I was seated third row on Day 1. I'd a good view but the lights were distracting to be honest. The bright one. As for me, Aimi got a fan in me after the concert. She's so sweet and I'd like to see more from her. Oh boy, Kalafina. I was blown away by their performances. Ugh! By the time it was my turn, the CD was sold out. T.T Fortunately, I have a signed poster of Kalafina :p. It's my treasure now. I wasn't able to say anything when I met them. Too nervous, lol.

      Encore from FLOW?! How come there isn't any encore on Day 1?! I should've stayed a little longer. Next time, I'll make sure I stayed there till the event is truly over!

  9. Anime conventions are great things. I love seeing the cosplay and all the enthusiastic fans, and yes, they’re of all ages in Canada too. One day I’ll probably be one of those parents bringing their kids to a convention, but I definitely won’t have a bored look on my face.

    • I can imagine you bringing your kids to conventions and have fun with them. Or maybe even introduced your kids to all the (by then old) anime that got you into the fandom. That’ll be a mix of nostalgia and discovery, I believe?

  10. I have yet to attend my first con :/ Whether it’s price or distance, or just my anti-social phobias, I’ve been holding back for way too long. I guess for me it’s a dream to make it to a con some day, and what better way to start by going to a nice big one like this! I keep vowing to go to the big one that’s starting next week in California… maybe next year.

    • I believe you’re referring to AnimeExpo? It’s one of the biggest cons out there. For me, I don’t think it’s necessary to take an active role to be social with other people around there. That’s a choice. You can always go with a few friends and family and stick with them throughout the con. But of course, mingling with other like-minded people is, more often than not, rewarding.

      Anyway, the most important thing at events like this is to have fun the way you love it! Take it slowly and make your dream come true. =)

  11. Wow you actually flew to attend the event nice one 😀
    and im glad you enjoyed it!

    Ye its pretty weird with the kids dragging their parents and such lol
    sometimes i even wonder If they know the whole meaning of afa and anime lol
    anyway to me I think from what ive heard singapore is GOING TO BE BETTER! hahaha ^^
    -kidding, the event in malaysia was awesome, I was very much close myself from attending, stupid exams -.-

    great choice for a first con 🙂

    • Lol, yeah. Just thought since it’s the first time ever AFA’s holding the event here in Malaysia, might as well attend it. I almost fly to Singapore last year for AFA but had to cancel the thought due to schedule conflict.

      I always thought attending cons is a friend thing but hey, apparently it isn’t. It’s good actually that the parents wanted to be part of their children’s hobby circle or something.

      Actually, that’s what I heard too. Heck, even some say last year’s AFA in Singapore is better than AFAMY. Lol. Whatever it is, I think the most important thing is we all had fun. Will you be attending this year’s AFA in Singapore?

      I have no regrets for choosing AFAMY as my first con!

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