Tari Tari: Your Song, My Song, Our Song

In episode six of Tari Tari, Sakai Wakana was reflecting on the past and was dealing with the pain she’s bearing for not fulfilling the promise she made with her late mother. I felt the entire episode was touching. Wakana finally understood, moved on and once again rekindled her love for music.

During the entire episode, one thing was reiterated countless time – the unfulfilled promise, the unfinished song of Wakana and her mother.

For some, a song is just a song. It’s something they sing when they’re in joy or in sorrow. To them, a song is something that is popular for a period of time and forgotten once the wave is over. But for some others, different songs can hold significant meanings in their lives. Maybe it’s the first dance with their loved ones, or maybe it’s the song that played when recalling a fond/painful memory.

Now, I often wonder why this only happens to songs but not to other creative expressions such as painting. I never heard anyone say Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa as their painting. It’s easier to imagine someone would say Britney Spear’s Baby One More Time as their song. Okay, that whole thing there sound so weird but I hope you get my point.

Come to think of it, music creates a special emotional connection to audience. It is not just for entertainment. It makes people smile, laugh or cry. Usually when watching a movie or playing a game, I’m attentive to the music scores. To me, without music…or should I say…without appropriate music, the correct emotions cannot be evoked. A Facebook friend once shared Jackie Chan’s Endless Love from the movie The Myth. The song was sooo sad. I never watched the movie before so I don’t have the visual aid to associate the emotions with. Through music alone, the correct emotions was evoked because as it turns out, it’s a sad movie. Or at least, according to my friend, it is.

Lyrics also play an important role. The lyrics were written to express a thought, a feeling or an experience. It’s so much more concrete than just sound of music alone. Through written words, a song’s meaning can reached to wider audience. The lyrics can be expressions of love, joy or sorrow. Either way, they are meant to let the specific audience know what they’re experiencing is also experienced by others. They’re not alone. There’s an invisible connection. I don’t know if anyone’s going to pen lyrics for Wakana and her mother’s song. Let’s hope it’s happening and that it’ll be something that’s especially meaningful to Wakana.

As mentioned earlier, some of us decide what’s to be our song because of a special moment. Our brain associates the memory with a song. So many years down the road, we will still recall that moment whenever the song is played. When Wakana complete the unfinished song, I hope the memories she recall are the happy memories she shared with her mother and not the regretful ones she’s having now.

There’s a sentimental value to having a song of our own. It doesn’t really matter if one is a musician or not, a song speaks to him/her in a way only he/she knows. It doesn’t even matter if you’re not the writer or composer of the song! And through that song, he/she has something to hold on to or remember by. Do you have a song of your own?


12 thoughts on “Tari Tari: Your Song, My Song, Our Song

  1. I do not really have a “song” of my own, but I do agree with you that particular songs remind me of some events of the past in a striking way.

    This episode was really an emotional one and improved a lot my opinion of Wakana! She’s really a good girl at heart…ç___ç

      • I cried – that flashback part when the Mother Mahiru is telling her husband why she didn’t want to write a song that is full of sadness. I’m weak to these kinds of stories of love that involves adults (In this case, parents’ love to their daughter.) I can see Mahiru having an important role even in future episodes – perhaps with regards to the teacher.

        • Awwww…Mahiru is such a lovely person isn’t she? I think she’s a good model for Wakana. I really wish she’s around to watch her grow up. I bet they’ll make great music together.

          Yeaps, that’s what I believe too. The vice principal seems very attached to Mahiru. I want to know what she’s thinking.

  2. I imagine that it is super difficult to write a song for yourself on your own, it seems easier to choose from already written song 😀

    songs or music in general can portray emotions in a better way than images, so it might be easier for two people to have a special song they share. Where they connect it a certain event.

    This episode was very good, I actually expected that I would hate Wakana forever after her ugly, egoistic teenager moments in the previous episodes. But I cried in this episode, it was so touching. Wakana is no bad girl at all.

    • I’d imagine that too. I will “steal” other people’s song and say that they’re my song. Hehe.

      Definitely, music communicates emotions way, way better than paintings. I suppose that’s because paintings are subjected to different interpretations with only still images to provide imagination.

      Haha, I thought she’s okay since the beginning. Just that she’s got some issues to deal with. Aren’t you glad it all worked out well for her? And for you as well. >.<

  3. I haven’t seen Tari Tari yet, saw the poster and the blonde girl kinda reminds me of Mugi. ^^ I’ll check the first episode and see if I’ll continue to watch it.

    As for songs, I think I have a few which take me back to the moment where I first heard it from or something like that. Lol. I remember there was a time when I had Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari on repeat for like days. Haha.

    • I personally think it’s not a bad anime. Go try and watch the first episode and see if you’ll like it =).

      Lol, I too have many songs I put on repeat for days and never grow tired of it. In fact, I still add some of them to my playlist every now and then.

  4. PA Works does it again with emotions and drama. As for my own song, I’d have to “steal” My Pace Daiou” (Genshiken OP) It greatly describes who I am – someone who is laid-back and does everything at his own pace ^^

    • This particularly episode is touching compared to other episodes. But I’m pretty sure more touching episodes will come as the series gradually focus on other characters. Although I enjoy Tari Tari for the comedy, especially whatever Konatsu does, lol.

      It’s great to know that you found your song =).

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