Karma Strikes. Answers To Yippy And Wieselhead Questions.

That makes an odd title, but it’s the truth. I tagged Yippy and Wieselhead during my last “The Anime Interrogation Game” post and I was tagged back. Since the questions asked are interesting, I thought I should write a blog post to answer them instead of answering them in comment section. That way, it’s easier for me to refer back as well in the future.

Yippy’s Questions

1) Why are you still into anime/manga after all these year(s)? What keeps you interested in this mode of entertainment?

Hmmm…this is a good self-reflection question. Let’s see. I’ve been into anime/manga for about 5 years or so and am still pretty much into it. I guess the main reason why I’m still following the different anime series is because it’s fun and light compared to dramas, be it Western, Taiwan, HK, etc. This probably explains why I’m more into slice-of-life series than other genres. The anime I choose are usually the ones whereby I’ll laugh for a bit, enjoy for a bit and then call it a day.

2) If you could only visit/revisit one anime/manga series before you er…kick the bucket, what would it be? *(Wildcard-tell something interesting about yourself)*

Man, this is a tough question…hmm…that’s be Lucky Star.

Oh, so the wildcard is to tell something interesting about myself? Hmmm…I like water. That’s to say I like rain, beach, swimming, etc. Funny though, I don’t drink a lot of water.

3) Who is your idol in the animanga industry? Be it a visionary director, a skilled seiyuu or even an animator, who is it?

Erm…Sawashiro Miyuki? I just love the way she brings some of the characters to life. It’s fair to say I love her voice. It’s sexy.

4) If you could have a chat with any fictional animanga character, who would it be?

Heh…the other day I was watching Lucky Star (yes, again), I thought it’ll be fun hanging out with Konata and her gang. Their conversations are always hilarious. And I love to laugh >.<

5) What’s the most important advice you’d give to a person who’s interested in writing as an aniblogger?

Keep writing no matter what. It doesn’t really matter if you lack the time or skills. I’m aware of the criticisms about lack of updates on blogs or bad English grammars but really, that shouldn’t be an issue. Writing an aniblog is a hobby, so write it with a smile and not with pressure to churn out posts or get it right.

Wieselhead’s Questions

1) How do you choose the anime you watch?

Lucky~ I actually wrote a post on this ages ago. My answer is here.

2) Which anime cliche annoys you the most or which one do you like the most?

Erm…the laughs of ojou-sama? The overused “oh-hohohoho” laughs. Annoying. Gives me the goosebumps.

3) Were you ever caught during an embarrassing scene while watching anime?

Nope. I’m a night owl. I watch anime mostly during late nights. Everyone’s asleep by then. >.<

4) Is there a certain character from a certain scene in an anime/manga you would like to be adapted into a figure?

I want a Victorique from Gosick figure, but I’m not particular if she’s adapted from a scene or anything.

5) In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of anime compared to western media?

Depending on what anime a person chooses to watch I suppose. I prefer to watch anime because there’s less drama and all the complicated life stories which are usually found in western media such as drama series. If compared to western cartoons, majority of the anime series contains more character & story development.

As for disadvantages, I guess that’d be the tendency of fanservices.

That’s all, folks! Time’s up so I won’t be tagging anyone or asking any questions. Oh-hohohohoho…


4 thoughts on “Karma Strikes. Answers To Yippy And Wieselhead Questions.

  1. Haha we picked you back out of revenge.

    Well I didn’t really know if some people I wanted to ask would be annoyed if they were suddenly confronted with answering questions, so I chose the friendly hoshiko as one of the victims ^o^

    I got used to ojou-sama laughing, it’s quite funny for me now still in a cheesy way 😀

    It’s strange that there was no real figure of Victorique, the anime was quite long, I don’t get it.

    thx for answering =)

    • Haha. Yeah, I was a bit worried as well when I choose mine. >.<

      I know right? I wanted her figure since like forever. I think a Nendoroid of her would be lovely. I don't mind a scale figure too. She has to have a figure of her own. Is she not popular? T.T

      You're welcome. Thanks for answering my questions too.

  2. Thanks for the answers and the advice!

    You seem to be quite a fan of Lucky Star seeing that it features in two of your questions. =)

    And I just found out that Inaba is Celty (DRR!) and Kanbaru(Bakemono)…Ah, the weird coincidences in the world of seiyuu.

    • You’re welcome.

      Yeah, I’m a fan of Lucky Star. It’s probably the first series that made me laugh so much, can’t remember clearly though. One thing’s confirmed, the slice-of-life series left a huge impression on me. =)

      Haha, she portrayed quite a range of characters eh? Her voice is easily recognizable so I’m still okay with that. There are voice actors/actresses who have different voices for different characters, and that I’m very surprised.

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